35 Adorable Butterfly Baby Shower Ideas


These cute butterfly baby shower ideas are perfect when a woman has butterflies in her stomach because of the baby in her womb. Excitement, nervousness, and worry all play a part in pregnancy, but the result is a beautiful new life, like a butterfly emerging in the spring.

Browse these examples for inspiration on how you can host an adorable, colorful baby shower for your friend or relative. Include butterfly and flower decorations, themed desserts, and party favors to complete the theme.

Pink Butterfly Baby Shower Ideas

A pink baby shower baby shower emphasizes motherhood and the sweetness of a baby girl. Accent the pink butterfly theme with black, brown, pastels, white, gold, or glittery silver according to the mother’s tastes.

Cute pink butterfly baby shower cutouts for table decorations

Butterfly and Baby Girl Cutout Dessert Toppers

Image Credit: rocksoffnyc

Cute pink accented butterfly baby shower table

Pink Butterfly Toppers with Floral Pompoms

Image Credit: mygrafico

Adorable pink butterfly baby shower table decor

Pink and White Butterfly Baby Shower Décor

Image Credit: butterflyon

Stunning pink butterfly baby shower tablescape with brown accents

Pink and Brown Butterfly Dessert Table

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Lovely pink butterfly themed baby shower table

Pink and Lavender Butterfly Baby Shower Table

Image Credit: saseso

Cute pink butterfly and flower themed girl baby shower decor

Pink Butterfly Welcoming Sign

Image Credit: saseso

Butterfly Baby Shower Décor in Purple

Purple is a bold feminine color that adds opulence to any event. Decorating in purple paper craft butterflies, ribbons, streamers, or floral varieties is especially beautiful. Add lace to tablecloth or vases for extra style.

Cute purple butterfly baby shower table decor

Purple and Pink Diaper Cake and Party Favors

Image Credit: rocksoffnyc

Purple accented butterfly baby shower table

Purple Butterfly Décor and Pastry Embellishments

Image Credit: shapia

Purple butterfly decorations on baby shower sweets table

Purple Butterfly-themed Party Favors

Image Credit: saseso

Cute purple butterfly decorations on baby shower table

Purple Butterflies and Lace

Image Credit: timefortheholidays

Butterfly Centerpieces

The dessert and guest tables at your baby shower party should both include themed centerpieces. If your desserts do not bear many embellishments, but the centerpieces are clearly themed, guests will easily understand your motif.

For a natural appeal, place flowered pots on the table with paper butterfly embellishments. You can also use candle holders with butterflies printed on them.

Cute butterfly sitting on a leaf baby shower centerpiece

Butterfly on Leaf Table Decoration

Image Credit: rocksoffnyc

Cute pink butterfly themed baby shower centerpiece

Cake Pop Centerpiece with Butterfly Embellishment

Image Credit: saseso

Pink butterfly baby shower centerpiece

Floral Bouquet with Large Tulle Butterfly

Image Credit: 8-ball

Pink and purple butterfly diaper centerpiece on baby shower table

Butterfly Cutouts on Diaper Cake

Image Credit: daetwylerce

Colourful jar butterfly baby shower centerpiece

Floral Centerpiece with Butterflies

Image Credit: rocksoffnyc

Awesome purple and pink butterfly straw centerpiece on baby shower table

Butterfly Stir Toppers Centerpiece

Image Credit: 8-ball

Stunning butterfly baby shower centerpiece idea

Dessert Stand with Butterfly Décor

Image Credit: ytimg

Sweet butterfly themed diaper cake centerpiece on baby shower table

Butterflies, Flowers, and Bows Diaper Cake

Image Credit: baby-showers

Gorgeous purple accented diaper butterfly baby shower centerpiece

Butterfly-embellished Diaper Cake Centerpiece

Image Credit: wordpress

Cute butterfly themed gift centerpiece for baby shower

Gift with Paper Butterflies on Bow

Image Credit: blogspot

Colourful butterfly baby shower table centerpiece

Paper Flowers and Cloth Butterfly Centerpiece

Image Credit: etsystatic

Bright butterfly baby shower centerpiece idea

Foam Craft Centerpiece with Faux Floral and Butterfly Embellishments

Image Credit: galwedding

Green accented baby shower centerpiece with butterfly theme

Nature-themed Butterfly Centerpiece

Image Credit: designsbyginny

Butterfly themed centerpieces on baby shower table

Hot Pink Butterfly Decorations

Image Credit: saseso

Cute Butterfly Favors

Match your thank you gifts to the theme with butterfly cookies, soaps, craft magnets, pins, or decorations. Display the favors as part of the baby shower decorations until your guests leave.

Sweet chocolate butterfly baby shower favor

Butterfly Decoration Party Favors

Image Credit: rocksoffny

Cute knit crochet butterfly baby shower favors

Butterfly Baby Magnets

Image Credit: maplecraftinc

Cute butterfly gift candy bomboniere box favors for baby shower

Butterfly Gift Boxes

Image Credit: alicdn

Gorgeous butterfly baby shower favor with purple ribbon

Paper Craft Butterfly Gift Wrapper

Image Credit: alicdn

Pastel butterfly baby shower gift box favors

Coated Butterfly Tea Light Holders

Image Credit: ebayimg

Adorable butterfly themed wallets as baby shower favors

Sewn Butterfly Change Purses

Image Credit: alicdn

Butterfly Cakes and Cupcakes

Have your butterflies and eat them too with candy or fondant butterfly embellishments on your cake, cupcakes, or cookies. You could also make a cake or cookies in the shape of a butterfly.

Cute pastel butterfly themed cupcakes for baby shower

Fondant Butterfly and Flower Cupcake Toppers

Image Credit: cakecentral

Gorgeous pink and white butterfly baby shower cake

Fondant Cake and Butterfly Embellishments

Image Credit: funpeep

Sweet lavender and blush pink butterfly themed baby shower cake

Fondant Butterflies Fluttering on a Sweet Cake

Image Credit: sugarandslate

Delightful butterfly themed baby shower cupcakes

Butterfly and Baby Bottle Toppers

Image Credit: rocksoffnyc

Purple butterfly themed cake and cupcake decorations on baby shower table

Cake and Cupcake Fondant Embellishments

Image Credit: amazonaws

Choosing the butterfly theme is easy if there’s a little girl on the way. Hopefully, these butterfly shower ideas have you well on your way to creating the perfect shower for the special mom-to-be. From crafting butterflies to foam toppers to dessert decorations, these ideas are easy and inexpensive, so have fun putting your personal touch on the above examples!

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