37 Stylish Country Wedding Table Decorations


Weddings are always fun, but can you have country and classy? Of course! For all those country gentlemen and ladies, we proudly present our 37 favorite country wedding table decorations. These selections that will make you fall in love with wood, natural elements, and burlap! A country wedding is typically characterized by elements that lend a rustic touch to the venue and include features like birch wood slabs, burlap runners, twine wrapped candles and holders, and natural floral decorations. So, if you think you need some ideas for country table decorations, please do take a look below to get your creativity started!

Rustic Themed Country Wedding Table Decorations

Country table decorations in rustic tones have always been a favorite for lovers of nature. Rustic themed country weddings are in fashion and so you must take a look at some of the gorgeous table décor ideas others have employed for their big day. If you want to bring rustic accents to your wedding table, think first of burlap and twine. These two elements will definitely help you in achieving a cozy rustic look for your wedding tables.

Burlap and lace go hand in hand and there are numerous ways to deck tables using these two materials. You could wrap the candle holders in burlap and lace, or place burlap runners on the table and then finish the sides with lace. Wooden planter boxes too work wonders for creating a rustic appeal. You can put fresh flowers in these planters and use them as centerpieces. There are other rustic elements to add to the table, such as logs and slabs of natural wood or bark. Birch wood centerpieces can add to the fun and create a warm, elegant ambiance for the wedding tables.

A rustic birchwood vase with flowers on this country wedding table

A Rustic Carved Birchwood Vase on a Log Planter Bottom

Image Credit: hitched

This country wedding table looks charming with flowers placed over wooden slices

Burlap Tablecloth, Lace Runner, Log Section, and Bark Candles with Fresh Floral Arrangement

Image Credit: wikiembassy

Simple floral country wedding table decked with rustic birdcage

Patterned Burlap Table Runner with Birdcage and Floral Centerpieces

Image Credit: grandcentralparty

Rustic themed country wedding table decked up with wooden vase and burlap wrapped decorations

Natural Wood Slab with Wood Box Planter, Bottle Vases, and Decorative Candleholders

Image Credit: sndimg

Outdoor rustic country wedding table decor

Smooth Wood Table with Burlap Table Runner and Floral and Gourd Centerpieces

Image Credit: frokenturko

Stunning Country Wedding Table Decorations with Flowers

Country table decorations look authentic if you use wild or fresh cut flowers. Flowers form an essential part of any outdoor country wedding. Most weddings themed on the country or homestead farmland will often involve the use of flowers of various kinds. However, it’s not just placing a group of flowers together on tables that will do the trick. For a country themed wedding table, you need to combine and mix other elements in as well. These include wooden slabs, twine, candles, and lanterns.

If you look closely, you will see this host of images all bear an exclusive country look. All the wedding tables here are bedecked with lovely arrangements of flowers, wooden planters, slabs, and burlap. You can have orchids as your showstopper and can combine them with rustic wooden slabs and candle votive holders. Similarly, there are many other unique ways to spruce up your country wedding tables, such as using Mason jars, moss covered rocks, or farming supplies.

Gorgeous purple and white floral arrangement on a country wedding table

Cloth Flowers on Classy Country Wedding Table

Image Credit: casarurallietor

Flowers and chalkboard decor seen on this country wedding table

Flowers and Chalkboard Signage at an Outdoor Country Wedding

Image Credit: homedit

Beautiful floral decor on this country wedding table

Beautiful Floral Décor and Wooden Candle Lanterns on a Burlap Table Runner

Image Credit: agavedream

Stunning country wedding table decorated with yellow and white flowers

Wild Flowers in Varied Vases and Votive Candles on a Burlap Table Runner

Image Credit: decoratethetable

Romantic country wedding reception table decked with floral centerpiece

Romantic Country Wedding Reception Table Decked with Fresh Cut Flowers, Lit Tree Branches on Pole in Background

Image Credit: lalunarural

Exquisite Wooden Centerpieces

Here is an awesome collection of stylish wooden wedding centerpieces that you can try this wedding season. Wood is a universally loved feature at any country celebration. You can use slabs, log slices, pallets, or even single planks. Your country wedding tables can also feature carved or exotic wooden centerpieces like some of the ones we are showcasing below. Notice how unique each one of these pieces are.

For a nature themed country wedding table, try arranging flowers in wooden vases made by hand and without any finish. You can also arrange candles in Mason jars over wooden slabs and tie burlap or twine around them. Wooden planter centerpieces too look very warm, and there are numerous ways to decorate them. Wooden candle holders with tea lights will illuminate any corner of your table and look gorgeous.

Gorgeous wooden floral centerpiece on a country wedding table

Finished Wooden Planter Box on Lace and Burlap Runner

Image Credit: calierose

Gorgeous wooden centerpiece on a country wedding table

Burlap, Lace, and Twine Wrapped Mason Jar Vases and Log Sections on Burlap Runner

Image Credit: xogrp

Wooden slice centerpiece on a country wedding table

Mason Jar Vase on Wooden Log Section on Burlap Runner

Image Credit: thefirstyearblog

Astonishing wooden slab and candle lantern centerpiece

Candle Lantern and Wild Flowers on Log Section

Image Credit: weddbook

Rustic wooden box centerpiece

Rustic Wooden Box Centerpiece

Image Credit: homebnc

Wooden candle holder centerpieces on a country wedding table

Wooden Log Candle Holder Centerpieces on Lace Runner

Image Credit: weddbook

Rustic wooden vase centerpiece looks stunning

Rough, Unfinished Wooden Vase

Image Credit: onewed

Wooden slabs with mason jar decor on a country wedding table

Mason Jar with Floral Bouquet and Log Sections on Burlap Table Runner

Image Credit: weddbook

Country wedding reception tables decked up with wooden box centerpieces

Country Wedding Reception Table with Wooden Planters, Mason Jar Floating Candle Holders, and Fresh Flowers

Image Credit: squarespace

Appealing Country Wedding Table Decorations

These appealing wedding tables feature an artistic representation of various elements and features. All of these decorations can give you an earthly feel and help you feel closer to nature.

If you want to create a special feeling at the wedding table, make use of wood in unique ways rather than just as slabs or candle holders. For example, you can craft small wooden ring holders for the bride and her groom and place these as decorative features right next to your flowers or candles. A wooden chocolate box with heart shaped chocolates will also add a romantic touch to a wedding table.

Wooden ring box decor looks elegant with flowers

Wooden Ring Boxes for the Bride and Groom

Image Credit: alicdn

Gorgeous wooden chocolate box and floral vases deck up this country wedding table

Wooden Box with Shaped Notepads for Giving Advice to the Bride and Groom

Image Credit: modwedding

Charming country wedding recption table decor with wooden vase and picture

Charming Plank Vase Photos of the Bride and Groom

Image Credit: artegrandeguerra

Wooden log heart centerpieces on a country wedding table

Log and Heart Greenery Centerpieces

Image Credit: agavedream

Country Table Decorations Using Burlap

Burlap fits well in any country decorating scheme. It helps in lending a country feel to a wedding and can be used in different styles. If you love rustic, then combine burlap with wood in the form of burlap runners and wooden slab centerpieces. Or else, wrap candle holders or Mason jar centerpieces with burlap and twine. If you have a party favors table at your wedding, you can wrap planters in burlap and gift them as thank you favors to your guests.

A country wedding reception table looks gorgeous with flowers and burlap runner

Flowers in Rattan Basket on a Burlap Table Runner

Image Credit: wikiembassy

Exotic burlap plant wrap decor on a country wedding table

Burlap Wrapped Wild Flowers

Image Credit: etsystatic

Burlap accents lend a country feel to this wedding table

A Myriad of Table Decorations on a Burlap Runner

Image Credit: devotedweddings

Burlap and lace wrapped candle centerpieces for a country wedding table

Candle Holders Wrapped in Burlap and Lace with Twine Embellishments

Image Credit: pinimg

A stylish and wam looking country wedding table decorated with burlap accents

Wood Table Marker and Floral Arrangements on a Burlap Table Runner

Image Credit: allaboutweddings9

Country Wedding Table Decorations with Unique Centerpieces

Here are a few gorgeous country table centerpiece ideas that will make any country themed wedding a hit with guests. Centerpieces come in different styles, and when we are speaking about the country, it’s all about showcasing nature. For example, Mason jars can be used as lovely centerpieces when you decorate them with burlap and tie satin ribbons or twine around them. You can also have a variety of items, such as candles, votive holders and wooden pieces formed into attractive centerpieces for tables.

If you have a birch tree, you can make nice wooden vases out of the branches or trunk and use them as centerpieces filled with fresh flowers. You can also use old and rustic lanterns and fill them up with candles or tea lights. Iron candelabras on burlap can work well for a country theme.

Unique burlap wrapped flower vase centerpiece

Unique Burlap and Twine Wrapped Flower Vase Centerpieces

Image Credit: onewed

The flower decor compliments the use of burlap on this country wedding table

Burlap Table Runner Finished with Lace

Image Credit: pinimg

Stylish rustic vase and wooden slab centerpiece

Unfinished Wooden Vase with Clippings in Mason Jar on a Log Section

Image Credit: weddingguideus

Birch bark wooden vase centerpiece idea looks chic

Birch Bark Flower Vases on a Reclaimed Wooden Door Table

Image Credit: weddbook

Country Wedding Table Decorations Using Candles

Candles provide a warm and romantic feel to any country wedding reception decorations. For a country themed wedding table, you must think of unique ways to add candle décor instead of relying solely on time-tested placement ideas. Use your own creativity and think of innovative ways to incorporate candles, such as in the images shown below.

You can set tea lights in wooden slabs or cylinders as centerpieces. If you have wooden boxes, then you could arrange tea lights or small candles in them. Candles can also be arranged inside lanterns or Mason jars wrapped with burlap and lace. These jars can become charming table decorations for your country themed weddings.

Tea light wooden decor on a country wedding table

Tea Lights in Wooden Logs with Burlap, Twine, and Moss

Image Credit: insomniacattery

Love tea light candle holder centerpieces

Tea Light Candle Holders in Decorative Wooden Blocks

Image Credit: alicdn

Outdoor Wedding Table Ideas

Outdoor country wedding ideas such as these will make anyone fall in love with the countryside and all things that are close to Mother Nature. This includes flowers, greens, and wood. For any outdoor wedding that’s themed on country living, using flowers in various colors is a must as floral décor provides freshness and a feel of tranquility. You can arrange floral vases on top of burlap or lace runners for a vintage feel.

Iron lanterns filled with flowers or candles can help in creating a romantic feel all around the wedding venue. You can place these lanterns over tablecloths draped with burlap and lace. There is always the option of using wood as a décor element on your wedding tables. This is one option that will never fail and will always be admired by all.

Outdoor country chic wedding table decor

Outdoor Country Wedding Table in Lace, Produce Basket, Beehive Decanters, and Bottle Vases

Image Credit: cedarwoodweddings

Gorgeous outdoor country wedding table decor with lanterns wood and candles

Gorgeous Outdoor Country Wedding Table Décor with Lanterns, Wooden Planks, Fresh Flowers, and Burlap Tablecloths

Image Credit: pinimg

A romantic outdoor country wedding table embellished with wooden candle holders and flowers

A Romantic Outdoor Country Wedding Table with Bark Vases and Candle Holders

Image Credit: localbprintingandgraphicdesign

We hope these country wedding table decorations have provided some inspiration for your special event. Remember, natural is charming! You can’t go wrong with nature, and if you’re a homesteader or farmer, incorporate the lifestyle into your décor.

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