36 Acorn Table Centerpieces With A Natural Feel


Table centerpieces with acorns are most popular during autumn when nuts and pine cones can be found in abundance. Acorns are not just pleasing to eyes; they are eco-friendly. If you like to include natural elements, try acorns to bring warmth and style to your home at little to no cost.

You can make any number of crafts using acorns coupled with glass candle holders, sconces, vases, and pots, each with a unique style. Browns and earthy colors are most commonly associated with acorn table centerpieces, but you could spray paint the acorns for a more vibrant appeal.

Acorn Basket Table Centerpieces

Acorn table centerpieces add a cute rustic touch to your festive table décor. Fill a wooden or wicker basket with acorns or glue them onto the basket for extra charm. The ideas we’ve gathered for acorn baskets are perfect for Thanksgiving tables and fall festivals. Keep them out until winter and then either preserve them or enjoy the thought of creating another display next year.

Acorns Glued onto Basket Filled with Florals and Fruits

Acorn Basket With Pears and Berries

Image Credit: cayhin

Festive Basket Table Centerpiece With Acorns Leaves and Pears

Acorns, Pears, and Leaves in Wire Basket

Image Credit: indexms

Acorns and Pine Cone Table Centerpiece

Acorns Glued to Rim or Wicker Basket Filled with Pine Cones

Image Credit: upstateramblings

Table Centerpiece Ideas with Acorns and Candle

Small acorns go very well with wide candles. These creative centerpiece ideas feature a unique combination of candles and acorns to add a homey warmth to the festivity. You can also wrap fall Maple leaves around clear vases with candles inside and acorns surrounding it on the table. Or fill display bowls with water and acorns with a floating candle on top.

Amazing Glass Candle Holder With Golden Acorns As Table Centerpieces

Golden Acorns and Candle in Vase

Image Credit: room-decorating-ideas

Table Centerpeice With Acorns and Floating Candles

Decorative Bowl with Acorns and Apple Votive Candles

Image Credit: architecturedesigndiy

Mini Acorn Candles as Table Centerpiece

Acorn Shaped Candles

Image Credit: thegreenhead

Awesome Glass Holder With Candles and Acorns As Table Centerpiece

Acorns and Candles in Mason Jars

Image Credit: shelterness

Festive Mason Jar Candle Holder and Acorn Table Centerpiece Idea

Acorns and Candle in Mason Jar with Surrounding Decorative Pumpkins in Tray

Image Credit: blogspot

Beautiful Glass Jar Table Centerpiece With White Candle and Acorns

Acorns and Candle with Fall Leaves and Twigs

Image Credit: thefrugalhomemaker

Bark Candle With Fake Acorns As Table Centerpiece

Bark Candle with Acorns in Decorative Bowl

Image Credit: blogspot

Glass Goblet with Candle Berries Pines and Acorns As Table Centerpiece

Glass Display Dish with Colored Acorns and Candle

Image Credit: blogspot

Natural Wooden Candleholder With Acorns and Candles

Tree Centerpiece with Bark Candles and Acorns

Image Credit: mathmorph

Unique Christmas Centerpieces

Acorn table centerpiece ideas aren’t only for Thanksgiving; use them for natural Christmas décor as well. Brown acorns go great with brown reindeer and pine needle decorations. Surround a natural Kris Cringle with acorns to create a classy festive mood.

Golden Reindeer Table Centerpiece With Acorns

Golden Reindeer and Sleigh Filled with Acorns

Image Credit: blogspot

DIY Acorn Centerpieces

Get crafty and add a personal touch to your table centerpieces with these ideas for inspiration. These centerpieces are unique, extremely inexpensive, and incredibly easy to make. Simply fill variously sized vases with the small nuts or glue them back onto branches! Glue twine onto them to make ornaments for a mini tree centerpiece or color them and put them in a candy jar.

Natural Table Centerpiece With Real Acorns and Lemons

Acorns on Sticks

Image Credit: minimalisti

Cute DIY Acorn Branch Painted Table Centerpiece With a Red Vase

Painted Acorn Ornaments on Mini Tree with Acorn Napkin Ring Table Settings

Image Credit: pinimg

DIY Mason Jar Filled With Acorns As Table Centerpiece

Mason Jar and Bowl Filled with Acorns

Image Credit: blogspot

Needle Felted Acorns Snow Table Centerpiece

Yarn and Felt Acorn Ornaments on Mini Tree Centerpiece

Image Credit: etsystatic

Gorgeous DIY Acorn Table Centerpiece

Acorns and Twigs in Candle Vase

Image Credit: lushome

DIY Holiday Acorn Tree Table Centerpiece

Colored Acorn Autumn Tree

Image Credit: homejelly

Amazing DIY Rainbow Acorn Table Centerpiece

Pastel-painted Acorns and Candle Centerpiece

Image Credit: thecharmitspot

Refreshing Autumn Leaves and Acorn Table Centerpiece

Simple Yard Cleanup Theme Centerpiece

Image Credit: blogspot

DIY Pinecone Acorn Table Centerpiece

Carved Acorn in Leaf Nest Centerpiece

Image Credit: thistlewoodfarms

Autumn Table Centerpiece With Jam Jar Filled With Acorns

Acorns and Candles Centerpiece Arrangement

Image Credit: fanrto

Stunning Golden Acorns On White Ceramic Bowl As Table Centerpiece

Stunning Golden Acorns in Acorn-shaped Bowl

Image Credit: wordpress

DIY Painted Acorns In Wooden Bowl Table Centerpiece

Spray Painted Acorns in Wooden Dish

Image Credit: unoriginalmom

Table Centerpieces with Acorns and Couplings

Acorns are incredibly versatile because of their small size and two-texture nature. You can leave them natural or color them to pair them with anything from other small accessories to plants to candles to fruit to flowers. , Be it barks, corks, flowers or fruits, you can decorate tables easily using acorns, either crafted or real. If you are having a fall wedding, scatter colorful leaves and acorns on the reception tables. Or place acorns as embellishments in your brightly colored flower bouquets. The centerpiece ideas shown below will highlight the fact that acorns can match any décor style or material. Whatever the occasion, celebrate the season with these versatile, natural adornments.

Cork and Acorns Filled Tray as Table Centerpiece

Cork and Acorns on Tray

Image Credit: refreshrestyle

Bright Floral Acorn Table Centerpiece

Acorn Embellishments in Floral Centerpiece

Image Credit: blogspot

Fresh Acorn and Fall Foliage Filled Silver pot and Tray Table Centerpiece

Acorns on Twigs with Surrounding Fall Foliage

Image Credit: ghk

Table Centerpiece With Beautiful Acorn Decorations

Preserved Acorn Embellishments

Image Credit: rayinteriordesign

Natural Table Centerpiece With Acorns and Fruits

Natural Table Centerpiece with Acorns and Fruits

Image Credit: blogspot

Golden Acorn Filled White Bowl As Table Centerpiece

Golden Acorns in Decorative Bowl as Part of Centerpiece Arrangement

Image Credit: mathmorph

Wooden Tray Centerpiece With Acorns and Autumn Decorations

Wooden Tray Centerpiece with Acorn Ball and Other Autumn Decorations

Image Credit: fanrto

Fall Acorns With Pinecones and Twines Table Centerpiece

Painted Acorns with Twine and Pine Cone Tops

Image Credit: shelterness

Golden Coloured Acorns With Pines As Table Centerpiece

Spray Painted Acorns and Pine Cones

Image Credit: christmastablescapedecor

Acorn Glass Table Centerpiece With Plant Pot

Spray Painted Pine Cones in Glass

Image Credit: mathmorph

Acorn With Pumpkin and Fall Leaves as Table Centerpiece

Carved Acorn and Pumpkin Display with Fall Leaves

Image Credit: mathmorph

Acorn table centerpieces can fit any decorating style from elegantly classic to homey rustic to modern chic. And they can be used in any fashion from natural to colorful, main features to embellishments, store-bought or home-crafted. Browse through again and decide which idea you’ll try this fall!

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