Top 31 Beach Theme Wedding Centerpieces Ideas


Summer is a great time for a beach-themed wedding, even if you don’t live anywhere near the ocean! It’s even more fitting if the couple is going to a tropical location for their honeymoon as the wedding’s theme will help excite them and allow their friends and family to share in the fun vacationing atmosphere. These wedding centerpieces feature starfish, coral, tropical flowers, sand, and seashells for beautiful, tasteful table décor.

Coral Centerpieces

Coral is a natural form of artwork with its unique shapes and colors. You don’t need to style it or embellish it; simply pair it with complementary candles, flowers, or seashells. You can even print individual place settings for each table to match the featured coral centerpiece.

Red Coral, Rocks, and Place Setting

Stunning red coral and flower wedding table centerpiece

Image Credit: idoghana

Amazing coral glass wedding centerpiece idea

Coral in Tall Vase with Blue Rocks and Blue Accented Shells and Candle Holders

Image Credit: pinimg

Wedding table centerpiece with glass bowl filled with coral and candle

Coral and Floating Candle in Display Bowl

Image Credit: lanterncenterpiecesforweddings

Seashell coral wedding table centerpiece

Coral and Seashell Arrangement

Image Credit: weddbook

Seashell Centerpieces

If coral is a little funky for you, try seashells. With their earthy tones and unique shapes and sizes, they make beautiful, serene centerpieces. Arrange them in a basket, vase, or Mason jar for a freshly-collected feel.

Beautiful shells in a glass jar wedding table centerpiece

Seashells and Colored Sand in Tall Vase

Image Credit: pinimg

Cute blue candles on shell wedding centerpieces

Oyster Shell Votive Holders

Image Credit: destinationweddingdetails

Stunning sea shell wedding table centerpiece

Seashells Pasted on Jar

Image Credit: etsystatic

Gorgeous shell and glass bowl wedding centerpiece idea

Seashells, Glass Stones, and Floating Candle in Display Bowl

Image Credit: wordpress

Floral Centerpieces

Tropical flowers or orchids lend an open-air, classy touch to any wedding. Pair them with seashells or driftwood to complete the breezy marine ambiance.

Beach themed wedding table decor with starfish and flowers

Floral and Starfish Centerpiece Arrangement

Image Credit: flowershopnetwork

Beach themed wedding table setting with lily arrangement

Lilies, Aqua Water and Stones, and Starfish Ensemble

Image Credit: wedding-theme

Coral pink rose centerpiece for a beach theme wedding table

Floral Centerpiece with Driftwood and Starfish

Image Credit: deerpearlflowers

Orchid and conch shell wedding table centerpiece

Floral Arrangement with Assorted Shells

Image Credit: weddingofficiantjacksonvillefl

Starfish Centerpieces

Starfish are the most interesting shells to look at. Draw your guests’ attention with these distinctive creatures against a backdrop of sand, seaweed, or coral. Starfish and colored sand centerpieces will look especially tropical. When you get back from the honeymoon, you can even use these wedding centerpieces to decorate your home and remind you of your most special of days.

Star fish and shell table centerpiece for a beach theme wedding

Starfish, Shells, Flora, and Candle

Image Credit: wordpress

White starfish wedding table centerpiece with flowers

Starfish and Floral Centerpiece on Mirrored Tray

Image Credit: afloral

Beautiful starfish and conch wedding table centerpiece

Starfish and Shells on Sand

Image Credit: tbdress

Seashell Arrangements

Why not gather all the sea elements together complete the scenery? Consider placing seashells, coral, and starfish in display bowls with a swimming fish or two to really enliven the tables! You can combine the fish into a larger aquarium later or send the bowls home with guests who might want them.

Unique white and silver beach theme wedding centerpiece

Seashell and Driftwood on White Tulle

Image Credit: etsystatic

Wedding treasure chest card holder centerpiece with shells and starfish embellishments

Treasure Chest with Seashell Décor

Image Credit: weddbook

Beach inspired wedding table centerpiece

Floral Arrangement with Seashell Embellishments in Seashell Bowl

Image Credit: squarespace

Beach themed candy buffet wedding table centerpieces

Seashell Table Decorations on Water-colored Table Runner

Image Credit: weddingwire

Floral shell wedding table centerpiece

Floral Pot Decorated with Seashells

Image Credit: weddbook

Glass candle centerpiece with sand shells and starfish

Shell and Candle Centerpiece

Image Credit: ruffled


Argh, matey! Celebrate the treasure of your love with undersea treasure chests. Worn or new, chest decorations will be an intriguing addition to your tables. Adorn them with pearls, shells, and seaweed or flowers. But keep them closed to maintain the mystery! Consider placing favors inside the centerpieces and allowing guests to unlock them when the time is right.

Aqua and white treasure chest wedding centerpiece with beach theme

Ring Bearing Treasure Chest

Image Credit: seasonalweddingflowers

Treasure chest wedding centerpiece for a beach theme wedding

Open Treasure Chest Centerpiece

Image Credit: pinimg

Silver decor on treasure chest wedding centerpiece

Simple Treasure Chest with Silver Spray Painted Shells

Image Credit: beautifulweddings

Driftwood Centerpieces

Use driftwood for more rustic or authentic beach décor. Place it by itself for a stark appearance or arrange it with flowers, shells, and candles for balanced centerpiece idea. You can make your own driftwood by stripping the bark off a branch and soaking it in saltwater.

Gorgeous beach theme wedding centerpiece idea with driftwood

Driftwood, Floral, Seashell, and Candle Ensemble

Image Credit: farah-novias

Astonishing driftwood wedding centerpiece for a beach themed wedding

Driftwood, Flora, and Candles

Image Credit: blogspot

Sand and Pebble Centerpieces

Sand and pebbles make the perfect base for your beach-themed table centerpiece. Fill a tray or jar with sand or pebbles on the bottom and then create your beach scene on top using shells, driftwood, or flowers. Or you can make colored sand or pebbles the main attraction of your centerpiece. Simply fill decorative vases or Mason jars with colored layers of pebbles and sand. Gift the display to guests or place them around your home afterward.

Blue sandy wedding table centerpiece idea

Pebble Base for Centerpiece

Image Credit: tbdress

Beach theme sandy wedding table centerpieces

Decorative Bottles Half Filled with Sand and Pebbles

Image Credit: homeofour

Sandy candle wedding centerpiece for a beach inspired wedding

Sand and Shells in Candle Vase

Image Credit: wordpress

Burlap Centerpieces

Like driftwood, burlap is an ideal rustic addition to balance your more ornamental or colorful elements. Wrap your decorative pieces with bits of burlap and mesh or use burlap as your “sand” base for a cleaner display.

Cool beach wedding centerpiece with burlap and shells

Centerpiece with Bits of Burlap and Mesh

Image Credit: wordpress

Deco mesh and burlap wedding table centerpiece with a beach theme

Deco Mesh and Burlap Candle Skirt

Image Credit: etsystatic

All of these beach-themed wedding centerpieces are easy and inexpensive to assemble. Use your imagination and designer’s eye for the layout, but don’t fret over the arrangement too much; because these are natural elements, they’ll look great no matter what!

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