35 Innovative Centerpiece Ideas for Coffee Table Decoration


Centerpiece ideas for coffee table coffee table decorations are as varied as your tastes. And instead of suggesting the standard floral and candle arrangements, we’ve tried to find some unique and innovative ideas for you to try out.

Coffee table centerpiece ideas should be interesting to look at since they occupy such a prominent position in your living room. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, see if any of these appeal to you.

Fruit Bowl Centerpieces

Fruit bowls aren’t for the counter or dining room table alone. Place a decorative bowl of fresh, colorful fruit on the coffee table for a pleasing, edible display. Rotate seasonal fruit to complement the changing weather.

Unique wooden fruit bowl coffee table centerpiece idea

Decorative Wooden Bowl with Fresh Fruit

Image Credit: decoist

Diy Coffee Table With Fruit Bowl Centrepiece

Shaped Metal Fruit Bowl

Image Credit: vaaspe

Mermaid ceramic fruit bowl centerpiece for coffee table

Ceramic Mermaid and Waves Bowl

Image Credit: aliimg

Coffee Table Decor With Large Vintage Carved Wooden Fruit Dish

Wood Carving Fruit Bowl

Image Credit: etsystatic

Sculpture Centerpieces

Sculptures are particularly unique table centerpiece ideas as they are no longer a popular art form. An abstract metal, clay, or stone sculpture will be an appealing and mesmerizing center of attention.

Timeless sculpture centerpiece for coffee table

Abstract Metal Sculpture

Image Credit: decoist

Unique sculptures as coffee table centerpieces

Stylized Stone Sculptures

Image Credit: rubylane

Unique owl sculpture and wooden pot as coffee table centerpieces

Decorative Ceramic Sculpture

Image Credit: apartementlifestyle

Unique white foot sculpture centerpiece for elegant coffee table

Head and Foot Sculptures

Image Credit: blogspot

Unique hand sculpture with flowers as coffee table centerpiece

Hand Flower Pot Sculpture

Image Credit: apartementlifestyle

Unique rabbit bust sculpture centerpiece for coffee table

Rabbit Bust Sculpture

Image Credit: decorpad

Unique white sculpture and printed tray as coffee table centerpieces

Human Bust

Image Credit: nellhillsblog

Decorating Small Coffee Tables

Luckily, you don’t need a lot of space to add a pleasing bit of décor. Leave room for your coffee or tea by placing a pillar candle, a single flower vase, or a stack of books off to the side of the table.

Unique candleholder centerpieces for small coffee table

Unique Pillar Candleholder Arrangement

Image Credit: cyberwheeling

Innovative small coffee table decor with beautiful tray and other decorative pieces

Dried Floral Bouquet and Assorted Decorations

Image Credit: kadaveediya

Unique Round And Small Black Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

Decorative Finds

Image Credit: pandorcharmsale

Innovative books shoes and floral centerpiece ideas for small coffee table

Books, Shoe, and Floral Arrangement for the Stylish Traveler

Image Credit: lushome

Unique small coffee table decor with rustic pot

Vintage and Antique Display

Image Credit: inesblank

Flowers and Candles

Redecorate your table with a different approach to floral and candle centerpieces. You’ll still enjoy the scents, the freshness, the warmth, but the appeal will be in a different look. Go rustic or vintage, oversized or exotic. Have you ever had a bonsai tree? Try your hand at a coffee table version!

Innovative coffee table decor with brass candleholders and flower vase

Vintage Floral and Candle Décor with Table Runner

Image Credit: evenflowdave

Beautiful glass candleholders with dark tray as coffee table cenetrpieces

Chic Glass Candleholders

Image Credit: apeemotion

Antique candleholder and designer jug as coffee table centerpieces

Unique Candleholder and Pitcher

Image Credit: bethdegroen

Ornately carved candleholders and flower bouquet as coffee table centerpiece

Antique Vase and Candleholders

Image Credit: sndimg

Innovative coffee table decor with huge flower pot books and white tray

Oversized Floral Display with Grow Light

Image Credit: yacineaziz

Figurine Centerpieces

Do you have a favorite animal? Enjoy cherubs? Are you comfortable celebrating the human body with nudes? Figurines show your style and personality as well as a painting or photograph but has the added appeal of serving as an alternative centerpiece idea.

Eye catching Lladro Nude Figurine as coffee table centerpiece

Nude Female Centerpiece

Image Credit: blogspot

Unique blue ceramic pigeon figurine as coffee table centerpiece

Pigeon Figurine

Image Credit: dphtrading

Unique flower vase and boy figurines as coffee table centerpieces

Playful Boys Figurine

Image Credit: googleusercontent

Innovative white ceramic reindeer and glass jar as coffee table centerpiece

Personified Reindeer Figurine

Image Credit: notonthehighstreet

Beach-inspired Centerpieces

If you’d rather be at the beach, bring the beach home with shells of varying shapes and colors, boat-shaped bowls or trays, and corals. Include lighthouses, sand art, or mermaid décor to fit your taste.

Unique wooden centerpieces for coffee table

Seashell Decorations

Image Credit: wordpress

Stunning beach inspired coffee table decor with a basket full of shells

Seashells and Glass Bottle

Image Credit: sndimg

Sea themed coffee table decor with a boat and hourglass

Boat Pot Filled with Seashells

Image Credit: mohawkflooring

Creative coastal inspired coffee table decor with rattan basket and conches

Seashells and Candles

Image Credit: sndimg

Demijohn and Vignette Centerpieces

Demijohns are unique, stylish, centerpiece ideas. New or vintage, they’ll add a classy appeal to your living room. Combine them with wicker baskets, wine cases, or decorative wine glasses. Or create a vignette with themed decorative pieces, such as a conch, lighthouse figurine, and sand art grouping for a coastal theme.

Unique demijohn Vignette as coffee table centerpiece

Unique Demijohn Centerpiece

Image Credit: blogspot

Demijohn vignette with glass candle jar and green balls

Demijohn Vase with Wicker and Tropical Theme

Image Credit: blogspot

Creative coffee table vignette with shells wooden tray and shell embossed holder

Oceanside Vignette

Image Credit: blogspot

Unique vignette with flowers for coffee table decor

Vintage Vignette

Image Credit: blogspot

Metal Centerpieces

Wrought iron, brass, steel wire, and bronze are all stylish, masculine choices. Candelabras, baskets, bowls, and sculptures are options with these metals. Pair them with flowers, candles, or figurines to marry masculine and feminine decorating styles. Add a sophisticated touch with beads, pebbles, or stonework.

Unique boxwood bush in metal planter as coffee table centerpiece

Metal Planter Display

Image Credit: southernfriedgal

Stunning golden vases as coffee table centerpieces

Empty Brass Vases as Decorative Items

Image Credit: cheermemore

Which of these ideas do you want to try? From brass to boats, demijohns to dolls and figurines, the possibilities are nearly endless. Vintage or modern, flowers or nudes, these centerpiece ideas for coffee table decorations will keep you supplied with ideas every time you want to change your décor.

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