33 Budget Friendly Dessert Tables Ideas


When it comes to the celebration of an event, be it a wedding or a birthday, an anniversary or a baby shower you simply cannot complete the menu without desserts. And talking of desserts, the arrangement of the dessert buffet is as important as choosing the fare. Everything depends on the color and style you choose to accentuate the mood of your event. But your décor doesn’t need to cost a lot. You can create beautiful backdrops and table settings inexpensively with these dessert tables ideas.

Beautiful Rainbow Dessert Tables

Nothing can outshine the beauty of a rainbow themed dessert table. If the rainbow seems too bright and vivid for your party, soften the palette with pastel shades of the traditional colors. Include colorful tablecloths, streamers, balloons, or paper crafts. Decorate the desserts with a variety of icing colors and place color coordinated candies in jars or dishes.

Colorful Rainbow themed dessert table

Rainbow Streamers, Colored Tablecloth, Cupcake Wrappers, and Candies

Image Credit: blogspot

Awesome rainbow style dessert table

DIY Rainbow Backdrop, Labels, Coasters, and Artwork with Colorful Desserts

Image Credit: dimpleprints

Cute rainbow dessert table for birthdays

Rainbow Fabrics and Chevron Pattern Wrappers and Favors

Image Credit: andersruff

Rainbow Candy Table

DIY Rainbow Candy Table

Image Credit: sweetcitycandy

Beautiful Dessert Table With Rainbow Decorations

Assembled and Printed Rainbow Décor

Image Credit: blogspot

Rainbow Cake Dessert Table

Homemade Rainbow Cake with Color Coordinated Desserts

Image Credit: blogspot

Colorful Rainbow Birthday Dessert Table

Colorful Rainbow Birthday Dessert Table

Image Credit: catchmyparty

Vintage Style Dessert Tables

Vintage dessert table ideas are not only for traditional affairs such as weddings, but can be chicly adapted to bridal shower, birthday, housewarming parties. Use lace and antique decorations that you might have. Decorate in white florals and serve desserts on white or silver trays.

Elegant vintage style dessert table

Vintage Dessert Fare with White Lace and Floral Décor

Image Credit: wordpress

Simple vintage style dessert table

Lace and Handwritten Labels for a Vintage Appeal

Image Credit: staticflickr

Vintage dessert table in vintage style with candelabras and flower decoration

Vintage Style Tablecloth, Print, Candelabra, and Floral Decoration

Image Credit: prettymyparty

Vintage Dessert Table

Vintage Dessert Displays, Artwork, and Floral Decoration

Image Credit: mydolcedesigns

Vintage Rustic Dessert Table

Paper Florals on Antique Buffet Table

Image Credit: dottyvintageweddings

Vintage Dessert Table For Wedding

Printed Tablecloth and Vintage Floral Décor

Image Credit: squarespace

Lovely Dessert Tables with Glass Jars

Your dessert table could be as simple as filling variously sized jars with color-coordinated candies. The bright candies in clear glass displays will provide enough decoration on their own. Complete the effect with a colored backdrop, tablecloth, or banner.

Attractive dessert table decorated with candies in glass jars

Attractive Dessert Table with Clear Candy Jars

Image Credit: wordpress

Beautiful dessert table arrangement with glass jars and ceramic cups

Candies and Desserts Arranged in Jars and on Stands

Image Credit: melissawoodlandcakes

Princess Dessert Table With Candies Filled In Jars

Colorful Dessert Table with Candy Jars

Image Credit: btseventmanagement

Yellow Ballon Backdrop And Yellow Candies for Dessert Table

Color Coordinated Candies in Transparent Jars and Bowls

Image Credit: candybuffetsnj

Fruit Salad in Mason Ball Glass Jar

Fruit Salad in Mason Jars

Image Credit: hishersdessertstable

Green Dessert Table

Instead of a rainbow theme, go green! Dye your desserts green, use a green tablecloth, and include leaves, moss, frogs, leprechauns, or any other green embellishment. If you are celebrating nature, include grasses and recycled paper napkins or gift bags.

Soothing green dessert table with green colored desserts and eco friendly decoration

Green Décor with Frog Theme

Image Credit: joliejoliedesign

Green dessert table decorated with leaves

Elegant Green Dessert Table

Image Credit: wordpress

Lime Green Dessert Table

Lime Green Dessert Table with Floral Theme

Image Credit: cakecentral

Beautiful Green Themed Dessert Table

Beautiful Green Themed Dessert Buffet

Image Credit: catchmyparty

Cute Winnie the Pooh Dessert Tables

Aptly suited for birthday parties or baby showers, Winnie and friends are classic characters every child at heart can appreciate. Print cutouts of the characters or go subtle by simply decorating in the character colors and serving honey-flavored tea and desserts. Add blue balloons and play a game to make guests guess the inspiration.

Adorable Winnie the Pooh dessert table

Adorable Winnie the Pooh Dessert Table

Image Credit: wordpress

Cute Winnie the Pooh dessert table

Printed Backdrop and Labels

Image Credit: blogspot

Winnie the Pooh Inspired Dessert Table

Beehive and Balloon Cookies with Beehive Décor and Winnie the Pooh Storybook

Image Credit: blogspot

Winnie the Pooh Macaroons Cupcakes Cake Pops

Hand-decorated Desserts

Image Credit: blogspot

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Dessert Table

Honey Pot Winnie the Pooh Dessert Table

Image Credit: hwtm

Winnie the Pooh Themed Cake Pops

Blue Balloon Cake Pops and Printed Labels

Image Credit: cakepoppinparties

Rustic Dessert Table Ideas

If you’re feeling more country than cutesy, try these rustic style dessert table ideas. Substitute pie for the cake and include wood décor or leave wooden tables naked. You can also use wrought iron or bronze dessert stands and decorations. If you use flowers, make them wild or long stem. Add femininity with lace on unfinished wood or floral vines woven through a distressed pallet.

Rustic dessert table with wood setting

Rustic Dessert Table with Lace, Wood Crates, Wood Backdrop, and Paper Flowers

Image Credit: weddbook

Stunning rustic style dessert table

Dessert Table with Unfinished Wood Décor

Image Credit:  sugarspice

Rustic Dessert Table Display

Metallic Table Display against Stone Wall

Image Credit: pinkcakebox

Beautiful Rustic Dessert Table With Cupcakes

Sweets Table with Wood

Image Credit: xogrp

Rustic Dessert Table Ideas For Weddings

Elegant Dessert Table in Unfinished Room with Decorated Wooden Ladder Banner

Image Credit: weddingware

Rustic, Winnie, Vintage, Rainbow, or Monochromatic, we hope these dessert tables ideas have provided you with enough inspiration to start your own budget-friendly buffets. Remember that the most charming parties include your personal touch as much as possible. Leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy crafting the desserts and decorations yourself.

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