33 Fantastic Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas


A baby shower is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. When planning the baby shower, you want it to be a memorable event. Even if it is the mother’s 4th or 5th shower, she still needs to feel special, and this can be achieved with the use of fantastic centerpiece ideas. Baby shower centerpiece ideas have been used to make the day special for many decades now. Baby shower centerpieces are the first thing friends will see on arrival. They need to be selected and chosen carefully, ensuring that they capture the theme and significance of the event.

Consider the different aspects of the centerpiece, including the mother’s love for particular colors, flowers, or even candles. Knowing these specific details about the mom-to-be makes it easy to settle on the centerpiece. It also ensures that the centerpieces are completely personalized to give the mother an extra special feeling of being cared for.

Traditional DIY Baby Shower Decorations with Balloons and Floral Centerpieces

This is a centerpiece idea that never disappoints. If working under a budget, DIY baby shower decorations are the way to go. They are easy to design and all of the supplies you’ll need are readily available. You can also easily match the colors to your party’s theme. Balloons are a valuable time-saver. All you need to do is purchase them and arrange. On the downside, they may look unoriginal, so use balloons only when it fits your guest of honor’s personality.

Floral arrangements create a lively but peaceful atmosphere. They remain a classic and life-centered decor option. You can also shape them to fit your needs. Use colors that complement your theme. Freshly picked flowers will add to the feminine ambience of the party with their sweet aromas. Synthetic floral arrangements may also be used if the mother is sensitive to scents. They may not give any aroma, but they will definitely prove to be good baby shower centerpieces. Arrange the flowers in a vase or a basket. Add some ribbons that bring out the theme colors.

Animal Print and Monkeys Baby Shower

Baby Shower Animal Print and Monkeys Room Shot

Image Credit: Blogspot

Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas For Boys With Balloons

Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas for Boys

Image Credit: Lilipip

Baby Shower Centerpieces Balloon Arch

Balloon Arch Connecting Centerpieces

Image Credit: Festiveaffairsny

Baby Shower Centerpieces With A Theme

Sports Theme Baby Shower

Image Credit: Pinimg

Baby Shower Table Decorations

Baby Shower Table Decorations

Image Credit: Curricublog

Pretty Sports Themed Baby Shower Cakes with sport themed baby shower centerpieces

Cakes with Sport-themed Centerpieces

Image Credit: Babiys

Very Best Wedding Balloon Decorations Hall

Wedding Balloon Table Decorations

Image Credit: Balloonexpressionssite

Candy for Your Baby Shower Centerpieces

Centerpiece ideas range from flowers to foods to ornaments. You are limited only by your creativity. Candy has been used as a centerpiece in recent years. The fun flavors fit perfectly with any celebration, including weddings, baby showers, and birthdays. Not only is it decorative but guests can enjoy eating it as well. Topiaries are creative centerpiece ideas for displaying candy. You can perfect this creation by using a pot, long cinnamon sticks, and a Styrofoam ball instead of spending money on a topiary frame. You can also buy or gather tall clear glass jars or vases and fill them with candy. Arrange the vases in different heights, filling them with different colors of candy to create a fun, appealing atmosphere.

Baby Boy Shower Compelling Baby Shower Candy Game Print with easy to make baby shower candy

Appetizing Baby Shower Candy

Image Credit: Babiys

Baby Boy Shower Fascinating Baby Shower Candy Concentration with baby shower candy game

Fascinating Baby Shower Candy Game

Image Credit: Babiys

Baby Boy Shower Luxury Baby Shower Candy Buffet Ideas and baby shower candy buffet label

Superhero Baby Shower Candy Buffet

Image Credit: Babiys

blue and white Candy Centerpieces

Creative Blue and White Candy Centerpieces

Image Credit: Coachspartyrentals

Candy Centerpieces Ideas For Baby Shower

Practical and Pretty Baby Shower Centerpieces

Image Credit: Playimmersion

Colorful candy counter

Colorful Candy Baby Shower Centerpiece

Image Credit: wordpress

Cotton Candy Centerpieces

Cotton Candy Centerpiece

Image Credit: Pinimg

Unique candy centerpiece ideas

Packaged Candy “Floral”Centerpiece

Image Credit: Marthastewart

Edible and Practical Baby Shower Centerpieces

Why not design centerpieces that meet more than one purpose? Edible cakes serve as a delicious dessert and also make great table decorations! Diaper “cakes” fill that unique need every mother and baby can appreciate. Always make a point of shopping ahead. This gives you ample time to purchase or prepare the cakes that will best fit your event theme. If you enjoy baking, you can make beautiful cakes at home. There are books, magazines, and websites to help you choose your design and decorate your centerpiece ideas to the best of your artistic ability.

A real teddy bear may be placed on top of the tier along with other baby inspired décor

A Real Teddy Bear with other Baby-inspired Décor

Image Credit: Justbakedlkn

baby booties cake

Pink Baby Booties Cake

Image Credit: wordpress

Beach Nautical Whale Sailing Baby Shower Centerpiece

Nautical Baby Shower Centerpieces

Image Credit: Etsystatic

Edible cake decorated with boots and flowers for baby shower centerpieces

Cake with Edible Booties

Image Credit: wordpress

Giraffe Design Of Edible Baby Shower Cake Toppers With Pretty Yellow Color

Giraffe-themed Decoration and Cake Topper

Image Credit: Moviesfriend

Pink bling diaper cake graced a table of its own

Pink & Bling Diaper Cake

Image Credit: Theoutlawmom

Safari Jungle and Monkey Diaper Cakes

Animal Safari Diaper Cakes

Image Credit: Etsystatic

Delicious Fruit Arrangements

Visit your grocer for colorful and delicious fruits. Your friends will appreciate having something healthy but sweet for their centerpiece. The use of fruits in baby shower decorations is an inexpensive idea. Fruits come in naturally bright colors that catch everyone’s attention. When arranged in a clear bowl or basket, you can be sure they will serve as fresh, appealing centerpiece. Use bananas, grapes, apples, pineapple, or oranges. If you don’t want to use real fruit, consider displaying fruit models. These plastic replicas will still provide amazing color combinations and add to your celebrations theme of life and growth.

Fruitbasket with beautifully crafted and colorful fruits

Colorful “Floral” Fruit Bouquet

Image Credit: Blogspot

Fruit stroller centerpiece for baby showers

Fruit Stroller Centerpiece

Image Credit: Toulastrailsidecafe

Baby shower fruit centerpiece with strawberries pawpaws grapes and pineapple

Baby Shower Fruit Centerpiece with Strawberries, Pawpaws, Grapes, and Pineapple

Image Credit: Shailenefan

Party platter fruit tray for your baby shower centerpiece ideas

Party Platter Fruit Tray

Image Credit: Montereymetshops

Perfect Fruit Arts Shown As Amazingly Beautiful Watermelon Decorations For Baby Shower Centerpieces

Carved Fruit Art Centerpiece

Image Credit: Groupleme

Popular Baby Shower Favors Centerpiece Ideas

Baby shower party favors can be used as centerpieces as well. Make the best use of the favors by placing them in a basket to make a layer of favors. Always use favors that guests can help themselves to. Some people prefer having mounted baby shower centerpiece ideas. This can be done by using favor boxes. Favor boxes can be purchased from craft stores or can be made at home. You can buy or create these boxes and paint them to fit your event theme colors.

cheap but beautiful baby shower favor ideas

Beautiful Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Image Credit: Kidsroomedea

Elephant Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Elephant-Themed Baby Shower Decorations

Image Credit: Beeshower

lime white baby shower theme africans baby shower decor

Train-themed Baby Shower Décor

Image Credit: Dogwoodmanorapts

minnie mouse favors for baby shower decoration ideas

Minnie Mouse Theme

Image Credit: Babyshowerdecorideas

Nautical Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Nautical Themed

Image Credit: Beeshower

Sport themed baby shower centerpiece ideas

Sports-Themed Centerpieces

Image Credit: Babyshowerideas

Different centerpiece ideas will work well according to the mother’s personality. The above baby shower ideas hopefully gave you some ideas on how to make her day extra special.

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