31 Cool Baby Shower Ideas For Boys


These baby shower ideas for boys will inspire you to create a high-flying aviation, seafaring nautical, root n’ tooting cowboy, quirky robot, or wild n’ crazy animal party for your special mom-to-be and expected baby.

Aviation Theme

Use this unique, adventurous theme when a baby boy is coming in for a landing. With vintage airplane figurines, pilot accessories, and cloud decorations, your party is sure to soar with cuteness. You can decorate your tables with printed tablecloths, quilted table runners, of course, airplane cakes. Add airplane shaped cookies or Rice Crispies treats at the dessert table and aviator sunglasses as party favors to complete the effect.

Precious Cargo Vintage Airplane Theme

Vintage aeroplane boy baby shower idea

Image Credit: brightsettings

Aeroplane decor for boy baby shower

Colorful Tablecloth and Airplane Centerpiece

Image Credit: babyshowerideas4u

Cute aeroplane themed dessert for boy baby shower

Rubber Airplane in Punchbowl

Image Credit: pinimg

Smart aeroplane themed boy baby shower decor

Aviation and Travel Theme

Image Credit: blogspot

Nautical Baby Shower Ideas

A nautical theme is perfect for a baby boy about to sail the high seas of life. Decorate with sailboats, steamboats, anchors, waves, whales, and dolphins. Use blue, white, sea green, gray, yellow, and other vibrant hues.

Blue nautical themed boy baby shower decor with boat and tube

Nautical Décor with Life Raft Game

Image Credit: blogspot

Nautical inspired dessert table for boy baby shower

Sailboat Dessert Table

Image Credit: beeshower

Sweet nautical themed boy baby shower decor idea

Anchor and Creative Onesie Sails

Image Credit: justbakedlkn

Cute nautical themed boy baby shower

Nautical-themed Snacks, Pitcher, and Party Favors

Image Credit: diy-babyshower

Nautical themed boy baby shower decor with sail boats

Sailboat Invitations

Image Credit: blogspot

Cool nautical boy baby shower decor with sea and sailboat designs in the backdrop along with anchor cookies 1

Steamboat on the Waves and Lighthouse Backdrop with Decorated Drink Bottles, Favor Boxes, and Desserts

Image Credit: wordpress

Boy baby shower decor with nautical theme

Nautical Banner and Plates with Blue Tablecloth

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Cowboy Baby Shower Ideas

Cowboys are the perfect answer for a country girl. With a unique style and sense of joy, the Wild West or frontier themes bring a ton of fun ideas for decorations and favors? You can even theme your snacks around the cowboy theme. Buy felt cowboy hats or craft paper hats for your guests to wear. Make a sheriff’s badge for the guest of honor. Include cattle, horses, lassos, cowboy boots, stirrups, tassels, and guitars or banjos in your decorating scheme. Take the party outside or inside with bright colors in red, yellow, and brown.

Cute cowboy cartoon decor for boy baby shower

Cowboy Tablecloth or Backdrop Print

Image Credit: yankov

Cute cowboy themed boy baby shower decor

Cowboy Cutouts and Bandana Ribbon for Diaper Cakes

Image Credit: etsystatic

Boy baby shower decorations with boots and cowboy hats

Cowboy Boots, Hats, Bandanas, Horseshoes, and Straw

Image Credit: blogspot

Boy baby shower fireplace mantel decorations with cowboy theme

Blue and Brown Cowboy Onesies on Banner

Image Credit: ablissfulnest

Rustic boy baby shower decor with cowboy theme

Outdoor Stray and Hay Bales Décor

Image Credit: spaceshipsandlaserbeams

Cute cowboy theme for boy baby shower

Cowboy Hat and Bandana Centerpiece

Image Credit: yankov

Robot-themed Baby Shower Ideas

Adorable robots, computers, and machines with smiling faces, or cartoon cars and dump trucks are all winners for little boys. Make them cute enough for the ladies to enjoy and you have the perfect party for your soon-arriving little man. For a personal touch, make your decorations out of foam or construction paper and then use them to adorn the baby’s room so that he can enjoy looking at them as he grows.

DIY robot themed boy baby shower decor

Robot Diaper Cake

Image Credit: spaceshipsandlaserbeams

Robot themed boy baby shower candy table decor

Robot and Gear Printouts

Image Credit: amandapair

Rain Shower Baby Shower

For a neutral baby shower theme, try theming the party theme on the party itself! Decorate with rain boots, raincoats, umbrellas, clouds, and raindrops. Decorate Raindrop-shaped cookies for your dessert table and invite guests to add whip cream “clouds” to their punch or cappuccinos. Use blues, grays, and yellows for a beautiful and uniquely themed rain shower baby shower.

Cute boy baby shower raindrop decorations

Raindrops and Clouds

Image Credit: fiskars

Cool umbrella and raindrop decor for boy baby shower

Umbrella and Raindrops

Image Credit: spaceshipsandlaserbeams

Animal Safari Theme

As your guest of honor begins the wild adventure of raising a little boy, help her prepare with an animal safari theme. From cute cutouts of giraffes, lions, and monkeys to trees, balloons, and even circus tents, you have a plethora of inspirational ideas to draw from. Craft your animals out of construction paper or foam and use animal print tablecloths or backdrops.

Cute animal boy baby shower decor idea

DIY Animal Decorations and Themed Plates and Napkins

Image Credit: wordpress

Cute DIY jungle themed boy baby shower decorations

Foam Animal Diaper Cakes

Image Credit: luxtica

Jungle safari boy baby shower decor idea

Baby Animal Table Décor

Image Credit: etsystatic

Boy baby shower decor with balloon coconut trees and monkeys 1

Printed Animal Balloons and Balloon Shapes

Image Credit: wabrownrealtors

Cute green jungle themed boy baby shower decor

Homemade Animal Backdrop and Banner

Image Credit: justbakedlkn

Owl-themed Baby Showers

Wooooo-hoooo, it’s a baby boy! Owl baby showers are another theme based on the occasion itself. And these cutest of birds can be done up in any style with a wide range of crafting supplies. Follow any color scheme you want and the owl will fit right in. Purple and white foam owls? Perfect! Yellow and green polka dot paper owls? Wonderful! And keep the cuties to watch over your son in the baby room later.

Fun owl themed boy baby shower decor

Green and Blue Owl Décor

Image Credit: babyshowerideas4u

Fall boy baby shower decorations with owls

Owl Decorating Ideas

Image Credit: republicanhour

Cool yellow owl themed boy baby shower idea

Owl Banner and Labels

Image Credit: blogspot

Owl banner for boy baby shower

Foam Owl Banner

Image Credit: etsystatic

Owl themed boy baby shower table decor

Homemade Owl Cutout Banner

Image Credit: pinimg

So, have you decided on a theme? With so many baby shower ideas for boys, it might be hard to choose. Browse back through and narrow it down according to what you would like to craft or themes that the mother might want to use in the baby’s room afterward.

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