35 Stylish Mason Jar Wedding Ideas


Mason jars are extremely popular in the crafting world. You can decorate these simple yet highly functional jars with a range of décor elements in any design you can think of. Today, we are happy to give you some great ideas on using Mason jars for weddings. Yes, Mason jars can be one of the most beautiful and useful décor elements at your wedding! Read ahead to find out some extraordinary Mason jar wedding ideas!

Whimsical Mason Jar Wedding Favors

Don your creative hats and create an awesome favor table for your lovely guests. Mason jar wedding favors are a remarkable idea we came across. You can fill them with anything from cookies to chocolates to essential oils or perfumed herbal soaps as a token of love for your esteemed guests. And with the beautiful crafting job that you will do, your guests will love to take home such gifts as a special memento of your special day.

Decorated Mason Jar with Fruit Trifle Dessert

Pretty pink mason jar wedding favors

Image Credit: acakelife

Mason jar wedding favor idea

Decorated Jar Filled with Nuts and Popcorn

Image Credit: xogrp

Wedding Shower Personalized Mini Mason Jars

Mason Jar with Printed Label and Candy

Image Credit: hotref

Mason Jar Wedding Favors

Filled with Homemade Jams

Image Credit: thebridelink

Cookie Mix Mason Jar Wedding Favors

Cookie Dough Mix and Recipe Wedding Favor

Image Credit: xogrp

Mason Jar Candle Wedding Favors

Small Jar with Printed Tags and Candle Inside

Image Credit: gardentherapy

Diy Mason Jar Wedding Favors

Small Mason Jar with Candy and Personalized Inserts

Image Credit: weddingware

Interesting Mason Jar Table Settings

Mason jars are so versatile that you don’t need to be afraid to think outside of the box. Try using them for your guest table settings as not only a cute but practical application. Fill them with silverware and use smaller jars for glasses. Your guests will be delighted with the informal feel of your décor. Decorate each jar with different with ribbons or lace. Use wider mouthed jars to hold flowers or candles as your centerpieces.

Mason jar holding cutlery for a rustic table setup

Mason Jar Cutlery Holder

Image Credit: etsystatic

Colorful cutlery holding mason jars for wedding table

Bright Tableware and Glass Idea

Image Credit: brightsettings

Elegant Mason Jar Candle Votives and Centerpieces

Elegant Candle Votive and Floral Centerpieces

Image Credit: thefrenchbouquettulsa

Tropical Wedding Bouquets In Mason Jars

Tropical Wedding Bouquets

Image Credit: onewed

Mason Jar Candle Holders

You can decorate your Mason jars as simply or as extravagantly as you want. Depending on what you fill them with, they might not need any decoration at all. An exceedingly lovely idea is to use these jars as candle holders. Simply place jars on the guest tables with a lit candle inside it. The glow of the candle beaming through the glass exterior of these jars will exhibit a heavenly look. You can also opt for filling the jars with water halfway and placing floating candles inside.

Glowing candles in mason jars for a heavenly table setup

Glowing Candles in Variously Sized Mason Jars

Image Credit: hgtvhome

Candles in naked mason jars for a rustic look

Candles in Naked Mason Jars for a Classy, Rustic Ambiance

Image Credit: blogspot

Mason Jar Candle Holders with Sand

Candles on Sand and Seashells

Image Credit: guidepatterns

Mason Jar Candle Holder with Pale Aquamarine Tinted Glass

Candles in Tinted Glass Mason Jars

Image Credit: etsystatic

Spider Mason Jar Votives

Decorated Votive Candle Holder

Image Credit: modpodgeanddessert

DIY Sparkling Mason Jar Candle Holders

DIY Sparkling Candle Holders

Image Credit: skim

Appealing Mason Jar Centerpieces

You can decorate your Mason jars in a slightly more intricate fashion to create beautiful centerpieces for your wedding event. Fill a couple of demure Mason jars with glass beads, colorful rocks, flower petals, sand, glitter, or any other accessory that fits the theme of your wedding. You can use a contrast of small, medium, and large sized jars for artistic effect and let your creativity flow to the brim.

Light filled mason jar for a glowy wedding centerpeice

Battery Powered Lights and Ornamental Straw

Image Credit: etsystatic

Mason jar decorated with stones and lights for eccentric wedding centrepiece

Stones and Floating Candle

Image Credit: melindasweddings

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpiece

Floral Arrangements in Differently-sized Jars

Image Credit: loveinaMasonjar

Vintage Inspired Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

Floral Bouquet and Candles

Image Credit: decorcraze

Beautiful Mason Jar Flower Arrangements

Make beautifully quaint flower arrangements with the help of Mason jars. They can rightly serve as simple vases to showcase subtle or enormously dramatic floral arrangements. You can make use of single Mason jars or gather a couple of different sizes for a classy ensemble. Fill them with a single flower or a bouquet of blossoms, such as lilies, sunflowers, orchids, or wildflowers to add a dash of rustic charm to your celebration. Try anything, and it will most likely look fitting in Mason jar! There are no special rules or formula, so you are free to pepper the wedding decorations in any way you like. Your filled jars will be a delight!

Beautiful flower arrangement in mason jars for wedding table

Varied Flower Arrangements and Jars

Image Credit: Masonjarcraftsblog

Pink themed flower arangement in mason jars for wedding table

Pink and White Flower Varieties Alternating in Center of Table

Image Credit:  simpleflowerarrangements

Mason Jar Containing Flowers Decorated with Burlap Lace

Flowers and Burlap Lace

Image Credit: weddingware

Mason Jar Dessert Holders

Serve your wedding treat in style! Mason jars are used to store food, but they won’t store your desserts for long once your guests spot your appetizing display! Play the perfect host by serving delicious desserts in the most capricious way possible. Whether it is a lip-smacking fruit sundae, a yummy strawberry cheesecake, a sweet and flaky blueberry pie, or a creamy chocolate mousse, everything looks scrumptious in a Mason jar. Add to the charisma and fun of your event with these ideas!

Delectable desserts served in mason jars for wedding buffet

Delectable Desserts Served in Mason Jars for Wedding Buffet

Image Credit: wordpress

Appetizing dessert table setup with mason jars

Homemade Mason Jar Desserts

Image Credit: meetingsimagined

Mini desserts pecan pie mason jars

Mini Pies

Image Credit: cre8tivedesignsinc

Red Velvet Cheese Cake In Mason Jars

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Image Credit: venuelust

DIY Homemade Cookie Jar For Weddings

Cookie Dough and Recipe

Image Credit: unitedwithlove

Chocolate Brownie Trifle in Mason Jars

Cookie and Pudding Trifle

Image Credit: thedessertchronicles

Simple but Stylish Drink Holders

Mason jars bring the refreshing feel of the open-air country to complement any drinks table. You can use them as a perfect beverage, mocktail, or milkshake holder. Dress them up with ribbons, lace, or even tied flowers. And what better way to serve a drink than by fixing a lemon slice or a fruit slice at the brim of the container? Fill them with anything you like and add your flair with a unique decoration.

Soothing drinks served in mason jars for wedding buffet

Refreshing Drinks Table with Flavor Additives

Image Credit: partypalette

Drinks table setup with beverages and coolers served in mason jars

Mason Mugs for Refreshing Country Beverages

Image Credit: potterybarn

Cocktails Served in Mason Jars

Fun Cocktail Drinks

Image Credit: drinkstuff

Mason jar drinking jars with cherry lemonade

Mason Jars with Lids and Straws

Image Credit: pinkpolkadotcreations

Juices Served in Mason Jars

Bottled Drinks for Grab n’ Go Service

Image Credit: blogspot

With these practical and appealing Mason jar ideas for your centerpieces, table settings, wedding favors, and drink and dessert service, you’re sure to set the mood for a fun, extraordinary wedding celebration! Mason jars are inexpensive and can be put to good use by you or your guests for years.

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