30 Eye Catching Christmas Table Centerpieces Ideas


Ho! Ho! Ho! Here are 30 ideas for Christmas table centerpieces to enliven your merry-making gatherings. They’re gorgeous appearance in and rich in style. With the season so filled with love and joy, it is only fitting that that your tables should be decorated with the choicest of centerpieces.

The warm atmosphere of Christmas can now become even rosier when you decorate your tables with these eye catching Christmas table decoration ideas using flowers, vases, faux snow, DIY lanterns, candles, wooden trays, and more. Browse through these Christmas table decorations photos for ideas on how to you bring more life and cheer to your settings.

Eye Catching Christmas Table Centerpieces with Candles

Christmas and candles blend perfectly, and below you will see some very creative Christmas table decorations with candles that can offer radiance and warmth to your gathering. Candles are an all-time popular decorative accessory and easily find their way onto festive tables paired with glass jars, vases, flowers, or all by themselves.

Decorative Red Candle Christmas Table Centerpiece

Decorative Red Candle and Ornaments Christmas Table Centerpiece

Image Credit: sortra

Red Christmas Table Centerpiece With Glass Candle Holder Candle and Red Balls

Christmas Table Centerpiece with White Candle and Red Ornaments

Image Credit: pinimg

Rustic Wood and Candle Christmas Table Centerpiece With Greens

Rustic Candle Centerpiece with Greens

Image Credit: sortra

Attractive Gift Box Centerpieces

The Christmas table decorations seen below make use of festive gift boxes in various styles. Colorfully wrapped gift boxes or those that are in simple white wrap tied with ribbons add to the festive cheer of the (holy day) holiday. If you want to bring in a DIY feel to your Christmas décor, try adding a natural element to your gift box centerpieces, such as the first image below using moss and greens. Or you can also go in for the traditional white wrapped gift box, tied beautifully with a red ribbon. Both of these centerpieces add more excitement and substance to a table.

Attractive Moss Gift Box Christmas Table Centerpiece

Attractive Moss Gift Box Centerpiece

Image Credit: sndimg

Eye Catching Christmas Gift Box Table Centerpiece With Crystal Glass Bowl

Elegant Gift Box Centerpiece with Ornaments in a Glass Bowl

Image Credit: shirtstock

Christmas Table Setting Ideas with Lanterns

Lanterns, like candles, are a very popular choice when setting holiday tables, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can place beautifully carved lanterns with candles inside, or together with floral arrangements. You can also opt for rustic lantern styles if you don’t like going overboard with bright colors. Enhance your lantern’s look with pine cones, ferns, and decorative ornaments as seen in the pictures below.

Christmas Table Centerpiece Idea With Red Lantern With Candle and Pinecones

Christmas Table Centerpiece with Red Lantern and Candle, Greens and Pinecones

Image Credit: girlsonit

Beautiful White Christmas Lantern Table Centerpiece With Ornaments

Beautiful White Lantern Filled with Ornaments

Image Credit: minimalisti

Wreath and Lantern Centerpiece For Christmas Table

Classy Wreath and Lit Lantern Centerpiece for an Outdoor Christmas Table

Image Credit: blogspot

Christmas Table Setting Ideas with Cranberries

Cranberries, with their bright and attractive color, lend an alluring touch to any table décor. From being seen on wreaths to mantel decorations, you can use cranberries as embellishments on almost any decoration. Either place them in bowls with silver ornaments or use them to surround candles on trays. You could fill a jar with water and cranberries and drop a floating candle on top.

Christmas Table Centerpiece With Black Bowl Filled With Cranberries and Silver Balls

Black Bowl Filled with Cranberries and Silver Ornaments

Image Credit: nuhomeinterior

Cranberry and Candle Table Centerpiece Idea For Christmas

Cranberries and Candles Centerpiece Idea for Christmas

Image Credit: unitedlane

Beautiful White Vase Christmas Table Centerpiece With Cranberry Arrangement

Beautiful White Vase with Cranberry Arrangement

Image Credit: blogspot

Christmas Table Decorations with Decorative Ornaments

Christmas décor is hardly complete without red, gold, and silver balls along with other ornaments that lend a cheery sparkle to Christmas trees and tables. You can place these ornaments either alone in bowls or can also adorn your tree and greenery centerpieces with these glittery accessories. Try out any of the below showcased Christmas table centerpieces with ornaments to bring a dash of glamor to your tables.

Christmas Table Decor With Ornamental Candles Bow and Ornaments

Christmas Table Décor with Ornamental Candles, Bow, and Candy Cane Ornaments

Image Credit: homedesignup

Christmas Table Setting With Decorative Bowl Filled With Ornaments

Red and Silver Ornaments on Tiered Stand

Image Credit: abate08

Glass Jar and White Tray Christmas Table Centerpiece Filled With Faux Flower and Red Ornaments

Glass Jar and White Tray Filled with Faux Flowers and Red Ornaments

Image Credit: ducrx

White Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Having a white Christmas isn’t just a dream when you can adorn your tables in a snowy theme. A pure white décor looks chic and marvelous. From having white gift boxes to white candles to having white floral arrangements, there are a hundred ways you can decorate your tables in white this Christmas.

Graceful White Christmas Table Decor

Graceful White Christmas Table Décor with Fondant Gift Cake and Ornament Centerpiece

Image Credit: punchbowl

Magnificent White Floral Arrangements In Cream Vases For Christmas Table

Magnificent White Floral Arrangements in Cream Vases with White Plates, Silverware, and Tablecloth

Image Credit: netnewengland

Luxurios White Christmas Floral Centerpieces

White Tablecloth and Napkinswith Tall White Floral Arrangements

Image Credit: woohomedesigns

White Christmas Table Decor With Feathered Christmas Tree Centerpieces

White Christmas Table Décor with Feathered Christmas Tree Centerpieces

Image Credit: wenderly

Christmas Table Centerpiece Ideas with Faux Snow

If you love the look of a snowy blanket outside, and want to bring it inside and onto your Christmas table, try using faux snow! The Christmas table centerpieces below have one very peculiar thing in common – the use of faux snow. To achieve the look you want, you can use snow sprays, cotton, or feathers. In one of the images below, there is a centerpiece with Santa getting snowed on in a faux snow fountain.

Stunning Christmas Tree Collection With Faux Snow As Christmas Table Decor

Christmas Tree Collection on a Blanket of Faux Snow

Image Credit: geriscamera

Stunning Christmas Centerpiece Santa Standing Under A Fountain With Faux Snow

Santa Standing under a Fountain with Faux Snow

Image Credit: geriscamera

Christmas Centerpiece Ideas with Floral Arrangements

Christmas table setting ideas with flowers and vases always look beautiful. Fresh flowers especially contrast and brighten the season. From red rose arrangements to hydrangeas, to fake or dries flowers, there are many ways you can dress tables with matching vases. If you love a little bit of color and freshness, floral centerpieces are the way to go. Floral vase arrangements can be lent a whole new look when paired with other complementary accessories, such as fish bowls, candles, and rustic wooden slabs.

Red Rose Centerpieces For Christmas Party Table

Red Rose Centerpieces in Clear Box Vases for a Christmas Party Table

Image Credit: pinimg

Gorgeous Floral Vase Centerpieces For Christmas Tables

Gorgeous Floral Vase Centerpieces with Ornaments

Image Credit: kumfree

Stunning Christmas Table Centerpiece With Red and Pink Floral Arrangement On Glass Dish

Creative Centerpiece Idea with Red and Pink Floral Arrangements on a Glass Dish

Image Credit: annsatic

Christmas Centerpieces with Reindeer

Santa’s sleigh and reindeer are the most notorious mascots of the Christmas season. You don’t need to use Santa if you don’t want to, put you can decorate with a wintry wooden sled or reindeer.

Beautiful Christmas Sledge Centerpiece With Green Christmas Tree

Christmas Centerpiece with Green Christmas Tree and Ornaments in Sleigh

Image Credit: kumfree

Golden Reindeer Christmas Table Centerpiece With Fake Floral Arrangement

Golden Reindeer Centerpiece with Fake Floral Arrangement Complementing the Golden Settings

Image Credit: geriscamera

DIY Centerpiece Ideas

If you like to make centerpieces using your own creativity, here are some cool DIY ideas you can try out this Christmas. These are made of items that you can incorporate into your table centerpieces, such as wooden trays, candles, greens, flowers, mason jars, and fruit. Candies too can be used to create creative centerpieces like the candy Christmas tree centerpiece seen in one of the photos here. Try out these DIY Christmas table decorations and take pride in your craftiness.

Eye Grabbing DIY Wooden Tray Christmas Table Centerpiece With Candles Santa Figurines and Greens

DIY Wooden Tray Centerpiece with Candles, Santa Figurines. and Greens

Image Credit: uniquedecorz

DIY Christmas Table Decor With Jars And Candles On A Tray As Centerpiece

DIY Christmas Table Décor with Jars, Candles, Stones, and Faux Branches on a Tray

Image Credit: diplom35

DIY Christmas Candy Tree As Christmas Table Centerpiece

DIY Christmas Candy Tree Centerpiece

Image Credit: ducrx

Gorgeous DIY Nest Christmas Table Centerpiece Filled With Gifts Balls and Pinecones

Gorgeous DIY Nest Christmas Table Centerpiece Filled with Gift Boxes, Ornaments, and Pinecones

Image Credit: home-designing

Ornamental Christmas Table Centerpiece With DIY Pinecones Glittery Flowers and Candles

Ornamental Christmas Table Centerpiece with Spray Painted Pinecones and Greens

Image Credit: omniorion

Add a little more pizzazz or class to your tables this year one of these Christmas table centerpieces. Browse back through the list and think about you can adapt one or more of the ideas to your style!

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