35 Yummy Baby Shower Cakes For Girls


A baby shower is the pinnacle event of impending motherhood. The mom-to-be is excited, and all of her friends have to celebrate with her. Oh, and they came for the cake too!

Here are the most exciting baby shower cake ideas we found for mothers who are expecting a girl. These baby shower cakes for girls range from princess cakes to butterfly cakes to pregnant belly cakes to Disney cakes. Browse through them and see which ones call out to you.

Pink Baby Shower Cakes

Moms-to-be generally love all things pink for their little princesses, so let’s start there. Even women who are not especially girly want to celebrate their womanhood at their baby shower, so a pink cake could be just the touch of femininity that’s needed.

Pink and Brown Baby Shower Cake with Brown Ribbon Embellishments

A pink baby shower cake for a baby girl accentuated with brown ribbons

Image Credit: partydecorationsbyteresa

Three tier baby shower cake with cute baby shoes on top

Pink Booties and Bows

Image Credit: babyshowerideas

Tiered baby shower cake for a girl with pink ribbons

Elaborate Diaper Cake in Pink Ribbons

Image Credit: platinumbabyshowerdiapercakes

Baby shower cake with a cute pink baby bump

Pink Preggers and Bootie Cupcake Toppers

Image Credit: pinimg

Princess Baby Shower Cakes

Princess baby shower cakes are another great idea for such celebrations. Moms tend to think of their daughters as little princesses, and the mom should be treated like a princess on this special day. Pamper her with this fun baby shower theme.

Pink princess baby shower cake with a tiara on top

Princess Baby Shower Cake with Tiara Topper

Image Credit: wordpress

Extravagant princess baby shower cake

Little Angel Princess Cake

Image Credit: shapecolorfont

Pink and Gold Baby Shower Cake

Gold and Pink Princess Cake with Baby Bassinet Topper

Image Credit: projectnursery

Baby shower cake for a little princess full with baby shoes and pacifier

Fondant Princess Cake with Embellishments

Image Credit: funpeep

A baby shower cake for a little princess with a cute bow

Little Princess Cake with Cake Letter Blocks

Image Credit: tanyacakes

Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes are not as delicious as pretty pink princess cakes, but they are a bit more practical. Gift and decoration in one, you can make these elaborate as you like. Make them as large or as decorative as you have room and time for. The mom will love it so much, she won’t want to take it apart!

A diaper cake for a baby shower with a baby on top

Elaborately Decorated Diaper Cake

Image Credit: babysof

A pink baby shower diaper cake decorated with pink ribbons

Cute Diaper Cake with Ribbons, Floral Embellishments, and Stuffed Animal

Image Credit: rocksoffnyc

An elaborate baby diaper cake announcing the arrival of a girl

Pink Bows and Lace Diaper Cake Display

Image Credit: mikebrownelectrical

Pacifiers. Little babies Pink ribbons. This diaper cake has got it all

Decorated Diaper Cake with Accessories

Image Credit: toocraft

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Cakes

Minnie Mouse is the most classic, respectable female cartoon character. When you want to have a fun baby shower for a modest woman, Minnie is the perfect cake choice.

A baby shower cake with Minnie Mouse as its theme

Tasteful Minnie Mouse Theme

Image Credit: beeshower

A super cute Minnie Mouse cake complete with Minnie Mouse decorations

Minnie Mouse Cake and Décor

Image Credit: cakedecorpins

A Minnie Mouse cake adorned with black stripes

Minnie Mouse Cake Idea for Baby Showers

Image Credit: blogspot

Hello Kitty Baby Shower Cakes

Get ready to say hello to your new girl with a Hello Kitty baby shower. Hello Kitty is a versatile character that can fit the personality of any woman. She’s also less popular as a baby shower theme, making this a cute, unique idea to try out for your party.

Adorned with pretty pink ribbons a Hello Kitty cake for a baby shower

Hello Kitty Cakes and Cupcakes

Image Credit: blogspot

A Hello Kitty cake themed baby shower 1

Hello Kitty Dessert Table Décor

Image Credit: wordpress

A Hello Kitty baby shower cake with matching cupcakes

Hello Kitty Dessert Table Idea

Image Credit: cakecreationsbykim

Hello Kitty Cheetah Print Baby Shower Cake

Easy Hello Kitty Baby Shower Cake with Embellishments

Image Credit: djsbakery-texasstyle

Hello Kitty Hot Pink Zebra Striped Baby Shower Cake

Hello Kitty Hot Pink and Zebra-striped Baby Shower Cake

Image Credit: blogspot

Luscious Hello Kitty Baby Shower Cake

Luscious Hello Kitty Baby Shower Cake

Image Credit: saseso

Hello Kitty Baby Shower Cakes

Red and Pink Hello Kitty Baby Shower Ideas

Image Credit: startadaycareservice

Hello Kitty Baby Shower Cakes Ideas

Hello Kitty and Baby Bump Cake

Image Credit: cakedecorparty99

Color Scheme Themes

Sometimes, all you need for a theme is a great color scheme. What are the mother’s two or three favorite colors? Voila! There’s your theme!

A pristine orange and pink baby shower cake with royal decorations

Royally Decorated Pink, Purple, and Orange Cake

Image Credit: blogspot

Polka Dotted Baby Shower Cake In Pink White

Pink, White, and Brown Baby Shower Cake

Image Credit: pinimg

A beautiful aqua blue baby shower cake with a grand centrepiece

Beautiful and Unique Aqua Blue Theme

Image Credit: daetwylerce

A grand baby shower cake for a girl with pink tutus and dolls

Pink and Gold Ballerina Theme

Image Credit: babyshowerideas4u

A cute duck baby shower diaper cake

Yellow and Blue (even for a girl!)

Image Credit: cutebabyshower

A pink baby shower cake themed around the tutus for ballerinas

And, of Course, Pink and White

Image Credit: etsystatic

Disney Baby Shower Cakes

Let’s bring back Minnie Mouse, the Queen of Disney, to introduce some of her friends. For the mother who grew up loving Disney movies, nothing could be better than bringing those childhood memories back as she prepares to shape her own baby’s childhood. Or mothers who already have children might just as well be enamored with one of the newer children’s movies. Take advantage of the fun and cuteness Disney offers by featuring her favorite movie in your décor.

A baby shower cakes based on Frozen theme

Frozen Theme

Image Credit: popsugar-assets

A grand minnie mouse cake with matching cupcakes


Image Credit: mlstatic

Disney Cars Baby Shower Cake


Image Credit: freewebs

Tinker Bell Themed Baby Shower Cake For A Girl


Image Credit: blogspot

A Mickey and Minnie twin baby shower cake

Mickey and Minnie Twins Baby Shower Cupcakes

Image Credit: mominvite

Whatever the mom’s style, there are plenty of options for baby shower cakes for girls. Adapt one of the cakes above – princess, Hello Kitty, Minnie, aqua, baby bump? – and watch your guests gush over the absolute cuteness of your choice.

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