35 Cute 1st Birthday Party Ideas For Girls


Here are some ideas to help you think of some cute and memorable 1st birthday party ideas for the little girl who holds a special place in your heart. Her smile makes you smile, and you do everything in your power to make sure she’s happy. Birthdays are such a special occasion for children, and their first birthday is even more important to parents. It is a day she might not remember, but you will cherish the memory for life.

These 35 birthday party themes should inspire you. If you are looking for something more general, check out our posts in the Birthday Decorations section.

Pink 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Pink is the color most little girls want to see everywhere. Pink themed party décor can be a perfect idea for your baby girl’s first birthday party. You can adorn your table with a slick pink tablecloth and pink decorations. You could have a candy counter and pink cutlery. Mixing pink with other colors to give it a unique look would also work perfectly. For themes, you can't go wrong with having a Hello Kitty or even a ballerina-themed pink table décor.

Pink Desserts and Tableware with Personalized Plates

Pink Chevron Patterned Birthday Table Decor

Image Credit: birthdayexpress

Baby Pink Dessert Table Decor

Pink and Pastel Dessert Table with Gift Boxes

Image Credit: blogspot

Ballerina Themed Pink Dessert Table Decor

Ballerina Themed Dessert Table

Image Credit: littlewishparties

Pink Vintage Themed Kids Snack Corner

Stylish Pink and Black Dessert and Drinks Table

Image Credit: thesweetpeachpaperie

Pink American Doll Birthday Dessert Table Decor

Pink and Red American Doll Dessert Table

Image Credit: chameleonjohn

Owl Theme

Owls are one of the cutest birds you can use in decorating. Setting up an owl themed party would add just that extra cuteness to your little girl’s birthday party. You could decorate your table with an owl themed cake and desserts. You could also make DIY wall hangings with owl faces or in the shape of an owl. You could use owl colors for your table runners. You could also use napkin rings with owl faces on them to complete your owl themed party décor.

Cute Owl Themed Cake and Candies BirthdayTable Decor

Cute Owl Themed Cake and Candies Birthday Table Décor

Image Credit: blogspot

Cute Owl Birthday Dessert Table Decor

Beautiful and Appetizing Owl Desserts

Image Credit: karaspartyideas

Birthday Table Decor with Owl Candies and Cake

Impressive Owl Cake and DIY Decorations

Image Credit: blogspot

Amazing Dessert Table with Owl Shaped Delicacies

Homey Dessert Table with Owl Shaped Delicacies and Gift Bags

Image Credit: blogspot

Owl Themed Birthday Dessert Table Decor

Owl Themed Cake, Gift Bags, and Cookies

Image Credit: wordpress

Princess Themed Party Ideas

Little girls all want to be pretty princesses, and we know they’re the princesses of your heart. For a princess theme, you could decorate the main table or dessert table with her princess cake princess themed decorations, and a princess’ gown styled tablecloth. Decorate the gift bags or table settings in royal styled papers and colors. To make your little girl’s birthday even more special, choose a cake with one of the Disney princesses or put a crown on the top of it.

Disney Princesses Themed Table with Birthday Cake

Disney Princess Dolls and Crowned Birthday Cake

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Royal Princess Themed Birthday Dessert Table Decor

Royal Princess Themed Dessert Table Decor

Image Credit: catchmyparty

Beautiful Once upon a Time Styled Birthday Table Decor

Beautiful Fairy Tale Princess Dessert Table

Image Credit: birthdaypartyideas4u

Princess Themed Snack Table for Kids

Pink Princess Party for Kids

Image Credit: kiddiesthemeparties

Princesss Gown Styled Dessert Table Decor

Princess’ Gown Table Cloth Dessert Table

Image Credit: nanopress

Cartoons and Animated Films

Even at such a young age, kids are fascinated with cartoons and animation characters. Make her day by decorating her party in her favorite cast of characters. Choose from Smurfs with their fluffy white hats to the bold and beautiful Rapunzel to Peppa the Pig to Veggie Tales.

Tangled Themed Birthday Snack Corner Decor

Tangled Themed Birthday Snack Corner Decor

Image Credit: birthdaypartyidea

Rapunzel Inspired Birthday Snack Table Decor

Tangled Dessert Table with Printout Cup Labels

Image Credit: wordpress

Tangled Movie Inspired Kids Gifts Table Decor

Full Tangled Buffet Table

Image Credit: festadeaniversario

Tangled Movie Lables at Birthday Snack Table

Tangled Movie Labels at Birthday Snack Table

Image Credit: blogspot

Angry Birds Themed Birthday Table Decor

Angry Birds Decked Cake

Image Credit: savethedateevents

Angry Birds Labled Candy Jars for Kids

Angry Birds Cutout Labels

Image Credit: ytimg

Amazing Angry Birds Inspired Birthday Dessert Table Decor

Amazing Angry Birds Dessert Table

Image Credit: photobucket

Little Smurf Figurines for Guest Table Decor

Smurf Figurines with Coordinating Table Décor

Image Credit: balikidsparty

Smurf Themed Kids Table Decor

Smurf Themed Kids Table Décor

Image Credit: segredosdavovo

Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Minnie Mouse has long been a favorite cartoon character for girls. You could decorate your cake table in her traditional black, white, and pink colors or craft DIY Minnie Mouse adornments for your table. You could make your dessert dandies in the shape of Minnie Mouse or wrap your sweets and other desserts in Minnie Mouse cutout papers. You could also give the kids Minnie or Mickey Mouse badges when they arrive.

Pink Minnie Mouse Inspired Dessert Table Decor

Minnie Mouse Dessert Table

Image Credit: happybeancoffee

Cute Birthday Dessert Table with Minnie Mouse Styled Candy Jars and Cake

Classy Minnie Mouse Dessert Table with Skirt Table Cloth

Image Credit: ytimg

Simple and Beautiful Table Decor with Minnie Mouse Themed Desserts

Minnie Mouse and Cake Pops

Image Credit: designpursuit

Stylish Minnie Mouse Themed Dessert Corner

Impressive Minnie Mouse Dessert Table with Personalized Poster

Image Credit: sforeillys

Simple Minnie Mouse Themed Snack Table Decor

Simple Minnie Mouse Décor with Large Cutout

Image Credit: sforeillys

Unique Girl’s Birthday Party Ideas

Since it is your girl’s very first birthday, you might be at a loss for how to theme it. If none of the suggestions above caught your fancy, here are some unique ideas for you to try.

Unique Circus Themed Dessert Corner

Bustling Circus Desserts

Image Credit: togally

Unique Pink and Blue Birthday Dessert Table Decor

Personalized Pink and Baby Blue Theme

Image Credit: amazonaws

Unique Vintage Themed Birthday Snack Corner Decor

Unique Vintage Style Table and Desserts

Image Credit: inspiresuafesta

DIY Birthday Snack and Sweets Corner Decor

Subtle Circus

Image Credit: happybeancoffee

Amazing Pink Polka Themed Birthday Table Decor


Image Credit: babyshowerdecorideas

Attractive Ladybug Themed Birthday Table Decor

Little Girl Lady Bug and Picnic Theme

Image Credit: happybeancoffee

When you are planning a theme for your daughter’s first birthday, you can base it on something they have shown a special interest in, base it on your daughter’s first year’s experiences and growth, or choose a cute theme that you particularly enjoy as her parents and family. You can experiment with vibrant colors and bold themes for a fun event or keep it simple and elegant for a beautiful celebration. For additional inspiration browse more birthday party ideas.

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