31 Baby Shower Decorating Ideas With Grey And Yellow Theme


Some of the most amazing baby shower decorating ideas recently haven’t been in pink and blue but yellow and gray. This color scheme is perfect for mothers who want a break from the traditional colors or when the gender of the baby is going to be a surprise. Instead of princesses and adventurous little boys, think ducks and elephants. (Just don’t call the mother an elephant!)

The yellow and gray color scheme provides the opportunity to use unique decorating ideas while still incorporating pink and blue if you want to. All four colors coordinate nicely. And your guests will appreciate the break in pace with this different but proven color choice.

Gray and Yellow Cake Ideas

A baby shower isn’t complete without the perfect cake. The cake will serve as the main attraction for the party and will showcase the theme better than any other décor. Gray and yellow aren’t as restrictive as other colors, so you can choose to feature almost anything on the cake; babies, animals, cartoon characters, a simple message written on the cake? The choice is yours, but if you do have an overall theme other than the colors, feature it on the cake. Likewise, if you feature something on the cake, incorporate that idea into the rest of your decorating.

Cute baby shower cake in grey and yellow decorated with ducks blocks and shoes

Ducks and Baby Boy Tennis Shoes with Blocks

Image Credit: wordpress

Yummy grey and yellow baby shower cake with elephants at top

Elephant and Baby

Image Credit: j-cakes

Grey and yellow rose cake with elephant on top for baby shower

Baby Girl Elephant Cake

Image Credit: cakecentral

Yellow And Gray Baby Shower Cake With Gray Bow

Stroller Topper

Image Credit: cutebabyshower

Little Sunshine Baby Shower Cake

Little Sunshine Baby Shower Cake

Image Credit: pinkcakebox

Yellow And Gray Chevron Elephant Cake

Elephant and Balloon Baby Shower Cake Idea

Image Credit: ohitsperfect

Yellow and Gray Buffet Tables

If you’re going to serve food or even just the cake, make a grey and yellow themed buffet table where you can display food in flat platters and trays. Serve golden yellow breads or pastas and gussy up the presentation with different height stands. Add streamers and balloons around your baby shower buffet table and serve with yellow or gray plates, napkins, cups, and plastic ware.

Delectable yellow and grey themed buffet spread for baby shower

Delectable Yellow and Gray Table Spread with Balloons and Pompoms

Image Credit: pinimg

Yellow themed buffet spread for baby shower

Yellow and White Dessert Table

Image Credit:  wp

Yellow And Gray Baby Shower Food Table

Yellow and Gray Buffet Table with Wall Paper Backdrop and Banner

Image Credit: designdazzle

Bee Baby Shower Table

Yellow and Gray Dessert Table with Streamers

Image Credit: babyideas

Gray and Yellow Baby Shower Food Ideas

Gray and Yellow Table Runner and Pendant Banner

Image Credit: projectnursery

Yellow and Grey Flowers

Add beauty, sophistication, and a sense of lightness to your baby shower with fresh flowers. There are many options for yellow flowers: sunflowers, tulips, roses. For gray, use gray stones, embellishments, such as ribbons or butterflies, or substitute light blue or white flowers.

Beautiful yellow and grey flower decoration for baby shower

Yellow and Blue Baby Shower Centerpiece

Image Credit: blogspot

Yellow flowers decorated in grey jar filled with lemon slices for a gorgeous look

Yellow and White Flowers with Lemon

Image Credit: blogspot

Gray Yellow Baby Shower Decorations With Flowers

Yellow and White Flowers on Gray Runner

Image Credit: loveoffamilyandhome

Gray Yellow Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Yellow Pompom on Gray Background

Image Credit: loveoffamilyandhome

Yellow and Gray Table Settings

If you’re going to have a larger or more formal baby shower, you’ll need place settings for each of your guests. Lay down yellow or gray tablecloths, runners, and placemats and use yellow and gray serving ware as much as possible. Substitute white if needed. For centerpieces, use balloons, flowers, or candle arrangements.

Stunning table set up in grey and yellow for baby shower

Color Coordinated Tablecloth, Place Settings, Centerpiece, Chair Tie, and Drink

Image Credit:  eefurnish

Baby shower table setup in grey and light yellow

Gray Table with Gray and White Dishes and Yellow-tint Silverware Handles

Image Credit: squarespace

Elegant Baby Shower Table Setting Ideas

Baby Shower Table Setting Ideas that Work Well with Gray and Yellow

Image Credit: saseso

Yellow And Gray Table Setting

Gray Tablecloth with Yellow Napkins

Image Credit: waplag

Yellow and Gray Inexpensive and DIY Decorations

Add charm and artistry with personally made centerpieces and decorations. Or, if not personally made, inexpensively gathered.

Cute yellow floating rubber duckies as table centerpieces for baby shower

Rubber Duckies Floating in Punch Bowl

Image Credit: blogspot

Grey and yellow paper garland for DIY baby shower table decoration

Homemade Pendant Banner

Image Credit: etsystatic

Yellow Elephant and Chevron Print Baby Shower Classic Round Sticker

Custom Sticker Designs

Image Credit: zcache

Decorative Paper Flowers For Baby Shower

Paper Crafts

Image Credit: alicdn

Yellow Grey Chevron Baby Shower Decorations

Printout Decorations

Image Credit: etsystatic

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Decorations

Flower Pompoms

Image Credit: shapecolorfont

Dessert Table Decoration Ideas

Set up a delicious looking dessert table to add to the delectability of your baby shower event. Display an array of color coordinated tarts and candies, cupcakes and cookies against a themed backdrop or on a printed tablecloth. Craft labels and pepper the display with gray and yellow embellishments.

Delicious decoration for dessert table for yellow and grey baby themed baby shower

Delicious Desserts and Color Coordinated Candies with Backdrop and Printed Labels

Image Credit: andersruff

Awesome dessert table idea for yellow and grey baby shower

Four Color Dessert and Favor Table

Image Credit: candyliciousnj

Amazing grey and yellow dessert table idea for baby shower

Yellow and Gray Tablescape with Green Accents

Image Credit: blogspot

Classic Yellow and Grey Baby Shower Dessert Table

Yellow Candy Presentation with Gray Backdrop, Ribbons, and Labels

Image Credit: thepartydress

Yellow Candy Buffet Table

Yellow and Shimmering Purple Dessert Spread

Image Credit: writespell

Yellow Gray Dessert Table

Elegant Yellow and Gray Dessert Buffet

Image Credit: hgtvhome

These innovative baby shower decorating ideas in yellow and gray are sure to be a hit at your baby shower event for their sheer uniqueness. Add cuteness to this sophisticated color mix with baby ducks or elephants. And one of the best parts about this color combination is that your men won’t object if you want to keep and use the decorations in your home afterward. They are perfectly neutral colors that everyone can enjoy!

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