33 Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas


If you are planning the birthday party of someone special, think outside the box and try these Hello Kitty birthday party ideas. A Hello Kitty party theme will surely be a hit at little girls’ birthday parties. Even teen girls still love their adorable white kitty friend. Browse our complete guide to Hello Kitty birthday ideas so that you can make the most of this one-of-a-kind birthday party theme.

Hello Kitty Birthday Cakes

What is a birthday without a lovely cake? And when you have a splendid theme like Hello Kitty, you have your pick of some of the cutest birthday cake designs. You can choose a multi-layered birthday cake or a single layer cake. Just be sure to choose a cute Kitty-faced cake to fully complement your party’s theme.

Beautiful Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Beautiful Hello Kitty Birthday Cake For Table

Image Credit:  adkinsforsenate

Cute Hello Kitty Birthday Cake Design

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake with Marshmallows and Figurine Toppers

Image Credit:  adkinsforsenate

Beautiful Hello Kitty Rose Cake For Birthday Party

Elegantly Decorated Japanese-themed Cake

Image Credit:  rescake

Lovely Pink And White Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Lovely Pink and White Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Image Credit: blogspot

Hello Kitty Ice Cream Cake

Hello Kitty Ice Cream Cake

Image Credit: hudld

Drunk Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Funny Drunk Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Image Credit: cakecentral

Cute Hello Kitty Photo Cake

Perfectly Decorated Hello Kitty Photo Cake

Image Credit: blogspot

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Table Decorations

If you are throwing a Hello Kitty birthday party, complete the cake display with these lovely and whimsical table decorations. You can use balloon bouquets Hello Kitty scene setters, or create Kitty-shaped cut-outs.

Awesome table decorations with balloons and paper cut outs for Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Personalized Table Decorations with Balloons and Paper Cut-outs

Image Credit: blogspot

Lovely designs for Hello Kitty Birthday party decorations

Themed Partyware

Image Credit: linkcrafter

Sweets Table for Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Stuffed Animals and Toys

Image Credit: catchmyparty

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Decorations with Cake Toppers

Balloons, Cupcake Toppers, and Cut-outs

Image Credit: blogspot

Red Pink Hello Kitty Table Decorations

Red & Pink Hello Kitty Table Decorations

Image Credit: littlewishparties

Hello Kitty Party Favor Ideas

There is a rainbow of Hello Kitty party favors available, so you can easily whip up pretty favor-filled theme cups or treat bags filled with goodies. Spread a party favor platter on a big table as one of the party attractions. You can fill the reusable favor cups or bags with goodies like candy, toys, or rings play jewelry. Decorate the top with paper shreds and personalize each bag with the name of the receiver. With these tokens of your appreciation, your guests are sure leave with a big smile on their faces.

Party favor bags for Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Party Favor Bags

Image Credit: diyinspired

Hello Kitty favor cups for birthday party

Filled Favor Cups

Image Credit: saseso

Favor Bags for Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Decorative Favor Bags

Image Credit: lookatwhatimade

Hello kitty Favor Boxes

Favor Boxes

Image Credit: alicdn

Hello Kitty Buffet Table Ideas

You can set up a splendid buffet table for your Hello Kitty birthday party. There are ideas galore for buffet table ideas. You can also match the menu to the party theme. Hello Kitty designs fit well with all kinds of foods from sushi to sandwiches to cookies to patties. Plus you can also add in fruit salads and wholesome crackers for health conscious guests. And yes, make sure you serve them in Hello Kitty trays and bowls to further emphasize the party theme.

Red themed Hello Kitty buffet table idea

Patterned Tablecloth with Red Servingware

Image Credit: beyondthedecorations

Hello Kitty buffet table for birthday party

Full Hello Kitty Buffet Table

Image Credit: sweetsandlife

Hello Kitty Candy Buffet Table

Candy Buffet Table

Image Credit: simplisticcharmlinenrental

Hello Kitty Sweets Table

Hello Kitty Sweets Table

Image Credit: partybitzandpieces

Cute Hello Kitty Buffet Table

Decorated Buffet Table with Food, Desserts, and Party Favors

Image Credit: abbycreativedesigns

Hello Kitty Dessert Table Ideas

Desserts are a must for every birthday party. You can set a separate table for desserts and decorate a table full of Hello Kitty cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, berry delights, mousse, jellies, yummy chocolates, or candies. Kids and adults will both be pleased with this part of the party! Just make sure you let the kids get in line first at the dessert table. Add some amazing decorations to your dessert table to complete your outstanding birthday party layout.

Scrumptious dessert table for Hello Kitty birthday party

Scrumptious Dessert Table

Image Credit: goyocatering

Yummy dessert table for Hello Kitty birthday party

Yummy Dessert Table with Favors

Image Credit: blogspot

Hello Kitty Dessert Table for Birthday Party

Dessert Table with Cupcakes and Themed Chocolate

Image Credit: sweetsdelight

Yummy Hello Kitty Dessert Table

Varied Hello Kitty Dessert Table

Image Credit: seshalynspartyideas

Dessert Table for Hello Kitty Party

Fully Decorated Dessert Table

Image Credit: sweetsdelight

Hello Kitty Dessert Table With Cake CakePops Other Goodies

Dessert Table with Fruit, Goodies, and Favor Bags

Image Credit: googleusercontent

Cupcakes with Hello Kitty Toppers

Cupcakes with Hello Kitty Toppers

Image Credit: sweetsdelight

Hello Kitty Drink Table Ideas

Complete your party food ideas with these party drinks! Hello Kitty birthday party ideas for beverages include milkshakes, juice, flavored drinks, and soda. Depending on the weather, set up platters full of hot chocolate mugs or frosty milkshakes in glasses or cups. You can decorate the table with Hello Kitty stands, and the glasses with a printed Kitty on them. You can also buy themed bottled drinks as they are always a hit with kids. Use colorful drinks to further wow the kiddos.

Drinks table ideas for Hello Kitty Birthday party

Party Favor Bottles

Image Credit: blogspot

Hello Kitty Drinks for birthday party

Adult Beverages with Printed Glasses

Image Credit: macymarie

Milk Shake Bottles With Hello Kitty Stickers

Milkshake Bottles with Hello Kitty Stickers

Image Credit: catchmyparty

Hello Kitty Beautiful Bottle For Birthday Party

Coordinating Straw for Your Drinks

Image Credit: flickr

Hello Kitty Themed Water Bottles for Birthday Party

Printed Labels for Water Bottles

Image Credit: pinterest

Use these ideas to plan your next birthday party! These adorable and creative Hello Kitty birthday party ideas are sure to make for a wonderful and memorable experience for your child. These decorations are easy to make or set up with careful planning ahead of time. So put on your creative hats and see what you can do with these ideas!

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