39 Modern Table Candelabra Centerpieces


Candelabra centerpieces are gaining new popularity at weddings, receptions, birthdays, and other gatherings. A candelabrum resembles a tree whose arms are decorated with candles. It has multiple arms, each of which can accommodate many candles at one time. Today, we are covering 39 candelabra table centerpieces that are modern but with touches of renaissance and mid-century style. We will also show you a few inexpensive candelabra centerpieces that look grand but are easy on the pockets! Adorn your tables with these gorgeous candelabras and bring an alluring glow to your celebrations.

Crystal Candelabra Centerpieces on Wedding Tables

Nothing looks more stunningly elegant than crystal. Let hanging or stand candelabra sparkle like diamonds on your wedding tables to create a distinguished, romantic atmosphere. Browse these photos for style and placement ideas.

Tall, Stunning Candelabrum

Stunning crystal candelabra table centerpiece

Image Credit: fusionbollywood

Crystal candelabra with flowers as wedding table centerpiece

Crystal Candelabrum with Floral Arrangement

Image Credit: kimberlylace

Tall crystal candelabra wedding table centerpiece

Beautiful Crystal Candelabra on Wedding Ceremony Table

Image Credit: alicdn

Elegant crystal candelabra wedding centerpiece on table

Elegant Crystal Candelabrum

Image Credit: kimberlylace

White candles on crystal candelabra table centerpiece

Crystal Candelabrum and Floral Arrangement

Image Credit: linenandlacehire

Silver Candelabra Centerpieces

Silver platters and cutlery bring class to a table setting. How much more silver centerpieces? Wedding candelabra centerpieces in silver or with silver accents are chic in either white silver or vintage patina.

Elegant silver candelabra table centerpiece

Elegant Silver Candelabrum with Ornaments and Greens

Image Credit: pollen4hire

Stylish candelabra centerpiece in silver

Polished Silver Candelabrum with Crystal Necklace

Image Credit: event-perfect

Silver candelabra centerpiece with hanging crystals

Vintage Candelabrum with Floral Arrangement

Image Credit: floralevents

Black silver candelabra with hanging crystals centerpiece

Black Silver Candelabrum with Hanging Crystals

Image Credit: apexgulfport

Exquisite silver candelabra centerpiece with hanging crystals

Exquisite White Silver Candelabrum

Image Credit: alicdn

Gorgeous silver candelabra centerpiece

Mid-century Silver Candelabrum

Image Credit: cloudfront

Silver candelabra centerpiece decorated with crystal garlands

Silver Candelabrum with Crystal Garland

Image Credit: laurelweddings

Modern metal silver candelabra centerpiece

Stylish Modern Silver Candelabrum

Image Credit: alicdn

Vintage silver candelabra centerpiece

Elegant Silver Candelabrum Centerpiece

Image Credit: glameventssa

Inexpensive Candelabra Centerpieces

Achieve the extravagant look without paying extravagantly. A number of online stores offer exquisite decorative centerpieces for reasonable prices. From alluring vintage candelabra pieces to silver and gold plated centerpieces, you will be amazed at what you can find. Visit reputable sites like eBay and amazon for authentic candelabra centerpieces at economical prices.

Cheap glass crystal candelabra centerpiece

Glass Candelabrum Centerpiece

Image Credit: koyalwholesale

Cheap aluminium candelabra centerpiece for wedding tables

Aluminum Candelabrum

Image Credit: ebayimg

Five arms golden candelabra table centerpiece

Five-armed Golden Candelabrum

Image Credit: alicdn

Cheap silver plated wedding table candelabra centerpiece

Silver-plated Candelabrum Centerpiece

Image Credit: dhgate

Beautiful metal candelabra wedding table centerpiece

Ornate Metal Candelabrum

Image Credit: edmontonweddingplace

Ghost Candelabra Centerpieces

A ghost candelabrum looks rather ‘ghostly’ for its transparent base. Many designers, such as Jon Russell, are creating these new table decorations with sleek and almost unseen bases to showcase the candles and embellishments more fully. They are perfect for creating an enchanting evening outdoors or for dimmed dinner tables.

Stunning ghost candelabra centerpiece for wedding table

Subtle Ghost Candelabrum

Image Credit: glameventssa

Beautiful ghost candelabra wedding table centerpiece

Ghost Candelabra Centerpieces for a Subdued Wedding Reception

Image Credit: calibar

Stylish ghost candelabra wedding table centerpiece

Stylish Low Ghost Candelabra

Image Credit: madeindesign

Tree Candelabra Centerpieces

Tree candelabra centerpieces are modern and unique with their more natural appearance. A tree candelabrum made of wood, wrought iron, bronze, or concrete will be an intriguing feature at any table. Place candles or perforated lamp shades in silver or gold over such centerpieces.

Iron tree candelabra centerpiece for wedding table

Iron Tree Candelabrum with Winter Green Embellishments

Image Credit: lauraclaredesign

Ivory tree candelabra wedding table centerpiece

Blossoming Tree Candelabrum

Image Credit: best-decor

Acacia tree candelabra centerpiece in silver

Silver Acacia Tree Candelabrum with Animal Figurines

Image Credit: liveauctiongroup

Driftwood Candelabra Centerpieces

Another natural spin on the candelabrum is the driftwood design. Choose light or dark wood, store-bought or DIY. Shown below are some trendy driftwood candelabra centerpieces that you can use to adorn your dining table, or coffee table. Use them for your rustic weddings or birthday gatherings as well.

Modern driftwood candelabra table centerpiece

Modern Driftwood Candelabrum Centerpiece

Image Credit: etsystatic

Dark driftwood candelabra centerpiece

Detailed Dark Driftwood Candelabrum

Image Credit: essentiallymom

Three pillar driftwood candelabra centerpiece

Driftwood Candelabra Arrangement

Image Credit: etsystatic

Tall driftwood candelabra centerpiece

Coral-style Driftwood Candelabrum

Image Credit: shopify

Bronze Candelabra Centerpieces

Bronze is the most masculine material for candelabra centerpieces. They fit best with dark woods or black décor. Bronze candelabra tend to be very modern in design and highly stylized. Use them sparingly and with complementary furniture and decorations.

Modern bronze candelabra centerpiece

Squat, Modern Bronze Candelabrum

Image Credit: etsystatic

Exquisite dragon bronze candelabra centerpiece

Exquisite Bronze Dragon Candelabrum

Image Credit: img1

Bronze candelabra with Renaissance style

Intricate Bronze Dog Candelabra

Image Credit: newel

Brass Candelabra Centerpieces

Brass candelabra, like bronze, can look extremely contemporary and stylized. Or, like crystal and silver, they can be classy with a bright sheen. Brass candelabra are also often the simplest in design as seen on many nightly dinner tables and in Protestant churches. Easily shaped, brass is the most versatile material for candelabra.

Tree of life brass candelabra centerpiece

Tree of Life Brass Candelabrum Centerpiece

Image Credit: etsystatic

Gold plated brass sculpture candelabra wedding centerpiece

Gold-plated Angel Brass Candelabrum

Image Credit: alicdn

Brass candelabra centerpiece with perforated silver lamp shades

Classy Brassy Candelabra with Lampshade Dimmers

Image Credit: celebrationsgroup

Unique Modern Candelabra Centerpieces

For the chicest candelabra, try polystone, wire, wrought iron, or tree branch designs. Craft your own modern candelabra with concrete molds, preserved tree branches or driftwood, or Worbla plastic.

Small concrete candelabra centerpiece

Polystone Candelabrum and Candle Holder

Image Credit: panik-design

Modern black metal candelabra table centerpiece

Wrought Iron Black Candelabrum and Candle Holders

Image Credit: blogspot

Stylish mega candlestick candelabra centerpiece

Stylish Wire Candelabrum

Image Credit: illumsbolighus

Alluring modern branch candelabra centerpiece

Alluring Tree Branch Candelabrum

Image Credit: apartementlifestyle

From classy to unique, these modern table candelabra centerpieces are sure to deliver style to any celebration or gathering. Bring the formal candelabra out for special occasions and showcase the unique art pieces for everyday use. Have fun finding the best deals on inexpensive glass or aluminum candelabra or try your hand with concrete or Worbla!

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