35 Cute Baby Shower Themes For Girls


These baby shower themes for girls are cute and unique. Ranging from color schemes to baby animals to ballerinas to pure floral to chic garden, you’re sure to find the perfect theme for mother and soon-arriving daughter.

Purple-themed Baby Showers

Choose royal purple purple to make the mother-to-be feel like the queen that she is. Use subtler shades and pastels to highlight the mother and daughter’s femininity or stress opulence with deeper shades. If you want to celebrate the arrival of the new baby girl, choosing a ‘Life is a gift’ theme with ornamental paper crafts and gift boxes is a perfect choice. From spreading the tables with purple runners and tablecloths to choosing purple floral varieties to decorating party favors and desserts in purple accents, you can adopt the purple theme in innumerable ways. Here are some examples.

Rich Purple Backdrop, Paper Pompoms, Cupcake Icing, Candy, Snack Boxes, and Party Favors

Cute purple themed girl baby shower table decor and backdrop

Image Credit: lilipip

Attractive purple gift table centerpiece for girl baby shower

Exciting Purple Tablecloth, Napkins with Ribbons, Dessert Bows, and Centerpiece

Image Credit: revauap

Purple baby girls shower decorations on table

Soft Feminine Purple Tablecloth, Stationary, Gift Bag Tissue Paper, Baby Outfit, and Floral Arrangement

Image Credit: saturdayhouse

Cute purple themed girl baby shower candy table decor

Impressive Spread of Table Runner, Iced Desserts and Candy, and Personalized Sign and Pillows

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Garden Party

Take your party outside or bring the outside inside with a chic garden party. Decorate with pink, peach, and other pastels. Stylize your party for a vintage or modern open-air charm. Include casual outdoor games appropriate for gentleladies and serve tea with snacks or dessert. If that idea doesn’t catch your fancy, make the party a little more groovy with tie-dyed tablecloths and provide headbands and shades to your guests. Either way, you’ll have a blast with all of your girlfriends as you celebrate the coming of a new girl into your lives.

Cute retro garden themed baby shower party decor for girls

Outdoor Garden Party in Colorful Pastels

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Vintage garden theme girl baby shower decor

Vintage-themed Dessert Table in Pastels

Image Credit: pinimg

Refreshing shabby chic garden themed baby girl shower decor idea

Indoor Gentlewoman’s Party with Garden Florals and Pastel Delicacies

Image Credit: goldvote

Shabby chic garden themed baby girl shower decorations

Cute Rose-themed Garden Party with Creative Crib Décor

Image Credit: lepetit

Animal-themed Baby Showers

There’s nothing cuter than baby animals. When you’re preparing to welcome your new one, celebrate the energy of new life with a zoo or jungle theme. You can include plenty of creatures, greens, waterfalls, and themed foods.

Girl baby shower candy table decorations with cute animals

Assorted Candies and Baby Animal Décor

Image Credit: runeatrepeat

Cute golden animal themed girl baby shower decor

Candy Jar Favors with Detailed Golden Animal Toppers

Image Credit: briebrieblooms

Cute monkey decorations on girl baby shower table 1

Monkey and Banana Dessert Table

Image Credit: beeshower

Giraffe themed popcorn decor for girl baby shower table

Giraffe and Zebra Patterns with Blue Accents

Image Credit: karaspartyideas

Pure Floral

You usually go wrong using flowers at your baby shower. Even if the mother is not a lover of flowers, she’ll appreciate the beautiful arrangements for this special occasion. For winter babies, vibrant flowers can show the life that is about to be brought into the world. You can also substitute real flowers for paper craft designs for a more personalized touch.

Cute pastel floral themed girl baby shower decor

Appealing Floral and Pastel Dessert Table

Image Credit: beeshower

Enchanting floral carriage centerpiece for girl baby shower table

Adorable Flower Stroller

Image Credit: beeshower

Cute floral centerpiece on girl baby shower table

Outdoor Floral Party

Image Credit: slodive

Girl baby shower table decor with bright yellow flower centerpieces

Baby Bottle and Blooms Centerpieces

Image Credit: lilipip

Spring-themed Baby Shower Decorations

If the stork is coming to visit you this spring, celebrate the season with a fresh and vibrant theme. Use bright yellows and white, budding branches, and growing greens. Include juices or lemonade and fresh fruit slices.

Spring happy trails girl baby shower decor

Spring Baby Shower Featuring Yellow, Green, and White

Image Credit: dilcdn

DIY spring themed girl baby shower decor idea

Fresh Greens and Flower Pots, Juices and Fruits

Image Credit: thesweetestoccasion

Pink spring themed girl baby shower decor 1

Fresh Air with Explosive Bouquet Centerpiece and Nearby Greens

Image Credit: occasionsonline

Cute spring girl baby shower decor idea

Spring Florals and Booties

Image Credit: karaspartyideas

Colourful spring themed girl baby shower decor idea

Growing Greens and Vining Flowers with Pastel Table Setting

Image Credit: aiceca

Butterfly and Cherub Themes

Do you imagine your baby girl being like a sweet, loving cherub or a peacefully fluttering butterfly? Celebrate her lively innocence cherub figures or butterfly decorations. Stylize your desserts in silhouettes of one of these themes or use them as the theme for your party favors.

Beautiful butterfly themed girl baby shower decor

Rose and Cherub Dessert Table with Decorated Diaper Cake

Image Credit: jpaice

Cute butterfly themed decorations for girl baby shower

Butterfly Cupcake Toppers and Candy Jar Labels

Image Credit: mygrafico

Butterfly wand decorations for girl baby shower

Butterfly Wand Party Favors

Image Credit: invitesbaby

Girl baby shower table decor with butterfly theme

Butterfly and Floral Décor

Image Credit: chickabug

Butterfly cupcake decorations for girl baby shower

Butterfly Cupcakes

Image Credit: evermine

Pink and purple butterfly themed girl baby shower

Butterfly Embellishments

Image Credit: wordpress

Pink butterfly and floral centerpiece decoration on girl baby shower table

Butterfly Adornment on Vase

Image Credit: aiceca

Ballerina Baby Shower Ideas

Will your baby daughter grow into a graceful little girl? Decorate your centerpieces as tutus and your tablecloths in tulle ruffles. Crown your cake with a tiara or hand them out to each lady when they arrive.

Cute pink tutu themed girl baby shower decoration idea

Ballerina and Feathered Flower Centerpiece

Image Credit: pinimg

Awesome tutu and tiara girl baby shower decor

Tutus and Tiaras for a Ballerina Princess

Image Credit: babyshowerideas4u

Cute tutu themed pink girl baby shower

Ballerina Tutu around Feathered Flower Topped Cake with Hanging Slippers and Tulle

Image Credit: wordpress

Cute DIY diaper tutu cake centerpiece decoration on girl baby shower table

Ballerina Diaper Centerpiece

Image Credit: frugalfanatic

Tutu themed baby shower for girls

Tutu Table Trim

Image Credit: alicdn

Princess Baby Showers

Treat mommy like a princess for the day and celebrate the coming of a new little princess with pearls, vintage jewelry, and decorations in gold, pink, peach, purple, lavender, or pastels.

Walt Disney Princess themed girl baby shower

Magical Princess Dessert Table

Image Credit: beeshower

Cindrella inspired princess themed girl baby shower with pink accents

Cinderella Coach and Gown

Image Credit: hwtm

All of these cute baby shower themes for girls are easy to adapt to fit your guest of honor’s personality. And with such a range of ideas, you don’t need to look far for the decorations you need. You probably already have much of what you need. Get creative and crafty as you prepare for this fun-filled day of friends and festivity.

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