35 Ultimate Balloon Centerpiece Ideas For Weddings


Every wedding needs a fun element that can lift the tempo of the crowd and add elegance to the décor. These balloon centerpiece ideas show that with the right arrangements, balloons will add a touch of elegance and style to your event and will surprise your guests for their uniqueness. Amazing artists around the world are gaining notoriety for creating masterpieces with balloons. Decorating with stylish balloon arrangements in a wedding is a new trend. Whether you are planning a classy and subdued wedding atmosphere or a fun and vibrant one, these amazing balloon table decorations will fit perfectly.

Elegant Wedding Balloon Centerpieces

These unusual and stunning balloon table decorations will win your admiration instantly. They’re chic with high stylization or unique arrangements in a variety of subtle and bold colors. Combine them with candles, flowers, or Mason jar décor as the main centerpiece for the wedding party table or as a centerpiece for every guest table. Either way, these balloons will add class and extravagance!

Transparent Balloons with White and Crystal Design

Elegant White and Artistic Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Image Credit: afteryesweddings

Elegant White and Purple Wedding Balloon Centerpiece with Candles 1

Balloons Above with Floral Embellishments and Candles

Image Credit: orange-events

Elegant Love Red Wedding Balloon Centerpiece 1

Red Paper Lantern Balloons

Image Credit: new-weddingdesign

Elegant Golden and White Wedding Balloon Centerpiece 1

Golden Balloons and Décor

Image Credit: isteku

Elegant Frilled Wedding Balloon Centerpiece 1

Transparent Balloon Filled with Flower Petals or Papers

Image Credit: pinterest

Elegant and White and Pink Flowers Wedding Balloon Centerpiece

White Balloon with Floral Tail

Image Credit: unabodaoriginal

Elegant White Wedding Balloon Centerpiece 1

White Balloon, Floral Arrangements, and String Light Arches

Image Credit: pinterest

Elegant and Classy Pink Wedding Balloon Centerpiece

Balloons inside Balloons!

Image Credit: photosmile

Hot Air Balloon Centerpieces

When balloons aren’t enough of a decoration on their own, dress them up into quaint or sleek hot air balloon replicas! All you need is some netting and a basket of flowers or wedding toppers. Arrange the toppers in an empty basket to create a scene of the couple taking off into the sky for adventure. Hot air balloon creations are cutting edge in décor and will add the panache to your party.

Hot Air Pink Wedding Balloon Centerpiece

Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece with Floral Basket

Image Credit: crnobelo

Hot Air Blue and Sparkling Wedding Balloon Centerpiece

Paper Lantern Balloon Centerpiece

Image Credit: pinimg

Hot Air Outdoor Orange Wedding Balloon Centerpiece

Color Coordinated Floral and Hot Air Balloon Basket

Image Credit: cloudinary

Hot Air Candy Wedding Balloon Centerpiece

Designer Balloon with Snack Basket

Image Credit: potterybarn

Hot Air Elegant Wedding Balloon Centerpiece

Embellished Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloon

Image Credit: christyplata

Hot Air Beautiful Indoor Pink Wedding Balloon Centerpiece

Pink Paper Lantern and Floral Arrangement

Image Credit: britneykim

Hot Air Brown and White Wedding Balloon Centerpieces

Shaped Paper Lanterns with Hanging Baskets

Image Credit: weddingstar

Balloon and Flower Centerpieces

These balloons are lightly decorated and mostly on their tails. With simple color coordination and floral embellishments, these balloon centerpiece ideas add a cheerful, alluring ambiance to your event with less preparation.

White Balloon and Pink Flower Wedding Centerpiece

White Balloon with Floral Tail

Image Credit: pinterest

Yellow Balloons and Orange Flowers Wedding Centerpiece

Color Coordinated Balloons and Tassles

Image Credit: onewed

Glitter Minion Balloons and Flowers Wedding Centerpiece

Glitter Print Balloons with Tassels, Tablecloth, and Vases

Image Credit: nousdecor

Black Balloons and Red Flowers Wedding Centerpiece

Color Coordinating Balloons and Ribbon Tails

Image Credit: pinterest

Purple Balloons and Pink Flowers Wedding Centerpiece

Balloon and Flower Pompoms

Image Credit: wordpress

White Balloons and White Flowers Wedding Centerpiece

White Ghost Balloons with Golden Tassels at Golden Décor Table

Image Credit: lrss

Pink Balloons and Green Leaves Wedding Centerpiece

Flora Printed Balloons with Matching Runner

Image Credit: moderndame

Artistic Balloon Centerpiece Ideas

These balloons are arranged to form a fun shape, such as the bride and groom or a flower. Practice your balloon artistry with these room decoration and centerpiece ideas. Your guests will adore these creations almost as much as they do the couple!

Artistic Bride and Groom Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Bride and Groom Balloon People

Image Credit: wordpress

Artistic Bright Pink Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Balloon Arbor Idea

Image Credit: celebrateitballoons

Artistic Bride and Groom Incredible Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Balloon Bride and Groom

Image Credit: wordpress

Artistic Cute Bride and Groom Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Posing Bride and Groom

Image Credit: wordpress

Artistic and Simple Blue Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Balloon Shape Centerpiece

Image Credit: balloonscape

Artistic Pink and White Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Balloon Tower

Image Credit: balloon-wizard

Artistic Flower Yellow Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Balloon Flower

Image Credit: wordpress

Multi-Colored Balloon Centerpieces

As we’ve seen, some of the most pleasing balloon centerpiece ideas have used more than one color of balloon. Simply finding the right color combination can make the artistic statement you’re looking for. Leave them floating above the table or add streamers or ribbons for tails.

Multi Colored Yellow and White Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Complementary Pastel Balloons with Streamers

Image Credit: vedu

Multi Colored White Pink and Silver Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Pink Balloons with Printed Balloon Accents

Image Credit: winterbluemusic

Multi Colored White Purple and Red Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Balloon in Balloon Centerpieces

Image Credit: blogspot

Multi Colored Golden Blue Pink and Yellow Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Multi-Colored Golden, Blue, Pink and Yellow Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Image Credit: styleandthebride

Multi Colored Yello and Pink Dazzling Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Multi-Colored Balloons and Tassels

Image Credit: wordpress

Multi Colored White and Golden Balloon Wedding Centerpiece

Alternating Color Balloon Arch and Shapes

Image Credit: newkaliningrad

We hope these balloon centerpiece ideas will revolutionize how you view balloons and inspire you to use them as part of the classy décor at your wedding. They are easy to make and will cost less than other centerpiece ideas. Enjoy creatively arranging your designer or vibrant balloons and let the celebration begin!

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