35 Birthday Table Decorations Ideas for Adults


Looking for cool and unique ideas for hosting an adult birthday party? These tasteful themes and birthday decorations are fun for men and women without appearing trite or immature.

From cool and stylish wine bottle centerpieces to Prince purple party, to garage and James Bond themes, these ideas will inspire you to go all out for your birthday guy or gal.

Decorations with Wine Glasses

Celebrate with glitz and glamour with decorative wine glasses in various forms and hues. Personalize them with the birthday girl’s name or fill them with delicacies on the dessert table. Turn them upside down as floral and candle holders or fill them with colored stones and floating candles.

Personalized Wine Glass Favor

Cute wine seamless glass decor for adult birthday party table

Image Credit: beau-coup

60th birthday large wine glass decoration for party table

Decorated and Personalized Wine Glass

Image Credit: etsystatic

Chalkboard wine glass decorations for adult birthday party table

Chalkboard Base Wine Glasses

Image Credit: diyready

Cute wine bottle favors decoration for adult birthday party table

Wine Bottle Decorations and Favors

Image Credit: yimg

Decorative Candles

A tasteful candle arrangement brings class to any adult gathering. Choose pillar candles, votive, floating, or tea lights to set the mood for your get-together.

Cute candle decorations on adult birthday table

Colored Candle Holders for Birthday Celebration

Image Credit: southernbelle

Glitzy candle decor for adult birthday table

Glitzy Candle Holders for Adult Dinner Party

Image Credit: pinimg

Amazing black and white candle holder decorations for adult birthday table

Personalized Photo Candle Holders

Image Credit: cool-party-favors

Floral Décor

If there is one accessory that can add razzmatazz to a table, it’s flowers. Appreciated my women and men alike, fresh flowers can add the color you’re looking for brighten the room. They are suitable for any season, and you can find varieties to match anyone’s favorite color.

Red rose arrangement on adult birthday dessert table

Red Roses on Adult Birthday Dessert Table

Image Credit: blogspot

Beautiful purple floral decor on adult birthday party table

Floral Arrangement in Stylish Vases

Image Credit: spaceshipsandlaserbeams

Pastel teapot floral decor on adult birthday table

Pastel Teapot Floral Décor on Adult Birthday Table

Image Credit: blogspot

Stunning floral decor in pink and white for adult birthday table

Floral Pompoms in Vases and Potted Flower Favors

Image Credit: blogspot

Garage Theme Birthday Table Decorations for Adults

Do you have a man who’s always in the garage tinkering with their car? Is he a professional mechanic? Take the party to the garage or bring some pieces inside to celebrate his hobby. Use tires as table pedestals or seats. Decorate with model cars or Hot Wheels. Make labels or signs for the dessert table in the form of road signs or license plates. Showcase his age with a homemade speed limit sign. Decorate the cake with a toolbox or truck. He’ll be delighted with anything you do to incorporate his pastime into the party.

Garage themed adult birthday table decor

Vintage Garage and Tool Theme

Image Credit: hwtm

Mechanic themed adult birthday party table

Model-T Adult Birthday Party

Image Credit: pinimg

Beach Theme

Coastal and beach themes are popular the world over and are great for birthday parties. There aren’t many adults who don’t love relaxing at the beach. You can decorate in seashells, sand, colored sand, driftwood, leis, grass skirts, starfish, sand dollars, coral, and coconuts, and play ocean sounds in the background.

Appealing beach themed adult birthday table centerpiece

Sand and Seashell Centerpiece

Hawaiian themed beach adult birthday table

Grass Skirt Table Rimmer and Lei Party Favors with Coconut Cups and Tropical Floral Plates

Image Credit: enkivillage

Beach themed dessert birthday table for adults

Sand Dollar and Starfish with Netting Table Décor

Image Credit: andersruff

Pink and Black

If you are hosting a birthday bash for a female friend, add liveliness to the party décor with a pink and black color scheme. Pink and black is a glamorous combo for stylish young women.

Cute 30th birthday table decor in pink and black

Pink, Black, and White Adult Birthday Décor

Cute 40th birthday party table decor with pink and black accents

Pink, Black, and White Dessert Table for Adult Birthday Party

Image Credit: cool-party-favors

Parisian themed pink and black adult birthday table decor

Parisian Pink and Black Table Setting

Image Credit: birthdayexpress

Pink and black adult birthday table with a show quote

Pink and Zebra Print Birthday Table

Image Credit: pinimg

Black and White

Like pink and black, your birthday table can wear a black and white theme that looks classy and chic. Choosing cakes, sweets, and accessories that are black and white, you can stylize your whole décor based on these two simple shades. Below, you will see feathers, cakes, tablecloths, candies, and vases wearing this lethal combo.

Stylish black and white themed adult birthday table decor

Stylish Black and White Adult Birthday Table Décor

Image Credit: pinimg

Chic 70th birthday table decor with black and white Damask theme

Classy Black and White Damask Theme

Image Credit: birthdaypartyideas4u

Roaring 20s black and white themed adult birthday table decor

Roaring 20’s Black and White Dessert Table

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Black and white bling birthday table decor

Chic Black and White Décor with a Little Bling

Classic 40th birthday table decor in black and white

Glamorous Black and White Dessert Table with Red Accent

Image Credit: pinimg

Glam adult birthday table decor in black and white theme

Black and White Feather Décor with Red Accents

Image Credit: littledimpledesigns

Golden Accented Decor

Golden tones can be used everywhere on a party table: golden rimmed plates, glasses, candy jars, vases, table runners, cake décor. Gold is ideal for highlighting a life well lived or for adding opulence to the ambiance.

Beautiful 60th birthday table decor with golden motif at the base of the cake and golden vases

Gold Accents on Vases and Cake with Complementary Floral Arrangements

Image Credit: cool-party-favors

Outdoor 60th birthday party table decor with golden accents

Elegant Gold Décor

Image Credit: hwtm

Golden accented adult birthday table decor

Opulent Gold, Black, White, and Red Dessert Table

Image Credit: birthdaypartyideas4u

Adult birthday party dinner table with golden plates and decorative apples

Gold and Purple Color Scheme

Image Credit: vaseswild

Pink and Purple

Combine pink with mauve and lavender for a beautiful woman’s birthday party. Add color coordinated feathery decorations, floral arrangements, or ribbon adornments, and desserts. Embellish your cake or cupcakes with pink and purple butterflies or hummingbirds.

Adult birthday table decor with pink and purple decorations

Adult Birthday Table Décor in Pink and Purple

Image Credit: babyshowerpins

Cute purple and pink adult birthday table decor

Pink and Purple Dessert Table

Cute mom birthday cake centerpiece with purple butterfly decorations

Classy Fondant Cake with Floral and Butterfly Decorations

Image Credit: 1st-birthday-cakes

Birthday Decorations for Men

Besides the garage theme, you can choose any hobby that men enjoy to theme their party: football, movies, hunting, home improvement, video games, woodworking… There are hundreds of birthday themes to choose from. The two we are featuring here are the Scotch and James Bond theme. The scotch theme fits gentlemen with a more refined taste and a penchant for booze while the James Bond theme is for actions lovers or a guy who sees himself as a man of mystery. Both are very eye catching and work well for hosting a man’s birthday bash where you can stylize the birthday tables with bottles of scotch, glasses, or martini's – shaken, not stirred!

40th scotch themed birthday table decor for men

Scotch and Chocolate Man’s Birthday Party

Gangster themed birthday table decor for men

James Bond Themed Birthday Décor

Image Credit: cool-party-favors

From tropical beach to sassy pink and black, Model T to Agent Bond, we hope these birthday table decoration ideas for adults have inspired your planning. Go back through and decide how you will incorporate one of these themes into your birthday celebration!

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