31 Pretty Dessert Table Designs


Get ready to be inspired by the absolute prettiest of the pretty dessert table designs that will help your dessert table succeed in hogging the limelight at your wedding or Christmas party! These days, a dessert table is no longer an add-on to the main table that we see at weddings or any party. It has become an artistic corner for guests who crave their sweet somethings and keep hovering around to enjoy the décor you’ve put up for everyone to see. Seen below are some cool collections of dessert table designs to offer you some new insight.

Pretty Table Designs by Ruby Ju

If you want to stylize your dessert table, you can take advantage of the ideas of experienced designers, one of whom being the very famous Ruby Ju of Australia. Her company can make the most boring and traditional dessert tables look festive and grand by bringing table designs to its customers that are innovative and very pleasing to the senses. From using a pastel décor in many to placing exotic bonbonnieres that are significantly different than your usual candy boxes seen placed on tables to designing such elegant centerpieces that are surrounded by exotic cakes, lollies, and flowers you have rarely even imagined in your dreams, Ruby Ju can make your wedding or Christmas celebration a memorable occasion that everyone will remember!

Pretty dessert table design with pinwheel decorations

Pretty Dessert Table Design with Pinwheel Decorations

Image Credit: typepad

Vintage purple and green dessert table design

Vintage Purple and Green Dessert Table Design

Image Credit: staticflickr

Christmas dessert table design with white accents

Christmas Dessert Table Design in White and Cream

Image Credit: blogspot

Cute farm yard dessert table design

Cute Farmyard Dessert Table Design

Image Credit: staticflickr

Pretty Dessert Table Designs by Martha Stewart

The name Martha Stewart rings bells, doesn’t it? She is a well-known celebrity interior specialist. Apart from giving interior consultancies, she has also written many best-selling books on dessert table decorations. Her style and dessert table ideas are classy and in sync with the present needs of homemakers. From dessert tables adorned with the choicest of cakes and desserts to those that incorporate the use of pastels, reds, and blues in heavenly combinations, Martha Stewart has revolutionized the way your dessert tables can look these days.

Dessert table design with sumptuous spread of sweets and cakes

Outdoor Dessert Table Design with a Sumptuous Spread of Sweets and Cakes

Image Credit: marthastewartweddings

Colourful dessert table design

Colorful Dessert Table Design

Image Credit: marthastewartweddings

Pretty Dessert Table Ideas by Leo and Bella

Another Australian boutique that offers A to Z party planning, right from choosing the correct accessories to taking care of details like menus to table décor is the famous Leo and Bella Store that has swept the world of table decorating in a big way. Table designs offered by the store are simply mesmerizing with pretty pinks and pastels featured beautifully in table settings. From offering the best of floral arrangements to arranging savories systematically, Leo and Bella has become a popular brand as far as table décor is concerned. One pleasing dessert table idea showcased below is called Tiffany and it uses shades of black in its scheme. The look of this décor is antique and the black box centerpiece definitely looks like a showstopper!

Pretty pink themed dessert table design

Pretty Pink Themed Dessert Table Design

Image Credit: pinimg

Tiffany themed dessert table design

Tiffany Dessert Table Design

Image Credit: littlewedhen

Fruit flavored dessert table design

Fruit Flavored Dessert Table Design

Image Credit: wordpress

Stunning bow themed dessert table design

Creative Bow Themed Dessert Table Design

Image Credit: blogspot

Pretty Dessert Table Decorations in Pastels

Pastels soften the the decor of any party, especially on dessert tables. Pretty pinks and peaches or light blue hues can all enhance the look of a sweets table. You can select pastel colored cakes, cupcakes, or covered pretzels and arrange them over light peachy tablecloths to bring elegance to the décor. Other shades that can work very well for pastel themed tables are light yellow, cream, orange, and mauve. The backdrop too can have decorations in pastel shades as seen in the images below.

Pretty pastel themed dessert table decor

Pretty Pastel Themed Dessert Table Décor

Image Credit: littlecakeparty

Vintage pastel dessert table idea

Vintage Pastel Dessert Table Idea

Image Credit: tinyme

Pink pastel dessert table decor with pink cake

Pink Pastel Dessert Table Décor with Pink Cake

Image Credit: marabous

Pastel unicorn and rainbow dessert table decor

Pastel Unicorn and Rainbow Dessert Table Décor

Image Credit: amyatlas

Pretty Dessert Table Decorations in Gold, Mint, Blush, and Black

If you wish to accentuate the elegance of your tables, try using shades of gold, mint, blush, and one very unusual color to go with these tones – black. Golden tones can be splashed on candies, flower bouquets, bonbonnieres, and on almost any accessory that you can visualize. Mint too looks very feminine and is perfect if you are hosting a baby shower or an outdoor tea party.

Blush and gold cake decor on dessert table

Blush and Gold Cake Décor on Dessert Table

Image Credit: happywedd

Pretty mint gold and blush dessert table setting

Pretty Mint, Gold, and Blush Dessert Table Setting

Image Credit: weddingchicks

Pretty dessert table decor with gold and black accents

Pretty Dessert Table Décor with Gold and Black Accents

Image Credit: wordpress

Table Designs and with Signature Party Drink Arrangements

Why always arrange dessert tables with candies and sweets? You can be a little different and opt for such dessert tables with beverages instead. If you have thought about any signature drink to be served to your guests at a party, try adorning your dessert tables with colored bottles and decanters full of your kind of drink. Smoothies and cold drinks can be set out along with your savories.

Cheerful dessert table design with pink bottled beverage and cupcakes

Cheerful Dessert Table Design with Pink Bottled Beverages and Cupcakes

Image Credit: blogspot

Pretty dessert table design with drinks. cookies and cupcakes

Pretty Dessert Table Design with Drinks, Cookies, and Cupcakes

Image Credit: candybuffet

Pretty Dessert Table Ideas in the Nautical Theme

Kids love nautical themed birthday parties, and the dessert table designs shown below will help you plan your kid’s birthday patty around this awesome idea. The dessert tables can be embellished with ships, boats, compasses, anchors, sea creatures, lighthouses, and coastal décor, and can have blue, sandy, and aquamarine tones in the mix. Yummy treats like chocolate balls and cupcakes can bear the imprints of sailors while you can have a lighthouse centerpiece standing right in the middle of your sweets table. You can use a myriad of textures and prints for a nautical themed party.

Pretty blue nautical themed dessert table design with boats

Blue Nautical Themed Dessert Table with Sailboats

Image Credit: popsugar-assets

Red and blue dessert table decor with nautical theme

Red and Blue Nautical Dessert Table

Image Credit: tinytotsevents

Pretty Dessert Table Designs with “A Bun in the Oven” Theme

These days, there are plenty of designs you can choose from for decorating your dessert tables, of which bun in the oven theme looks surprisingly different and very chic. The myriad of colorful hues you can add when adorning tables with this sweet theme will make you swoon. For example, in the images showcased below, the pastels and reds blend perfectly to create awesome dessert tables. For this theme, you can create a handmade oven, and inside, place cookies and other treats that you wish to display. You can also have a table that’s carved to resemble an oven and arrange your beverages along with treats.

Baby shower dessert table design with bun in the oven theme

Baby Shower Dessert Table Design with a “Bun in the Oven” Theme

Image Credit: popsugar-assets

Colourful bun in the oven themed dessert table decor

Colorful Bun in the Oven Dessert Table Décor

Image Credit: blogspot

A bun in the oven themed dessert table design

A Bun in the Oven Themed Dessert Table

Image Credit: partyplanningconnection

Pretty Dessert Table Designs with Owls

An owl theme works well for kiddy parties and baby showers as much as it works with adults. Owl props can be placed atop cakes, or the treats can bear images of these cute birds in various hues. You can also adorn the tables with nests and candy eggs and even treat bags with images of owls. Owl themed birthdays are loved by young tots and are perfect for pastel baby showers

Pretty owl decorations on birthday dessert table

Pastel Owl Decorations on a Birthday Dessert Table

Image Credit: blogspot

Pretty pink dessert table design with owl decorations

Pink Dessert Table Design with Owl Decorations

Image Credit: cakeappreciationsociety

Pretty yellow and blue owl themed dessert table decor

Yellow and Blue Owl Themed Dessert Table for a Baby Shower

Image Credit: popsugar-assets

Pretty Rustic Dessert Table Decorations

Rustic table décor has a charming appeal all its own. For country living, farming homesteads, quaint and old-fashioned homes, try using wooden slabs, back pieces, fresh flowers, burlap, and lace for creating a rustic look. Crates and old boxes can be utilized for adorning rustic themed dessert tables.

Pretty outdoor dessert table with rustic flavour

Pretty Outdoor Dessert Table with a Rustic Flavor

Image Credit: tinyme

Rustic Easter dessert table setting

Rustic Easter Dessert Table Setting

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Pretty rustic dessert table with burlap and wood decorations

Rustic Dessert Table with Burlap and Wood Décor

Image Credit: wordpress

Pretty rustic western dessert table decor

Rustic Western Dessert Table Décor

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

These pretty dessert table designs are appealing each in their own way. Choose one by a famous designer, according to a color scheme that you like, a certain theme, or go country!

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