37 Unique Birdcage Centerpieces For Weddings


Birdcage centerpieces are the perfect representation of your fluttering heart. Decorative birdcages with floral or candle arrangements inside and ribbon or tulle embellishments outside could be the elegant touch you’re looking for. Use birdcages for cardholders, guest table centerpieces, or wedding party favors.

Birdcage Cardholders

Place a birdcage on the welcoming or gift table for guests to place their cards in. Decorate it according to your wedding’s theme, but be sure to leave room for folks to slide cards through the bars. And consider the size you’ll need for the number of guests you expect to attend.

Here are some example birdcage cardholder table centerpieces for easy inspiration. As you’ll see, simple embellishments with ribbon or florals and a decorative label will work best for the purpose.

Stunning birdcage cardholder for weddings

Decorative Birdcage Cardholder with Lace, Pearls, and Floral Embellishments and a Personalized Label

Image Credit: trends4ever

Exquisite birdcage cardholder centerpiece for wedding

Wire Birdcage with Label against Backdrop of Banners and Florals

Image Credit: onsugar

Gorgeous vintage birdcage cardholder centerpiece on wedding table 1

Vintage Birdcage Cardholder Centerpiece with Ribbon and Floral Arrangments

Image Credit: etsystatic

Stunning wedding birdcage cardholder centerpiece 1

Small Cardholder Birdcage

Image Credit: theivorybow

Alluring birdcage wedding cardholder centerpiece idea

Stylish Birdcage Cardholder

Image Credit: zogz

Birdcage Centerpieces with Flowers

Even a distressed birdcage can look majestically elegant with flowers inside or out. Place a single flower or a bouquet inside your birdcage and decorate the outside with flowers, ribbon, twine, or bird and butterfly figurines. Lay a flowery and grassy carpet under the birdcage for added appeal. For extra special DIY wedding centerpieces, tie a flower to the top of a swing inside the cage or pose cake toppers inside for a charming scene.

Flowers filled wedding birdcage centerpiece

Ornate Chicken Wire Birdcage Centerpiece with Floral and Bird Décor

Image Credit: edgesuite

Gorgeous birdcage centerpiece with tulips and carnations

Floral Arrangement in Birdcage

Image Credit: floretcadet

Alluring floral accented birdcage centerpiece on wedding table 1

Birdcage as part of Centerpiece Filled with Floral Arrangement on a Burlap Runner

Image Credit: wordpress

Colourful floral birdcage centerpiece

Colorful Floral Birdcage Centerpiece

Image Credit: mavenbride

Astonishing birdcage centerpiece with purple floral accents

Birdcage with Floral Bouquet Inside and Resting on a Floral Bed

Image Credit: enchantedfloristtn

Vintage birdcage centerpiece with pastel floral accents

Vintage Birdcage with Floral Arrangement Inside

Image Credit: pinimg

Gorgeous floral and candle accented wedding birdcage centerpiece

Distressed Birdcage with Candle Inside and Surrounding Floral Skirt

Image Credit: wordpress

Beautiful birdcage centerpieces with greens and flowers

Birdcages with Floral Bouquets on Weeping Flower Pots

Image Credit: itakeyou

Vintage birdcage centerpiece with pretty floral decorations

Birdcage Centerpieces with Floral and Ribbon Adornments

Image Credit: squarespace

Amazing wedding birdcage centerpiece with flowers 1

Birdcage with Floral Arrangement Inside

Image Credit: santaynezweddingguide

Moroccan Birdcage Centerpieces

These Moroccan decoration ideas will inspire you to add a unique style to your wedding tables. Formed of iron with a matte finish, they are less dainty and more rustic than the above pieces. They feature intricate details or patterns but are more subtle and stately than wire birdcages. Dark of tone, you won’t want to use these in a vibrant or flamboyant setting. Include them in themes that feature greenery and silver or crystal décor. Wrap them in vines or light candles inside.

Alluring black metal Moroccan birdcage wedding centerpiece

Moroccan Birdcage Wedding Centerpiece with Candle Inside

Image Credit: images-amazon

Decorative Moroccan birdcage centerpiece

Decorative Moroccan Birdcage Centerpiece to be Decorated with Vines

Image Credit: lisasflordecor

DIY Birdcage Centerpieces

We don’t expect you to make all of your own birdcages, but you can select and decorate as many of them as you need. Get creative and thrifty as you search for used or bargain price birdcages. Place a slightly different birdcage on each table and decorate them individually with lace, ribbon, flowers, candles, paper craft birds, or even Mason jars filled with marbles. Each one will look fabulous with its own charm.

Elegant DIY birdcage centerpiece with lace decor 1

Birdcage Cardholder with Lace and Floral Embellishments

Image Credit: trendymods

Vintage weddign DIY birdcage centerpiece with tealights 1

Birdcage Centerpiece Ideas with Vine Garlands

Image Credit: vintageweddingfair

Golden wedding DIY birdcage centerpiece 1

Birdcage with Floral Arrangement and Butterfly Embellishment

Image Credit: blogspot

Stunning DIY birdcage centerpiece with burlap decor 1

Antique Birdcage Centerpiece with Burlap and Mesh Décor

Image Credit: weddbook

Beautiful DIY birdcage centerpiece with butterfly and flowers

Birdcage Centerpiece with Growing Grass and Flowers and Butterfly Embellishment

Image Credit: mamabee

Gorgeous DIY birdcage centerpiece filled with seasonal flowers

Birdcage Centerpiece with Floral Arrangement and Table Marker

Image Credit: blogspot

Antique DIY birdcage centerpiece on wedding table

Antique Birdcage with Floral Bouquet

Image Credit: blogspot

Rustic Birdcage Centerpieces

Rustic wedding centerpieces come in variety of designs and styles. And because birdcages represent taming a part of nature, they fit well with other natural elements. An ornate birdcage mixed with unfinished wood is a perfect blend of feminine and masculine design styles. You can also add a masculine touch to your birdcage centerpieces by using iron, bronze, or brass birdcages. Substitute burlap and twine for ribbons and lace.

White rustic wedding birdcage centerpiece 1

Ornate Birdcage and Candleholders Balanced on Unfinished Tree Trunk Section and Burlap

Image Credit: nanopress

Modern rustic wedding birdcage centerpiece 1

Brass Birdcage with Floral Arrangement

Image Credit: wpengine

Gorgeous rustic floral birdcage centerpiece

Intricate Iron Birdcage

Image Credit: storija

White Birdcage Centerpieces

White or distressed white is the most common color for birdcages at weddings. The neutral color sets the stage for any colorful floral arrangement and perfectly complements the bride’s dress. Decorate them with colored lace or butterfly embellishments.

Appealing white iron birdcage centerpiece with flowers

White Birdcages on Floral Runner with Flower Arrangements Inside and Candles and Teacups Beside

Image Credit: drawhome

Attractive wedding white birdcage centerpiece

Floral Birdcage with Dove Embellishment

Image Credit: blogspot

Stunning white birdcage centerpieces

Variously White Birdcages with Floral Arrangements Inside

Image Credit: alicdn

Golden Birdcage Centerpieces

For a more opulent display, select silver or golden birdcages. You can even spray paint white birdcages gold to achieve the desired effect. Gold accents go well with almost any color. Along with golden birdcages, wrap golden sashes around chairs draped in white or cover the tables with cloths or runners featuring golden thread. Use gold-rimmed plates and glasses and have wedding party wear golden ties and corsages.

Small golden accented birdcage centerpiece

Golden Birdcage Centerpiece with Flowers and Candle

Image Credit: amethystwed

Antique gold accented iron birdcage centerpiece

Small Golden Birdcage with Pearls

Image Credit: alicdn

Decorative golden birdcage centerpiece

Decorative Golden Birdcages

Image Credit: alicdn

Birdcage Centerpieces with Candles

Candle décor is perfect for outdoor evening weddings or dimmed reception halls. Place a votive candle or an arrangement of tea lights inside a decorative birdcage to create a subdued, relaxed atmosphere for visiting over your meal.

Wedding birdcage centerpiece with candle decor

Candlelit Dinner with Birdcage Centerpieces

Image Credit: sqspcdn

Green candle decor and moss birdcage centerpiece

Candle and Moss Birdcage Centerpiece

Image Credit: carithers

Beautiful birdcage centerpiece with candle and flowers

Candle and Floral Arrangement in Birdcage Centerpiece on Mirrored Base

Image Credit: mlstatic

Birdcage centerpiece with paper flowers and candle

Stylish Paper Craft and Faux Jewels Birdcage Centerpiece

Image Credit: etsystatic

Rugged or delicate, Moroccan or wire, flowers or candles, lace or burlap, white or golden, birdcage centerpieces for weddings come in a variety of styles. Browse back through and choose the style that will best fit your wedding décor.

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