35 Budget Friendly DIY Wedding Centerpieces


Add a personal touch to your special day with these creative, low-cost DIY wedding centerpieces. Your day is all about you and the unique relationship you have with your spouse-to-be. Showcase your bond’s personality with charming, impressive centerpieces lovingly handcrafted by you or your family. The ideas we’ve curated below can be assembled or created with only a small investment and a little time and effort.

Colorful Rice Centerpieces

Rice is commonly showered onto the couple after the ceremony, but you can also use this inexpensive food as a creative decoration. Similar to laying colored sand, you can fill vases and goblets with rice dyed bright colors, such as red, blue, green, or silver. Place dried rice in votive holders to add different hues to your candle decorations. Colored rice evokes a sense of homey warmth and celebration.

Candle and Dyed Rice Patriotic Theme

DIY Glass Candle Holders With Coloured Rice

Image Credit: diyandcraftsideas

Rainbow Rice Bowls As Wedding Table Centerpiece

Rainbow Rice for Wedding Centerpieces

Image Credit: cpnscdn

Bucket Centerpiece Ideas

For rustic charm, use metal buckets of various sizes and textures as vases for your floral arrangements. You can also wrap the buckets with burlap or paper, spray paint them, or stencil messages on them. You can even create an icy champagne block using a bucket as the mold!

Beautiful floral DIY Bucket As Wedding Table Centerpiece

Floral Arrangement in Gardening Pail

Image Credit: decozilla

DIY Love Bucket Wedding Table Centerpiece

White Floral Buckets with Stenciled Letters

Image Credit: cpnscdn

Amazing flowers in Galvanized Buckets As Wedding Table Centerpiece

Floral Arrangement in Polished Metal Bucket

Image Credit: pinimg

DIY Cool Floral Ice Bucket As Wedding Table Centerpiece

Flowers Frozen in Hollowed Ice Bucket Mold to Chill Champagne

Image Credit: moncheribridals

Birdcage Centerpiece Ideas

Now that you’ve captured your love’s heart don’t let it flutter away. Represent keeping your love’s affections safe with birdcage centerpieces. Birdcages can be of various sizes, simple or ornate. Fill them with flowers or leave them on the gift table as a creative card holder. Embellish your birdcages with butterflies, birds, ribbons, or tags.

Stunning DIY Birdcage Wedding Table Centerpiece With Flowers

Painted Birdcage Stuffed with Flowers

Image Credit: cpnscdn

Golden Vintage Birdcage Wedding Table Centerpiece

Golden Birdcage with Floral Arrangement and Butterfly Embellishment

Image Credit: designerchaircoverstogo

Gorgeous DIY Birdcage Table Centerpiece With Colourful Flowers

White Birdcage and Colorful Flowers

Image Credit: floretcadet

Birdcage Wedding Table Centerpiece With Candle and Pink Roses

Floral Decorated Birdcage with White Candle

Image Credit: lanterncenterpiecesforweddings

Cool DIY Birdcage Wedding Table Centerpieces

Modern Elegant Birdcages with Candles and Green Flora

Image Credit: pinimg

DIY Birdcage Wedding Table Centerpiece With Butterflies and Bird

Birdcage Centerpiece with Butterflies and Bird

Image Credit: wordpress

Vase and Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Add class to your wedding table with candle and floating candle vases. Use tall vases or goblets for more elegance. Along with your candles, you can fill them with orchids, pebbles, beads, or rose petals.

Floating White Orchids In Hurricane Vases As Wedding Table Centerpiece

Orchids and Floating Candle in Tall Vase Arrangement

Image Credit: onewed

Stunning DIY Hurricane Vase Wedding Table Centerpiece With Candle and Petals

Rose Petals and White Candle in Vase

Image Credit: trusted-host

Inexpensive Hurricane Vase Wedding Table Centerpiece With Floating Candle and Flowers

Glass Beads, Flowers, and Floating Candle in Clear Vase

Image Credit: traims

Impressive DIY Hurricane Vase Wedding Table Centerpiece With Crystals On Recycled Glass

White Candle in Hand-decorated Vase

Image Credit: seatbolts

Candle Filled Hurricane Vases Table Centerpieces For Wedding

White Candles in Series of Varied Square Vases

Image Credit: onewed

Wooden Spool Centerpieces

For a craftily creative wedding table with a rustic touch, use wooden spools of yarn or thread. They will perfectly represent the life that you and your spouse are crafting together.

Rustic DIY Wooden Spools As Wedding Table Centerpiece

Yarn Spools with Accompanying Décor

Image Credit: acoloradocourtship

DIY Wooden Spool With Yarn Balls As Wedding Table Centerpiece

Large Craft Spools and Floral Arrangement

Image Credit: cpnscdn

Cool DIY Thread Spools As Wedding Table Centerpiece

Colorful Thread and Yarn Decorations

Image Credit: greenweddingshoes

Customised DIY Spool Wedding Table Centerpiece

Spool Seat Assignments on Oversized Yarn Spool

Image Credit: blogspot

Vintage Tea Tin Centerpieces

A brilliant idea for adding vintage charm to your tables is using decorative tea tins for your floral arrangements. Decorations themselves, they will add beauty to your tables as they showcase your chosen floral varieties. Tea tins come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your personality. You can also wrap them in tissue or patterned paper to better fit your needs.

DIY Tea Tins Wedding Table Centerpieces Filled With Paper Flowers

Elegant Tea Tin Flower Pots

Image Credit: wordpress

Beautiful DIY Vintage Tea Tin Floral Wedding Table Centerpieces

Colorful Vintage Tea Tin Assortment

Image Credit: blogspot

Creative Upside-down Wine Glass Centerpieces

Here’s a classy idea; turn wine glasses upside down. Enclose flowers in the cups and place candles on the base. This type of centerpiece is chic and unique. You can even gift the glasses afterward or keep them for your next event.

Impressive DIY Wine Glasses On a Mirror Wedding Table Centerpiece With Candles and White Flowers

Upside-down Wine Glasses on a Mirror with Candles and White Flowers

Image Credit: pinimg

Blue Wine Glasses With Candles As Wedding Table Centerpiece

White Candles atop Blue Wine Glasses

Image Credit: blogspot

DIY Upside Down Wine Glasses Wedding Table Centerpieces With Candles and Flowers

Paper Craft Flowers Enclosed by Wine Glasses with Candles on Top

Image Credit: pinimg

Cute DIY Upside Down Wine Glasses With Roses and Candles

Assorted Wine Glasses, Rose Blooms, and Candles

Image Credit: weddingbee

Shimmery Wine Bottle Centerpieces

While you have the glasses, add the bottles too! Glitz up used wine bottles in shimmering gold, silver, red, blue, or green. Display them on their own or add sprouting flowers.

Glittery DIY Wine Bottle Wedding Table Centerpiece

Glittery Wine Bottle Centerpieces

Image Credit: muirhannavineyards

DIY Gold Painted Wine Bottle Centerpieces For Wedding Tables

Gold Painted Wine Bottle Vase

Image Credit: homedit

Unique Fishbowl Centerpieces

Fishbowls make perfect display dishes. Add life to your table with a real fish or two in the bowls or fill them a colorful assortment of beads, floating candles, or flowers.

Stunning Fishbowl Wedding Table Centerpiece With Red Beads and Flower

Decorative Fishbowl Filled with Colored Glass Stones and Flower Bloom

Image Credit: fairytale-designs

Fishbowl Lily Wedding Table Centerpiece

Clear Glass Stones and Lilies in Fishbowl Display

Image Credit: zogz

Log Centerpiece Ideas

Go natural with table centerpieces made from logs. If you love the woods or homesteading, this is a fitting idea. You can surround the logs with greens and flowers, paint the ends for a colorful display, or etch designs into the sides.

DIY Painted Logs as Wedding Table Centerpiece

Small Burning Logs with Painted Designs on Ends and Branch Stubs

Image Credit: cpnscdn

Recycled Log Wedding Table Centerpiece With Flowers

Floral Arrangements on Log

Image Credit: hubimg

Gumball Centerpieces

Make your wedding fun with some candy flair. Coordinate them by color or mix them for to add random pops of bright shades. It’s a whimsical idea that shows the vibrant and joy-filled life you intend to have with your spouse.

DIY Gumball Wedding Table Centerpiece Idea

Gumball Jars with Festive Straws and Party Favors

Image Credit: alegrekreations

Gorgeous DIY Gumball Wedding Table Centerpiece

Gumball and Confectionary Dessert Centerpiece

Image Credit: cpnscdn

Elegant, rustic, or whimsical, these DIY wedding centerpieces each have a unique character but are all easy and economical to create. Browse back through them and pick your favorites!

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