37 Exquisite Mason Jar Christmas Centerpieces


With Christmas around the corner, it is time to think about decorations, and Mason jar Christmas centerpieces are an all-time favorite not only for appearance but also for cost. Mason jars a country staple for Christmas decorations, and you can use them in a variety of ways to turn your table from drab to fab.

These humble looking jars can double as eye-catching works of art using a little imagination and thoughtfulness. Whether you want to make Mason jar Christmas lights or Christmas gifts, there is no dearth of ideas to put these jars to good use.

Here we provide our list of unique ideas that will inspire you to put on your creative cap and turn ordinary looking jars into exquisite Christmas creations. Choose an idea from this list of 37 inspirations to make this year’s holiday season even more memorable for your family and friends.

Beautiful Table Decorations

Keeping the festive fervor in mind, your table decorations for Christmas should be lively as well as functional. Choose a color theme to make the table appear more elegant. Cover the table with plain or patterned linen depending upon the mood you want to create. Use Santa or reindeer printed linen if you enjoy a more whimsical celebration. For an elegant and sophisticated appearance, use plain linen in light shades.

Variously Sized Mason Jars with Candles on Table Runner

mason jar table decoration 1

Image Credit: nanobuffet

christmas table decorations

Dessert Settings with Snowman Decorated Beverage Jars

Image Credit: mytechref

christmas table decoration

A Wonderful Christmas Tablescape with Frosted Mason Jars and Candles

Image Credit: hertoolbelt

mason jar table decoration9 e1480764421593

Candle-lit Mason Jar Place Decorations

Image Credit: craftshub

mason takes center stage in this decoration 1

Mason Jar Décor Display

Image Credit: annsatic

christmas centerpiece

Candles in Mason Jars Nestled in Bed of Greens

Image Credit: pinterest

christmas centerpice mason jar 1

Two-tier Jar Candles and Greens Centerpiece

Image Credit: mytechref

mason jar candles4

Candle-lit Jars with Accent Greenery

Image Credit: hometiles

Easy DIY Centerpieces

An assortment of filled jars of different sizes is a great idea for beautiful centerpieces. You can place them on a glass or wooden tray depending on the overall look of your table. Use stars, mistletoe, or other miniature decorations to make the centerpiece more attractive. If your table is large enough, lay a wreath or pine branch bed down and place candle-lit jars in the center of it.

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mason jar christmas centerpiece2

Decorated Candle-lit Jars with Décor on a Bed of Bark

Image Credit: bendut

mason jar christmas decorations

Jar Candles and Winter Greens in Decorative Wood Box

Image Credit: kirklands

mason jar centerpiece

Stone and Candle Filled Jars on a Bed of Faux Twigs

Image Credit: jacarandaliving

Red and white christmas centerpiece

Painted Jars with Christmas Décor

Image Credit: blogspot

beautiful mason jar centerpiece

Red and White Centerpiece Ensemble

Image Credit: mommyinsports

mason jar centerpieces

Character Painted and Decorated Centerpiece Gifts

Image Credit: bauergathering

Mason Jar Candle Lamps

While candles have their unique appeal as a decoration and lighting means, placing it in a Mason jar will enhance its charm even more. You can paint the jar with Christmas inspired patterns or tie a ribbon or wrap around it to lend it a unique look. No time to paint? Decoupage leaves or tissue paper along the walls of the jar! Maple leaves would look just lovely, depending on your climate.

Another idea for Mason jar centerpieces is to fill the jar halfway with water and light a floating candle in it. Don’t forget to add rose petals around the candle for added charm. Remember to bunch of two or three jars together for maximum effect.

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maple leaves lined maosn jar

Maple Leaf Lined Jars with Candles

Image Credit: sparkandchemistry

mason jar decorated with lace

Frosted Glass and Lace Jar Candles

Image Credit: konstadin

mason jar christmas centerpice

Fake Snow and Candle Jars

Image Credit: blogspot

mason jar candle

Floating Candle and Fruit

Image Credit: mommyinsports

mason jar centerpieces5

Pine Cone and Candles with Jute Bow

Image Credit: diychristmasdecorations

String Jar Lights

Mason jar Christmas lights can add a touch of warmth to any space. The soft glow of string lights goes a long way in creating an enchanting ambiance. Choose between single colored lights or multi-colored strings according to your style. Here are some ideas for setting up the effect.

mason jar christmas lights 2

String Lights Flowing Down Row of Jars

Image Credit: snydle

mason jar christmas lights2

Battery-powered Mini Strings

Image Credit: aliexpress

Mason Jar Flower Vases

Arranging flowers in jars is an obvious but still uncommon option. You can go with traditional seasonal blooms like green ivy, red poinsettia, pink hyacinth, or tulips in accordance with your color scheme. A combination of red roses and fresh white Freesia will certainly stand out with Christmas cheer. Use red painted jars with green leaves for an easy arrangement. To give a more classy impression with Mason jar table decorations, paint them in metallic colors.

mason jar red christmas centerpiece

Painted Gloss Red with Ribbon and Traditional Flora

Image Credit: pinterest

mason jar decorations 1

Christmas Colors and Candies

Image Credit: etsy

gold painted christmas vases

Painted and Glittered Flower Jars

Image Credit: classyclutter

maosn jar as vase

Plain Jar Showcasing Decorations and Faux Flowers

Image Credit: imanada

Christmas Scene Decorations and Gifts

Make your snow globes or Christmas scene models. They are easy to make, and your guests will love studying the miniatures you place inside. Consider making them as personalized gifts for friends or extended family. You’ll have fun creating them, and your loved ones will cherish them every year they decorate their own homes. To make a snow globe, fill the jars with a miniature Christmas tree or snowman and add white glitter to a mixture of water and glycerin.

mason jar snow globe 1

Miniature Nostalgic Christmas Scene

Image Credit: itallstartedwithpaint

beautiful maosn jar snow globe

Upside Down Winter Scenes

Image Credit: pureella

mason jar snow globe3

Snowman and Santa Mason Jar Snow Globes

Image Credit: annsatic

mason jar christmas globes

Nativity and Nostalgic Scenes with Images Pasted to Jar Walls and 3D Miniatures

Image Credit: pazzles

mason jar globes

Stuffed Snowmen in Fake Snow

Image Credit: annsatic

Gift Ideas

You can create magnificent Mason jar Christmas gifts on a modest budget. Make them in bulk for easy gifting. Fill the jars with chocolates, candies, cookies, marshmallows, or soup and baking mixes. You can also exhibit your cooking skills and churn out jams or pickles as gifts. Add personalized labels to the jars describing its contents and decorate them as much as you like.

Apart from eatables, you can fill your gift jars with homemade scrubs, bath salts, or potpourri blends. With these ideas, your loved ones can enjoy the scents of the season all year round.

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mason jar christmas gift

Colorful Marshmallow Gift

Image Credit: rusticweddingsupply

Reindeer christmas gifts

Reindeer-themed Milk Balls

Image Credit: blogspot

Beautifully decorated christmas gifts

Painted and Decorated Candy Jars

Image Credit: kastyles

pretty looking christmas gifts

Coordinating Decorations and Fillings

Image Credit: youtube

mason jar christmasgifts5

Cookie Mix Gifts

Image Credit: blogspot

mason jar christmas potpourri

Potpourri Blend

Image Credit: flowermanager

snowman christmas gifts

Filled Snowman Jar

Image Credit: kastyles

These creative Mason jar Christmas centerpiece, decoration, and gift ideas are very simple to execute but extremely eye-appealing. Try out any of these ideas this Christmas and delve into the festive spirit!

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