33 Blue Theme Party Candy Table Ideas


Blue stands apart as a cool, soothing shade, and brings a more formal feeling to your candy tables. When you use blue party table decorations in deep or light shades, the entire atmosphere of your party changes.

Birthday Candy Tables

Birthday candy tables adorned in various shades of blue look appealing and chic. For children, Disney’s Frozen is the perfect theme for blue. For adults, include blue ice and blue-tinted glasses for a frosty appeal.

Blue Frozen themed birthday candy table

Frozen Party Décor in Blue and White

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Stunning blue and silver brithday candy table

Stunning Blue and White Dessert Table

Image Credit: karaspartyideas

Cute blue themed birthday candy table

Cute Blue Party Table

Image Credit: wordpress

Gorgeous blue birthday candy table decor

Gorgeous Blue and White Dessert Table

Image Credit: pinimg

Blue Wedding Candy Tables

It’s not just birthday parties but weddings too that can flaunt blue tones. Purchase gourmet candies in blue or prepare blue fondant cake pops. Embellish your cake with blue flowers or lace designs matching the bridesmaid dresses or corsage colors.

Gorgeous blue wedding candy table with blue rock candy and treats

Wedding Candy Table in Blue

Image Credit: powellsss

Tiffany blue wedding candy table

Blue and White Wedding Candy Table

Image Credit: pinimg

Light blue wedding candy table idea

Inviting Blue Candy Table

Image Credit: sweetcreationsbyjudy

Amazing blue wedding candy table idea with blue cake

Appetizing Dessert Table with Donuts, Cake, and Candy

Image Credit: cakedecor101

Romantic blue beach wedding candy table

Color Coordinated Blue and Green Beach Theme Candy Table

Image Credit: xogrp

Outdoor blue wedding candy table idea

Color Candy Table Featuring Blue

Image Credit: rickyribe

Wedding candy table with blue decor

Blue and White Candies and Desserts

Image Credit: jsa-europe

Stunning blue candy table idea with snowflakes

Blue and White Winter Wedding Dessert Table

Image Credit: sweetesbakeshop

Blue Candy Tables for Baby Showers

A pastel blue baby shower for a boy or a bold blue and white shower for a girl with candy swirls, blue icing, and party favors is sure to be a classy celebration.

Cute blue baby shower candy table with whirly pops in blue accents

Blue Themed Baby Shower Candy Table

Image Credit: wordpress

Cute baby blue candy table for baby shower

Candy and Cigars

Image Credit: timefortheholidays

Baby shower candy table with blue accents

Blue Icing, Cupcake Wrappers, and Candies

Image Credit: frutanza

Blue themed baby shower candy table with blue cake and cookies

Beautiful Blue Cookies, Cake Pops, Cupcake Icing, and Fondant Cake

Image Credit: pinkcakebox

Adorable blue baby shower candy table for boy

Adorable and White Dessert Table

Image Credit: partydecorshabby

Baby shower candy table with nautical theme

Nautical Themed Baby Shower with Shades of Blue Candies

Image Credit: ohitsperfect

Blue Christmas Candy Tables

When it’s cold outside, take a break from red and green and celebrate in cool blue! Blue spruce Christmas trees with white lace ribbons and snowflake ornaments next to a blue-themed dessert table will make your party elegant and unique.

Cool blue and white Christmas candy table decor

Cool Blue and White Christmas Candy Table Décor

Image Credit: sayitwithcake

weet blue Christmas candy table

Pastel and Candy Cane Dessert Table

Image Credit: pinimg

Blue Candy Tables for Christening Parties

The baptism or dedication of a baby is a special event in the life of the faith-filled family. And though it is a holy occasion, it does not need to be somber. Celebrate the gift of another child entering God’s family and yours with bright and cheery blue. Decorating in baby elephants is especially fitting as you hope that your child will remember the lessons you will teach him.

Cute blue elephant candy table for Christening

Baby Blue Elephant Christening Dessert Table

Image Credit: hwtm

Blue Christening candy table

Blue Chevron Pattern for Christening Celebration

Image Credit: wordpress

Christening candy table in blue accents

Christening Candy Table in Blue Accents

Image Credit: artypartybyapril

Astonishing blue Christening candy table

Astonishing Blue Desert Table for Christening

Image Credit: wordpress

Office Parties in Blue

Does your company’s logo feature blue? Match the color with table runners, candies, and cupcakes. Supply blue plates, napkins, and forks, and decorate the cake with the corporate logo or division name.

Beautiful blue candy table for office party

Blue Holiday Office Party

Image Credit: candyliciousnj

Dark blue candy table for office party

Blue and White Office Party Celebration

Image Credit: blogspot

Blue candy table for office party

Color Coordinated Candies for Office Luncheon

Image Credit: staticflickr

Specially Themed Blue Candy Tables

In addition to a Frozen birthday party, winter, or office party, you can use blue for royal princesses, mermaids, aviation, and sailing or beach themes. With so many shades of blue, you can adapt these ideas to almost any theme.

Disney princess candy table decor in blue

Disney Princess Candy Table Décor in Blue and Purple

Image Credit: blogspot

Amazing blue candy table with princess theme

Cinderella Dessert Table

Image Credit: getcreativejuice

Cute blue candy table for mermaid themed birthday party

Mermaid and Beach Theme

Image Credit: blogspot

Blue Mermaid candy table decor for young girls

Under the Sea Birthday Party

Image Credit: sweetlychicevents

Appealing girls party with blue Frozen theme

Frozen Dessert Table

Image Credit: blogspot

Nautical themed blue candy table

Nautical Themed Celebration

Image Credit: wordpress

The cake is the highlight of any party fare, and if you are serving dessert only, the dessert and candy table deserves to be specially dressed. Adapt these blue theme party candy table ideas and watch how your choice of shade sets the mood for your gathering.

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