33 Cute Baby Shower Ideas For Twins


Twins aren’t only exciting to raise, party planning for them is exciting too! With these baby shower ideas for twins, you’ll love the options you have for hosting your baby shower party. These ideas are useful for twin boys, girls, or one of each. Double the fun with a prince and princess theme, two peas in a pod theme, sun and moon theme, or a twice the love theme.

Baby Shower Cakes for Twins

The cake is often the most lavishly decorated aspect of your party, so it’s not unusual when your cake becomes the centerpiece. And when you’re having a party for twin arrivals, you can decorate with symmetrical patterns, contrasting colors, or gender neutral themes to include both babies. Go extra special with the cake, though, and choose a fondant or tiered cake to mark the importance of the event.

Blue and Pink Decorated Cake with Symmetrical, Color Coordinated Desserts on Either Side

Twin baby shower cake in pastels

Image Credit: savvysassymoms

Moon and star themed twin baby shower cake

Moon and Stars Gender Inclusive Theme

Image Credit: saseso

Gorgeous twin baby shower cake

Twice the Love Green and Pink Cake

Image Credit: blogspot

Cute baby shower cake for twin girls

Twin Girls Cake

Image Credit: saseso

Gorgeous baby shower blue cake for twin boys

Twin Boys Cake

Image Credit: babyshowerideasbase

Diaper Cake Décor for Twins

Every momma needs diapers, and mommas of twins need them that much more! Make a decoration out of these practical gifts and make diapers fun! For a time. You can stack diapers in tiers and add different embellishments to help them take the shape you want. Browse through these examples for ideas.

Pink and white diaper cake for twins

Tiered Diaper Cake with Bows and Symmetrical Lace and Baby Dolls

Image Credit: flauminc

Polka dotted two peas in a pod themed twin diaper cake

Two Peas in a Pod Diaper Cake with Bows, Ribbon, and Shredded Paper

Image Credit: etsy

Cute owl diapers for twin babies

Diaper and Accessories Owl Shapes

Image Credit: etsy

Pastel Theme

Pastel blue, pink, light green, and peach impress us with a sense of peaceful innocence, the perfect feeling for a baby shower. Use these colors for backdrops, tablecloths, flower varieties, stuffed animals or cutouts, and icing.

Pastel themed twin girls baby shower table

Twin Girls Dessert Table in Pastel Pink and Red

Image Credit: pinimg

Adorable pastel themed twin baby shower table

Prince and Princess Pastel Dessert Décor

Image Credit: itsybelle

Blue, Red, and Pink Baby Shower Themes

Go a little bolder than pastel with vibrant blues, pinks, and reds. A blue and red color scheme works well for a boy and girl or two boys. Center your one-each or boy baby showers around a patriotic or Dr. Seuss theme. You can even use blue non-traditionally for baby girls, using sky or aqua shades.

Blue accented twin baby shower decorations

Dr. Seuss “Thing” Theme for Twins

Image Credit: stanceforthefamily

Blue and pink themed twin baby shower cupcake decor on table

Pink and Blue Decorated Cookie Cupcake Toppers

Image Credit: flickr

Sweet blue accented twin baby shower table decor

Blue Décor for Twin Boys

Image Credit: saseso

Blue and pink twin baby shower table decked up with Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme

Blue and Pink Mickey and Minnie Theme for Twins

Image Credit: froobi

Two Peas in a Pod Theme

Of all the twin baby shower themes we found today, it is the adorable ‘two peas in a pod’ theme that is perhaps the most unique. Decorate in green and white with pink and blue or yellow and gray accents. Serve fresh sweet peas as a snack and use polka dots in light green for paper plates or table coverings. Use food coloring to dye your water or lemonade green and ice your cakes or cookies in green.

Two peas in a pod themed twin baby shower table

Two Peas in a Pod Wood Carving

Image Credit: etsy

Cute two peas in a pod themed baby shower table in green accents

Two Peas in a Pod Wall Art, Colored Desserts, Floral Arrangements, and Paper Ball Banner

Image Credit: catchmyparty

Adorable two peas in a pod themed diaper decor for a twin baby shower

Two Peas in a Pod Diaper Cakes

Image Credit: blogspot

This cupcake decor is themed on two peas on a pod

Candy Peapod Cupcake Toppers

Image Credit: blogspot

Sweet two peas in a pod themed twin baby shower cake on table

Two Peas in a Pod Decorated Cake

Image Credit: flickr

Sweet pea pod themed twin baby shower table

Sweet Peas Green and Pink Dessert Table Décor

Image Credit: projectnursery

Gold Accents

Add elegance and opulence with the royal color of gold. Golden tints play well with any color scheme and serve to create a luxurious look. From the rims of cake and cupcake stands to floral embellishments to favor wrapping, gold adds the regality that mother and babies deserve.

Golden accented twin baby shower table decor

Pink and Gold Welcome Table

Image Credit: etsy

Little prince and princess themed twin baby shower table in golden accents

Blue and Gold Diaper Cake and Table Settings

Image Credit: catchmyparty

Unique Baby Shower Ideas for Twins

These next twin baby shower themes were specially chosen for their unique themes. Jungle themes can also be unique if you personalize the animals to the new babies. Perhaps a lion and lioness? Or two monkeys?

Twin baby shower table decorated with animal theme

Shepherding Your Lambs

Image Credit: babyideas

Blue and red themed twin baby shower table decor

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Image Credit: pinimg

Little mermaid theme for a twin baby shower table

Mermaid Twins

Image Credit: febweb

Vintage newspaper themed twin baby shower table

Vintage Newspaper and Journalism Theme

Image Credit: honeyandlime

Pretty pink twin baby shower themed table

Pink and Brown Teddy Bear Theme

Image Credit: omega-center

Party Favors for Twin Baby Showers

Favors play an important part in celebrating events like bridal showers, birthdays, weddings, and baby showers. They thank your guests for their support and their gifts. Some favor ideas to try include sweet or candy boxes, cookie favors, chocolates wrapped in cute pastel wrappings, or beverage bottles.

Cute twin baby shower candy favors

Candy Favors with Homemade Label

Image Credit: ebayimg

Twins baby shower candy favors

Candy Tube with Homemade Tag

Image Credit: partydecorbeez

Adorable twin baby shower cookie favors

Hand-decorated Cookies

Image Credit: pinimg

Twin baby shower party boxes as favors

Color Coordinated Gift Bags with Homemade Labels

Image Credit: babyshowerpin

Cute thank you favor packets displayed for a twin baby shower

Mini Candle Favors with Personalized Tag

Image Credit: shopify

Adorable twin baby shower gift boxes

Homemade Paper Treat Boxes

Image Credit: froobi

Had enough baby shower ideas for twins? Now all you have to do is choose which one to try yourself!

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