35 Impressive Valentine Centerpieces Ideas


Love will be in the air in only a few days’ time, and for celebrating this special day, here are 35 Valentine centerpieces to get you inspired. For most of us, Valentine’s is the day when we can shower all our affection on our loved ones, and it shouldn't stop when setting the table. For inspiration, browse through this collection of ideas we have gathered. From glam floral to simple paper decorations to candle vignettes, there are a multitude of romantic table settings you can add to create more of a spark in the heart of your Valentine this year. And don’t forget to add one of these Valentine table decorations!!

Impressive Floral Valentine Centerpieces

Imagine Valentine’s without flowers Dull, boring, and unromantic, right? If you want to take your sweetheart on a fragrant journey while you sit cozily, savoring champagne and your favorite treats, then flowers are a must. When setting a romantic dinner, flowers set the stage and, therefore, are included first in our list. But don't limit yourself to the arrangements here; we also have inspirational resources for floral centerpieces that you can adapt for this Valentine’s. Flowers, whether roses or lilies, look extremely elegant and can be used as main centerpieces on your Valentine’s table. You can arrange a variety of flowers together in a simple mason jar or in the form of a bouquet. Vases can be used to create something vibrant or simple, depending on your tastes.

Pink rose centerpiece for Valentines

Image Credit: trendymods

Discreet Pink Flowers and Greens on a Bed of Petals

Glamorous floral black vase Valentines centerpiece

Wild and Passionate Valentine’s Centerpiece

Image Credit: katienormalgirl

Pink floral Valentine table centerpiece 1

Explosive Bouquet of Love

Image Credit: wordpress

Cute Pomander flower ball Valentines centerpiece

Simple Pomander Flower Ball

Image Credit: ytimg

Impressive Homemade Ideas

When we want touch the heart of the most important person in our life and brings tears of joy to their eyes, the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with homemade decorations and delicious foods made with love. With hundreds of ideas published on the internet, it can sometimes be hard to narrow down the options to something that you and your romantic partner will most like. The images we are presenting below show a number of items that can all be crafted at home and are actually very simple.

Homemade floral Valentine centerpiece with ribbons and toffies

Homemade Floral Valentine’s Centerpiece with Ribbons and Candies

Image Credit: girlsonit

Easy heart Valentines centerpiece

Easy Decorated Pop-up Heart

Image Credit: goplilu

Homemade Valentines jar with branches and paper hearts centerpiece

Natural Love Branches and Paper Heart Ornaments

Image Credit: shelterness

Sweet candy jar Valentines centerpiece 1

Sweetly Decorated Candy Jars

Image Credit: blogspot

Valentine centerpieces with hearts

When celebrating the day of love, hearts are a natural theme, both in the choice of decor as well as dessert. Heart decorations are popular for adorning not only dinner tables, but console tables and mantles for a full-room ensemble. Heart centerpieces can be made of foam, paper, or cardboard. You can arrange twigs in a jar and attach heart cutouts on them as seen above. For a more glamorous look, try spreading your tables with ruffled or paper hearts. Any homemade heart centerpieces you create will impress your loved one with your thought and care.

Tower of hearts Valentines centerpiece

Tower of Cardboard Hearts

Image Credit: consumercrafts

Big red heart Valentines table centerpiece 1

Stuffed Heart and Lace Centerpiece

Image Credit: picofile

Red white and pink heart decorations on Valentines table 1

Paper Heart Decorations with Ribbons for Hanging or Table Décor

Image Credit: notonthehighstreet

Queen of hearts themed Valentines centerpiece 1

Queen of Hearts Tablescape

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Valentine’s Centerpieces with Balloons

Balloons are not meant only for kiddos! You can use balloon decorations as part of your Valentine’s gifts or on your party tables. Printed balloons add a sense of fun to your event and can express your meaning just as well as a card. Imagine tying a balloon to a basket filled with a soft teddy bear or tied to a decorated jar of chocolates. Tie a balloon around your wine or champagne bottle to signify how your Valentine lifts your spirits. Shiny balloon bouquets in red, pink, silver, and black also look very appealing and can be a tasteful substitute for flowers or crafted items. For additional decoration ideas, view all of our Table Decoration Ideas.

Cute teddy and balloon Valentines centerpiece

Cute Teddy and Balloon Valentine’s Centerpiece

Image Credit: party-balloons4you

White heart balloon Valentines table centerpiece 1

White Heart Balloon Formal Party Centerpiece

Image Credit: vcmedia

Zebra printed balloon centerpiece on Valentines party table

Zebra Balloon Centerpieces for Valentine’s Party

Image Credit: pourfemme

Gorgeous pink balloon Valentine centerpiece

Red and Pink Valentine’s Bouquet Centerpieces

Image Credit: photobucket

Floral balloon Valentines centerpiece

Flowers and Balloon Centerpiece with Decorated Candy Jar Accents

Image Credit: mobtada

Floating Flowers and Candles

Floating candles are an elegant touch for your Valentine’s décor. Such candles are classy, subtle, and bathe your Valentine’s event in a warm glow. Floating candles in glass bottomed jars or bowls, coupled with colorful flowers look astonishing but discreet. For a simple yet stylish Valentine’s table décor, place red or white floating candles in a flat glass dish peppered with a few rose petals. However, if you want to show a little more extravagance, you can arrange heart shaped floating candles in exotic orchids and lilies. The centerpieces showcased below will make you want to experiment with your own pairings!

Long glass floating candle Valentines centerpiece

Tall Glass Floating Candle Centerpiece.

Image Credit: weddingparty99

Heart shaped floating candle Valentine centerpiece 1

Heart-Shaped Floating Candle in Glass Dish

Image Credit: lunalucerna

Red rose floating candles centerpiece on Valentines table

Red Rose Floating Candles in a Glass Display Bowl

Image Credit: wpengine

Valentine Decorations with Candles

There is something romantic about the dim flickering light that comes from a candle, and you can place them almost anywhere. They can be arranged in a holder or in glass jars, as a centerpiece or as random points of light throughout the room. Candles can be used in so many different ways, they are only limited by your imagination. And, of course, you can’t have a candlelit dinner without candles!

Sweet candy and candle in glass Valentine centerpiece

Candle and Candy Centerpiece

Image Credit: girlsonit

White candles in a glass jar centerpiece on Valentines table

White Candles in Vase Centerpiece

Image Credit: homegalgen

Candles on golden tray centerpiece on Valentines table 1

Candles on Golden Tray and Rose Petal Bed

Image Credit: bryllupsklar

Valentine Chocolates and Cupcakes

Valentine table centerpieces can also be made of yummy chocolates and cupcakes. Here are some very appetizing ideas that use real chocolates as decorations. For a gorgeous Valentine’s table, you can also arrange a bouquet of embellished cupcakes or simply drizzle fresh strawberries and fruits with chocolate and arrange them in a bowl or tray as centerpiece. You can arrange wrapped chocolates as decorative pieces all over the table to add fun to the décor. A chocolate fondue station with fruit or other candies is another sure hit.

Cute cupcake bouquet Valentines centerpiece

Cute Cupcake and Candy Bouquet

Image Credit: wordpress

Heart topped cupcake Valentines centerpiece idea

Heart-topped Cupcakes

Image Credit: edgesuite

Glamorous heart shaped chocolate decor on Valentine table

Extravagant Heart-shaped Chocolate Décor

Image Credit: houzmagz

Pink cupcake centerpiece on Valentines table 1

Cupcake Heart Cutouts and Milkshakes

Image Credit: googleusercontent

Charming Decorations

You can find inspiration anywhere, and we have scoured the internet for only the best ideas out there. In this section, we look at vignettes. A vignette is a small collection of personalized items such as books, novels, personal journals, perfumes, candies, and flowers that are arranged together to display a theme. For example, if you want to add a vintage theme to your Valentine’s table décor, make a vignette in of white roses, a pearl necklace, vintage bracelets from your jewelry collection, and a ceramic vase on a tray or a wooden box. For a romantic evening, vignettes with champagne glasses, bottles, and floral arrangements look wonderful. Vignettes can be personalized absolute stunners that will make your special person’s heart flutter!

Awesome Valentines chocolate and card vignette centerpiece

Chocolate and Card Vignette Centerpiece

Image Credit: blogspot

Ceramic figurines on tray Valentines centerpiece

Ceramic Figurine and Floral Vignette

Image Credit: whim-inspired

Amazing tree with hanging balls and books Valentines centerpiece

Decorated Floral, Art, and Literature Vignette

Image Credit: blogspot

XOXO hearts and floral Valentines vignette centerpiece

Valentine’s Vignette with Full Décor and Desserts

Image Credit: ellerydesigns

Golden heart shaped gift boxes vignette Valentines centerpieces

Heart-shaped Gift Box Vignette

Image Credit: blogspot

Trees and Branches

Branches and miniature trees look very chic as decorations. For a very stylish look this Valentine’s Day, try using real branches or twigs and decorate them with homemade or decorations or hanging candies. You can also buy faux trees or branches and decorate them with red ribbon, heart ornaments, or other accessories that portray your feelings of love and care. You can also carve your names in a larger branch and keep it as a reminder of your year together.

Tree Valentine centerpiece idea with paper hearts

Miniature Tree Decorated with Paper Craft

Image Credit: thechicsite

Beautiful Valentine tree centerpiece on table

Decorated Valentine’s Mini Tree

Image Credit: rushdelivery

Red and white Valentine branch centerpiece

White Branch Centerpiece with Homemade Ornaments

Image Credit: stylishtrendy

Your Valentine’s Day centerpiece can’t look ordinary if you’re trying to cast your love spell on that someone special! Make the day or evening worth remembering with your own take on the inspirational examples above!

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