33 Beautiful Bridal Shower Decorations Ideas


The bridal shower is the opportunity for family and friends to visit with and support the bride as she prepares for married life. It is less about the ceremony of getting married as it is about entering into married life with her own home. The gifts at a wedding are for the couple, but the gifts at a bridal shower are specifically for her use as a wife.

When you are planning to host a bridal shower, you will want to decorate according to the guest of honor’s tastes, but it is up to you to make it humorous or formal, sexy or tasteful. These bridal shower decoration ideas will help get your creativity flowing as you plan the best bride-to-be bash.

Bridal Shower Table Setup

Your bridal shower can be formal or casual, large or meant for an intimate gathering. In any case, choose a distinct if subtle theme to decorate your guest and buffet tables.

Attractive Bridal Shower Table Setup

Driftwood and Floral Bridal Shower Table Settings

Image Credit: Weddings-Magazine

Classy Lavendar Bridal Shower Table Setup

Lavender Bridal Shower Dinner Party

Image Credit: WordPress

Cute Pink Bridal Shower Table Setup

Cute Pink Bridal Shower Table Setup

Image Credit: Blogspot

Elegant Turquoise Bridal Shower Table Setup

Elegant Turquoise Bridal Shower Table Setup

Image Credit: Babiys

Mesmerizing Bridal Shower Table Setup

Mesmerizing Breakfast Bridal Shower

Image Credit: Willowdaleestate

Bridal Shower Table Runners

Go a little less classy but not less stylish with chevron, sequin, or burlap table runners. Table runners can fun and finesse to your tables.

Multicolored Table Runner for Bridal Shower

Dessert Mexican-inspired Table Runner and Pink Patterned Runner

Image Credit: WordPress

Rustic Burlap Table Runner for Bridal Shower

Rustic Burlap Table Runners and Chair Ties

Image Credit: Gallery Hip

Silver Sequin Table Runner for Bridal Shower

Silver Sequin Table Runner for Bridal Shower

Image Credit: Fdleventconsulting

Beautiful Chevron Table Runner for Bridal Shower 1

Beautiful Complementary Chevron Table Runner

Image Credit: Unicornstylings

Floral Centerpiece Ideas

Flowers add feminine charm to any ladies’ gathering. Roses, orchids, and carnations are especially popular picks for bridal showers. Some of the most common colors are pink, red, and white.

Simple Rose Flower Centerpiece for Bridal Shower

Pink and White Roses with Favors

Image Credit: Wedding Concept Ideas

Rustic Floral Bridal Shower Centerpiece with Burlap

Colorful Floral Centerpieces in Burlap Lace

Image Credit: Big Commerce

Pretty Pink and White Birdal Shower Centerpiece

Alternating Pink Floral Varieties

Image Credit: Heathermcteer

Pink Carnation Table Centerpiece for Bridal Shower

Pink Carnations and Candles

Image Credit: Blogspot

Elegant Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Elegant Red Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Image Credit: New-WeddingDesign

Modern Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Apart from floral centerpieces, try lantern, paper craft, birdcage, candle, or wine bottle centerpieces. All of these ideas are DIY and budget-friendly, so get thrifty and crafty with the following creations.

Attractive Purple Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Faux Flowers and Cupcakes

Image Credit: Babiys

Classy Lantern Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Classy Candle Lantern Centerpieces

Image Credit: Willowdaleestate

Contemporary Bridal Shower Centerpiece 1

Decorative Votive Candelabra

Image Credit: Pinterest

DIY Unique Bridal Shower Centerpiece 1

Spray Painted Wine Bottle Vases

Image Credit: Sreventplanning

Interesting Wine Bottle Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Tinted Glass Wine Bottle Vases

Image Credit: New-WeddingDesign

Opulent Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Hand-decorated Votive Candle Holders

Image Credit: New-WeddingDesign

Sleek Lantern Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Candle Lantern with Personalized Artwork

Image Credit: Wedding Bee

Vintage Birdcage Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Vintage Birdcage Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Image Credit: Blogspot

Buffet Table Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Like the guest tables, the buffet or dessert tables should exhibit the party’s theme. You can use the same tablecloth or table runner as the guest table or decorate with a complementary banner, backdrop, or dessert décor. Use a larger version of your table setting centerpieces or a visually related idea.

Blue and White Table Decor for Bridal Shower

Blue and White Table Runner and Dessert Décor

Image Credit: WordPress

Elegant Pink and White Buffet Table Decor

Elegant Pink and White Dessert Table Décor

Image Credit: Ytimg

Gorgeous Buffet Table Bridal Shower Decor

Charming Pink and Brown Tablecloth and Desserts

Image Credit: Fastonlinedivorce2

Pretty Aqua Buffet Table Settings

Aqua and Lavender Dessert Table

Image Credit: Blogspot

Purple Buffet Table Decor for Bridal Shower

Purple Dessert Table Décor for Bridal Shower

Image Credit: Jenniferazzi

Unique Bridal Shower Themes

The theme of the shower could be based on an interest the couple shares, such as a love of the outdoors or photography; a destination, such as where the newlyweds will spend their honeymoon; a humorous prediction of the couple’s life in twenty or fifty years, or a classy garden tea party just for the ladies.

Beach Themed Bridal Shower Party Decor

Beach Themed Bridal Shower Table

Image Credit: Blogspot

Black White and Pink Themed Bridal Shower

Love Theme in Pink, Black, and White

Image Credit: Babyshowerpins

Easter Themed Baby Shower Party Decor

Spring Bridal Shower Décor

Image Credit: New-WeddingDesign

Gorgeous Tiffanys Bridal Shower Theme

Stylish Blue

Image Credit: Wedding Shabby Decoration

Outdoor Themed Bridal Shower Party

Floral Garden Party

Image Credit: Inofashionstyle

Summer Themed Bridal Shower Party Ideas

Summer Florals

Image Credit: My Wedding Decorations

How will you spend time with the bride-to-be before her big day? Host a party at her favorite location with the colors, foods, and decorations that you know she’ll love. Celebrate her new life in elegance or help calm her butterfly nerves with a humorous party. Think of how you could adapt the bridal shower decorations above to get you started.

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