35 Trendy Baby Shower Theme Table Runners


Baby shower theme table runners tie your entire party together as they explicitly showcase your theme and colors. And as such a beautiful and intricate part of the décor, table runners are one of the more fun party aspects to craft. Depending on the theme, you might be able to re-use your runner for children’s birthday parties, wedding receptions, or New Year’s gatherings.

You could also doubly impress your guest of honor by first crafting a wonderful table runner like the ones seen below, and then gifting it to her after the party

Runners with Ribbons

Ribbons have been an all-time favorite accessory when it comes to decorations. Be it birthday, baby showers, or Christmas, ribbons always bring a festive flair. Apart from their variety of colors, ribbons are one of the most economical and vibrant decoration accessories you can ask for. And now ribbons are not used only for highlighting gifts or creating bows, but colorful table runners too!

These DIY table runners are easy to make. Simply place them in a cross or diagonal angle to create interesting designs and patterns. Use as many colors and shades as you like for your party.

Pink, Yellow, and Purple Ribbon Table Runner

Attractive Multicolored RibbonTable Runners

Image Credit: Bright Settings

Monochromatic Ribbon Table Runners Theme

Shades of Blue Table Runner

Image Credit: Bright Settings

Ranibow Colored Ribbon Table Runners

Rainbow Ribbon Table Runner

Image Credit: Bright Settings

Burlap Runners

On the opposite end of the decorating spectrum is burlap table runners. The classic brown jute color adds a subdued, rustic appeal to your entire setup. Leave them as a neutral base for centerpieces or decorate them with stenciled prints, quilted ends, or lace edging.

Burlap Table Runner with Sage Centerpiece

Tasteful Burlap Table Runner

Image Credit: WordPress

Rustic Burlap Table Runners with Flower Centerpieces

Color Coordinating Burlap Runner

Image Credit: Pintrest

Gorgeous BurlapTable Runner with Pink Ribbon

Homey Burlap Table Runner with Pink Bow

Image Credit: Refineandrestore

Eye Catching Burlap and Chevron Table Runner

White and Blue Chevron over Burlap

Image Credit: Splendry

Beautiful Burlap Table Runner with Lime Green Theme

Burlap Runner Balancing White and Bright Green Décor

Image Credit: Blogspot

Appealing BurlapTable Runner with Bird Cage Centerpiece

Burlap Table Runner Forming Natural Colored Base for Centerpiece

Image Credit: Blogspot

Runners with Animal Prints

Are you hosting a baby animal, safari, zoo, or circus theme? Does the mother have a favorite animal? If so, animal print table runners are the perfect choice! A stylish celebration for momma or a cute baby shower for the soon-to-arrive little one can be seriously jazzed up with zebra, leopard, or giraffe prints.

Attractive Zebra Animal Print and Purple Theme Table Runner

Zebra Runner for Themed Décor

Image Credit: ThoughtFullySimple

Black and White Cow Animal Print Table Runner

Cow Print for Mother’s Milk Baby Shower

Image Credit: WordPress

Distinctive Animal Print Table Runners with Floral Centerpieces

Cheetah Print Table Runner

Image Credit: Kiokreations

Vibrant Orange and Zebra Animal Print Table Runner

Zebra Print Table Runner for Animal Safari Theme

Image Credit: Oinkety

Zebra Animal Print Table Runner on a Black Table Cloth

Zebra Print Runner with Animal Statue and Tableware

Image Credit: Blogspot

Chevron Table Runners

The chevron zigzag pattern can be a main feature of your decorating or an accent on your table runner. It’s a versatile pattern that can substitute for stripes, plaid, or polka dots with a more modern appeal. Choose any two or more colors and make the “stripes” as wide as you like. You could even vary the sizes of the stripes for a stylistic effect.

Blue Chevron Table Runner with Delicate Border

Blue Chevron Table Runner with Fleece Border

Image Credit: Prostone

Chevron Pattern and Childrens Book Table Runner

Black and White Chevron Runner

Image Credit: Blogspot

Pink and Blue Chevron Theme Table Runners

Pink and White Chevron Runner on Blue Tablecloth

Image Credit: ProjectNursery

Pink Chevron Table Runners for Girl Baby Showers

Pink Chevron Table Runner for Girl Baby Shower

Image Credit: Atozebracelebrations

Rustic and Modern Chevron Table Runner in Black White

Navy Blue Chevron Runner for Nautical Theme

Image Credit: Libertypartyrental

Yellow Chevron Table Runners with Lemon Centerpieces

Yellow and White Chevron Runners for Party Color Scheme

Image Credit: Squarespace

Runners with Polka Dots

An oldie but a goodie, especially for children’s birthdays or baby shower table runners ideas, is to place a polka dotted table runner on a solid colored tablecloth. Using your party’s colors, this will add a magnificent appeal to your dessert and guest tables.

Attractive Polka Dot Table Runner in Pink and White

Pink and White Polka Dot Table Runner

Image Credit: Blogspot

Bright Orange Colored Polka Dot Table Runner

Bright Orange and White Polka Dot Table Runner

Image Credit: Blogspot

Stylish Polka Dot Table Runner in Blue and White

Stylish Polka Dot Table Runner in Blue and White

Image Credit: Babyshowerideasbase

Vibrant Orange and White Polka Dot Table Runner

Red and White Polka Dot Table Runner

Image Credit: Blogspot

Baby Shower Table Runners with Prints and Quilts

Any type of fabric can look great as your table runner as long as it matches or complements your party’s theme and scheme. From classy to humorous to trendy, choose a print that you enjoy and let your guests appreciate it as much as you do. Or you could choose a variety of coordinating fabrics and quilt your table runner.

Abstract Printed Fabric Table Runner for Sophisticated Look

Abstract Printed Fabric Table Runner for Sophisticated Look

Image Credit: Lilpip

Bee Print Themed Table Runner in Dazzling Yellow Color

Bee Print Table Runner in Dazzling Yellow Color

Image Credit: Atozebracelebrations

Elephant Print Table Runner in Gray and White

Elephant Print Table Runner in Gray and White

Image Credit: Littlemisspartyplanner

Exclusive Animal Printed Fabric Table Runner

Quilted Fabric Table Runner

Image Credit: Simplyrealmoms

Floral Printed Table Runner in Black and White

Floral Table Runner in Black and White

Image Credit: Blogspot

Paisely Printed Table Runner with Bird Centerpiece

Paisley Table Runner

Image Credit: WordPress

Pretty Giraffe Printed Yellow Table Runner

Baby Giraffe Print Table Runner

Image Credit: Babytables

Paper Table Runners

Here’s the really creative section. You can make attractive and classy table runners by disassembling or tearing pages out of old books. Tape or glue the pages to one another somewhat haphazardly for a scattered paper look. For a baby shower, use pages from a book of poetry or children’s storybooks. As an alternative, use squares of wrapping paper for a mix of paper and quilted table runner styles. The best part about a paper table runner is that if they get torn or stained, its’s easy to cover that section with a new page or quickly remake the entire runner.

Artistic Old Pages Table Runner

Book Page Table Runner

Image Credit: Thoughfullysimple

Creative Childrens Story Book Table Runner

Children’s Story Book Table Runner

Image Credit: Agirlinparadise

Innovative Gift Wrapping Paper Table Runner

Wrapping Paper Table Runner

Image Credit: WordPress

Mesmerizing Green Baby Shower Table Runner

Paper Pattern Cutout Runner

Image Credit: Curricublog

With these baby shower theme table runners, your party will pull together as you and your friends pull together in support of the mother-to-be. Be as creative and crafty as you like, and enjoy!

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