35 Beautiful Easter Centerpieces Ideas


Easter centerpieces have three related but distinct themes to draw on: the Resurrection of Jesus, the spring season, and traditional children’s festivities.

Easter is one of two pinnacle holy days (holidays) celebrated by Christians worldwide. Without the arrival of Christ as celebrated on Christmas, Jesus couldn’t have died and been raised for the forgiveness of our sins. Without His resurrection as celebrated on Easter, His coming would have been near meaningless. By rising from the dead, Christ defeated death and allowed our spirits to enter Heaven when we pass.

And though it sounds like a grim affair, Christians acknowledge this day as a victory for all humanity. The timing of Easter is also fortuitous as spring is the season in which nature rises from its winter sleep and blossoms into new joy and victory.

Along with the spring season comes baby bunnies and chics, the source of our famous Easter bunny and Easter eggs.

With so many joyous themes in mind, let’s see what creations we can craft for our centerpieces.

Peeps Centerpieces

You either love these marshmallowy candy treats or you hate them. But no one can deny how cute they are. And they’ll look wonderful as a part of your centerpiece. As Peeps come in different shapes, you can use a variety of the little animals to create a scene on your table. Or arrange them in different colors in a jar for a colorful display or bunnies or ducks.

Peeps, Jelly Beans, and Flowers

Easter Centerpiece Ideas with Colorful Peeps

Image Credit: pinterest

Pink Peeps Easter Centerpieces Ideas

Flowers and Matching Peep Embellishments

Image Credit: funtime

Beautiful Yellow Peeps Easter Centerpieces Ideas

Peeps and Lemonhead Floral Centerpiece

Image Credit: stylenotes

Yellow and Pink Easter Table Centerpiece

Colorful Floral and Candy Display

Image Credit: blogspotc

Stunning Colorful Peeps Easter Decorating Ideas

Candy and Flowers

Image Credit: dvamolotka

Chocolate Centerpieces

Chocolate centerpieces are a little more difficult. They might get eaten! But if you can ward off your family and guests – not to mention yourself! – you can create some amazingly cute displays with chocolate bunnies and mini eggs. Create a scene of bunnies gathering eggs, smelling spring flowers, or nuzzling noses. They’ll be a hit! And after dinner, you can allow them to be a part of the dessert.

Chocolate Bunny Easter Table Decoration

Chocolate Bunnies and Eggs

Image Credit: crnobelo

Happy Easter Chocolate Bucket Easter Centerpieces

Decorated Chocolate Bunny in Gardening Theme Centerpiece

Image Credit: blogspot

Mason Jar and Chocolate Bunny Easter Centerpieces Ideas

Mason Jar and Chocolate Bunny Easter Centerpiece Idea

Image Credit: countryliving

Easter Chocolate Bunny Delight

A Chocolate Bunny Family

Image Credit: blogspot

Chocolate Bunny with Strawberries Easter Centerpiece

Chocolate Bunny and Strawberry Edible Centerpiece

Image Credit: pinterest

Decoration Arrangements

These singular Easter table centerpieces feature elements of spring nature: nests, eggs, young flowers, and greenery. Don’t be afraid to bring the outside inside, and open the windows for a light, fresh ambiance.

Artistic Egg Nest Easter Table Centerpieces

Floral Nest in Vase Centerpieces

Image Credit: blogspot

Artistic Bunny in a Nest Easter Table Centerpieces

Naturally Decorated Eggs and Detailed Bunny in Natural Basket with Fresh Sprigs

Image Credit: fashionguide

Artistic White Easter Table Centerpieces

White Centerpiece with Fresh Floral Table Settings

Image Credit: betweennapsontheporch

Artistic Easter Table Centerpieces with Kettles

Fresh Flora Tea Party Centerpiece

Image Credit: dreamies

Artistic Egg Tree Easter Table Centerpieces

Live Branch and Tastefully Decorated Egg Ornaments

Image Credit: trendnet

Easter Table Centerpieces with Candles

As Christ and the sunshine light up the season, a beautiful centerpiece can light up your table. Surround the candles with bunnies, eggs, or fresh flowers to fully express the season’s festivity.

Easter Table Decorations with Candles and Bunnies

Candle Centerpiece with Miniature Flowers, Bunnies, and Eggs on a Bed of Green Growth

Image Credit: quotesgreetings

Easter Tablescape With Bunnies and eggs 1

Egg Candles and Easter Bunnies on Greens

Image Credit: crisvallias

Easter Table Centerpiece with Candles and Eggs

Candle Eggs and Fresh Flowers

Image Credit: vcvetah

Easter Centerpiece with Colored Eggs and Candles

Upside Down Wine Glasses with Nested Easter Eggs and Candles

Image Credit: paaseastereggs

Beautiful Easter Table Centerpiece with Eggs Flowers and Candles

Egg Candle Centerpiece with Candy Eggs and Flowers

Image Credit: wordpress

Natural Easter Decorating Ideas

Here are more exquisitely natural spring spring centerpieces using broken eggs, carrots, branches, and nests. Remember that even broken eggs and chewed burlap or fencing can make great decorating pieces as they show signs of spring life.

Natural Easter Table Centerpiece with Blue Eggs

Eggshell and Floral Centerpiece

Image Credit: deavita

Natural Easter Table Centerpiece with Sprouting Eggs

Colored Eggs with Sprouting Blossoms

Image Credit: homeest

Natural Easter Table Centerpiece with multi colored eggs

Decorative Egg Nests with Live Branch Accompaniments

Image Credit: crnobelo

Natural Easter Table Centerpiece with Multiple Baskets

Candy Basket Centerpiece with Real Nest and Flowers

Image Credit: lauravirginia

Natural Easter Table Centerpiece with Carrots and Flowers

Carrot and Flower Vase with Real Eggs and Greens

Image Credit: blogspot

Easy Centerpieces for Easter

Most of the centerpieces so far have been DIY-friendly, but these are especially so. You can even allow your children to participate in the creation for authentic charm. These ideas involve gathering flowers or decorating your own Easter eggs. Be as simple or as elaborate as you want!

Simple and Easy Easter Table Centerpieces

Fresh Flowers in Vases with Dyed Easter Eggs in Baskets

Image Credit: wenderly

Easy DIY Eggs and Flowers Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Dyed Easter Eggs and Floral Arrangement

Image Credit: crnobelo

Easy Colored Eggs Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Dyed and Spray Painted Easter Eggs

Image Credit: crisvallias

Easy Painted Eggs Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Multi-colored Dyed Easter Eggs

Image Credit: images-amazon

Easy Polka Dots Eggs Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Patterned Easter Eggs

Image Credit: spatrendonline

Colorful Easter Centerpieces

Even the classiest of homes deserves colorful spring centerpieces for Easter. Bring in the cheer with at least one vibrant color and watch your family light up with excitement.

Colorful Eggs and Flowers Easter Table Centerpiece 1

Colorful Eggs and Flowers Centerpiece

Image Credit: likeasaturday

Colorful Yellow Flowers and Eggs Easter Table Centerpiece 1

Bright Yellow Floral Arrangements

Image Credit: marthastewart

Colorful Yellow Pink and Golden Easter Table Centerpiece 1

Kid’s Place Setting with Decorations, Gifts, Candies, and Colored Tableware

Image Credit: 123rf

Colorful Eggs in Pots Easter Table Centerpiece 1

Dyed Eggs in Flower Pots

Image Credit: paaseastereggs

Colorful Eggs in Mason Jar Easter Table Centerpiece 1

Plastic Egg Flowers in Painted Mason Jar with Colorful Tablecloth and Ware

Image Credit: orientaltrading

Celebrate the holy day holiday extravagantly with one of these spectacular Easter centerpiece ideas. From natural décor to plastic eggs and Peeps, you have your choice of style. Try your hand at making your favorite idea above, and we’re sure you’ll be victorious!

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