35 Beautiful Christmas Tablescapes Ideas


If you are searching for awesome Christmas tablescape ideas to brighten your (holy day) holiday tables, here we are with an exquisite collection of 35 charming tablescapes. Add to the Christmas celebration by decking up the tables? Table decoration forms an integral part of Christmas preparations and planning. A well laid out tablescape becomes the cynosure among all the features in a festive home. You can decorate both your coffee and dining tables tastefully. These gorgeous table setting ideas are perfect for helping to bring in the festive spirit of the season.

Exquisite Christmas Tablescape Ideas using Gorgeous Tablecloths

Christmas tablescapes can vary widely in style. To lend a unique touch to your celebrations, tablecloths in various hues and patterns can be laid out on the holiday tables. If you have a neutral dining area, there are a number of ways to stylize it, such as with a vintage looking Christmas tablecloth or tablecloths in red and white tones with motifs representing the wintry season or iconic Christmas characters.

Vintage white Christmas tablecloth

Vintage White Christmas Tablecloth

Image Credit: teamne

Red checkered tablecloth decorated on the Christmas table

Green Tablecloth with Large Red Checkered Table Runner

Image Credit: teamne

Green polka dotted table cover looks cheerful and very festive

White Tablecloth with Green Polka Dot Table Runner

Image Credit: homegoid

This Christmas tablescape looks grand with a red patterned tablecloth

Exquisite Red Patterned Tablecloth

Image Credit: okmarkt

Gorgeous Christmas Tablescape Ideas using Lights

The Yuletide season is all about lighting up your part of the world to spread cheer and warmth. What can be better than having tables that are well lit and ready to begin the festivities? This season, it’s all about ‘lights… lights and lights’! Lighting up the tables using candles, luminaries, or lamps is the perfect way to add a glimmering touch to your holiday tables. From decking up candles in various styled votive candles to placing sconces to using gingerbread house lamps to embellishing the table with stars and illuminated trees, there are endless options you can try. Take a look at these awesome table setting ideas for a delightful tablescape.

Stunning Christmas table decor well lit up using lights

Stunning Christmas Table Décor Lit with String Lights and Candles

Image Credit: betweennapsontheporch

Lit up white mason jars on a wooden log offer the perfect ambiance

Frosted Mason Jar with Candle on a Natural Wooden Slab with Greenery

Image Credit: hertoolbelt

Creative lit up house decoration on christmas table

Lighted Village Models

Image Credit: betweennapsontheporch

Golden warm lamp decor

Christmas Tree Shaped Candle Lanterns

Image Credit: homedepot

White Christmas tablescape with flowers and lit up candles

Elegant White Christmas Tablescape with Flowers and Candles

Image Credit: hgtvhome

Stunning White Christmas Tablescapes

Throughout ages, people celebrating the Yuletide season have always preferred using white accented tablescapes for a classier Christmas. Can you guess why? White signifies purity of soul. Christmas is a time for merrymaking and spreading love among friends and family, and there cannot be a better color than white to represent the feeling of innocence and being accepted. And, of course, white is associated with snow, a very iconic element of the season. White tablescapes lend an ethereal touch to your décor and can be used in different ways. A winter wonderland Christmas table with white as the predominant shade is always the queen of all decorations.

The Christmas table looks elegant in white candles and flowers

White Christmas Tablecloth, Plates, Napkins, Candles, and Flowers

Image Credit: h-cdn

A gorgeous table with golden and white accented decorations

White Tablecloth, Plates, Napkins, Placemats, and Table Decorations

Image Credit: justasmidgen

A white winter wonderland Christmas tablescape

A White winter Wonderland Christmas Tablescape

Image Credit: blogspot

Glamorous DIY Christmas Tablescapes

How about trying DIY decorations this year? Home crafted items add charm to any table, and the ideas showcased below are all simple and quite easy to assemble! With these Christmas tablescapes, your family and guests are sure to be impressed. You can collect pinecones from your backyard and place them in a bowl or piled on a tray to create a centerpiece out of them. Or for another natural accent idea on your tables, use plenty of pine needles and place them as mats over which you can assemble ornaments of different colors. Likewise, your old Mason jars can be turned into lovely decorations in the form of luminaries or vases.

This DIY Christmas table is decked with pine cones mason jars and candles

Natural Christmas Tablescape with Pinecones and Branches

Image Credit: diys

DIY black and gold origami Christmas tree decoration

DIY Black, White, and Gold Origami Christmas Tree Decorations

Image Credit: blogspot

Burlap table runner looks romantic with natural elements

Burlap Table Runner with Natural Greens and Mini Flower Vase

Image Credit: diys

DIY gingerbread house decoration

Homemade Gingerbread Houses with Faux Snow and Candies

Image Credit: ytimg

This chocolaty Christmas table looks warm with candles and planters

Chocolate Colored Christmas Table with Mini Pinecones, Sprigs, and Styrofoam Planters

Image Credit: diys

Pleasing Christmas Tablescapes with Figurines

If you want the Yuletide fever to spread to everyone in your home, then think about embellishing tables using the iconic Christmas figurines as centerpieces. You can use a Nativity set as your centerpiece, illustrating the birth and adoration of Christ, or you can use Santa, Rudolph, and Frosty the Snowman. Sacred or secular, these figurines can play a significant role in creating a rich and cozy ambiance. The Christmas tablescape ideas shown below are best suited for traditional tablescapes but look very artsy as well.

Cute Santa figurines decorated to lend fun to this table

Cute Santa Figurines Embellishing the Table

Image Credit: homegoid

A gorgeous reindeer miniature figurine

Miniature Reindeer Figurine Welcoming Guests to Their Place Setting

Image Credit: asmsrv

Red angel figurine and candles on Christmas table

Cherub Figurine on a Romantic Christmas Table

Image Credit: homesfeed

Alluring Christmas Table Setting Ideas with Gift Boxes

You can use your holiday tablescapes to illustrate the spirit of the giving season with gift boxes. Apart from having a giant Christmas tree with an array of gifts underneath, you can also place full-sized or mini presents on your dining or coffee tables. They can be empty or contain actual gifts. Playing ‘Secret Santa’ is a favorite game associated with Christmas and with this idea, you can play the game sitting next to each other after dinner. Place beautifully wrapped presents on the table and your guests will never be happier when they open up their presents after tucking in a sumptuously made meal!

A Christmas gift centerpiece

Natural Moss Covered Gift Box Centerpiece

Image Credit: hgtvhome

Elegant red and golden accented Christmas gift box decoration

Elegant Red and Gold Gift Box Decorations

Image Credit: blogspot

A lavish Christmas table setting with cute gift boxes set over dinner plates

Table Settings with Gifts Awaiting Guests

Image Credit: hozamcentrum

Cute Christmas Tablescape Ideas using Natural Elements

The coziness that nature and its myriad elements bring to a décor is unparalleled by any other feature. Natural elements help add an earthy touch to your décor, and so are very popular. The tablescapes for Christmas shown below have utilized natural tones and accessories to bring in a sense of warmth and freshness. A woodland themed festive table serves best when you are a nature lover. For incorporating this theme, you must have natural accessories like twigs, pinecones, greens, and logs of wood. Many DIY crafts make use of natural accents as gathering these accessories are easy and obviously inexpensive. Placing warm-looking wooden mats or logs and lighting their tops with candles helps in chasing away the chills of winter.

Inspiring Christmas table setting with pines and greens

Inspiring Christmas Table Setting with Pinecones and a Bed of Greenery

Image Credit: rukle

A cozy Christmas tablescape adorned with wooden tones

A Cozy Christmas Tablescape with Twig Balls and Ornaments

Image Credit: theartofdomesticitydotcom

Rustic wooden vases with greens looks fresh

Faux Wooden Planters with Growing Flowers

Image Credit: annsatic

A natural twig centerpiece on holiday table

Natural Stick “Christmas Tree” with Ornaments

Image Credit: pinimg

A jar with branch centerpiece embellished on this christmas table

Branch Christmas Tree with Ornaments and Faux Snow

Image Credit: pennyroach

Charming Christmas Place Settings in Red and White

Christmas place settings in red and white tones have always been adored by people as these two shades are the most elegant associated with the season. Planning a décor based on red and white is easy as you can find many innovative ideas and creative materials for this color scheme. If it is opulence that’s running high in your mind, try using a deeper shade of red or velvety maroon on your tables. Match the luxuriousness with softer shades of white.

A red and white floral Christmas tablescape

Red and White Floral Tablescape with Complementary Purple Table Runner, Napkins, and Jar Lids

Image Credit: onewed

Red mats offer a contrasting effect with white candles and dinner plates

Red Decorative Placemats, Napkins, and Glasses on a White Tablecloth with Red and White Candles

Image Credit: thesweetestoccasion

Beautiful white and red scheme on Christmas table

Beautiful Complete White and Red Place Setting

Image Credit: dinner4two

A stylish red and white Christmas table adorned with a white tree and red baubles

Snowy White Décor with Red Placemats, Glasses, and Ornaments

Image Credit: andreaashley

An elegant red and white accented holiday table

An Elegant Tablescape with White Table Runner and Red Accents

Image Credit: teamne

A holiday table decked up with multiple red and white accessories

White Holiday Table with Red Runner, White Dishes, and Red and White Decorations

Image Credit: andreaashley

Gorgeous red and white themed holiday table

Gorgeous Red and White Tablescape with Runners, Napkins, Plates, Candles, and Ornaments

Image Credit: craftthyme

Use these Christmas tablescapes to chase away the winter blues and bring warmth to your festivities. Browse back through the above tablescape ideas and choose which one will work best on your table this year!

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