33 Avengers Theme Party Ideas for Kids


Want to see your little boy’s face glow with happiness? Browse through these awesome Avengers theme party ideas. Marvel’s Avengers is big, and your own little superhero will marvel at his party when he sees how you’ve done everything up for him. The examples below will help give you ideas for how to use the movies’ favorite characters like Captain America, Hulk, and Thor for decorations, cake toppers, and party favors.

Marvelous Avengers Cakes

Cakes are an essential part of the fun for any boy’s birthday party. And these cakes will definitely add to the fun as they prominently showcase your party’s theme. Decorate the cake with the Avengers logo, the faces of a few favorites, or the weapons and accessories belong to each superhero.

Awesome Avengers Cake with Logo and Weapons

Huge Avengers cake displayed on boys birthday table

Image Credit: wordpress

Gorgeous Avengers themed cake for kids

Amazing Action Artistry

Image Credit: blogspot

Stunning pink and blue Avengers themed birthday cake for kids

Action-packed Coloring, Embellishments, and Figurines

Image Credit: cherylthepiglady

Adorable Avengers themed cake on party table

Adorable Avengers on Captain America- themed Cake

Image Credit: blogspot

Seventh birthday party Avengers cake for kids

An Avengers Cake to be Marveled At

Image Credit: wordpress

Avengers Cupcakes

Add a punch of cuteness to the tables with yummy Avengers cupcakes. Cupcakes can be a little easier than full cakes… or not, depending on how elaborate you want to be and how many shortcuts you want to take. You can decorate them all individually with Avengers faces, print out labels to glue to toothpicks, or purchase plastic toppers. Use themed papers or color coordinating papers to bake them in. Display them in the shape of a large “A” for more themed fun.

Amazing Avengers themed cupcakes on display at kids party table

Avengers Disc Toppers

Image Credit: blogspot

Colourful Avengers cupcakes for kids birthday party table

Skateboard Party Favor Toppers

Image Credit: shannonsdelights

Cute Avengers cupcakes for kids party

Impressive Individual Decorating with Character Quote Labels

Image Credit: foodblogs-sympledesignllc

Cool Avengers inspired cupcakes for kids

Easy Captain America Star Toppers

Image Credit: ytimg

Sweet Avengers cupcakes and cakes laid out on a kids birthday party table

Sweet Avengers Cake and Cupcakes for Little Girl’s Birthday

Image Credit: olx

Avengers Decorations

The cake or cupcakes are a great start, but you’ll also want to decorate the tables the desserts sit on. Try a tablecloth in shimmering red and blue. Print out pictures of the characters or make a themed banner to string overhead. Blow up Avengers’ color balloons or buy printed balloons. Place toys or props around the table. You can even put gift items out as part of the decorations and then give them to your child after the party.

Kids birthday table decor with Avengers theme

Dessert Table with Cutouts, Costume Props, Figurines, and Television Display

Image Credit: birthdayexpress

Red blue and black themed Avengers party table decor for kids

Cutouts, Printed Tablecloth, and Colored Balloons

Image Credit: wixstatic

This Avengers themed birthday party table looks colourful

Banners, Backdrop, Printed Balloons and Tablecloth, and Toy Props

Image Credit: partypieces

Gorgeous boys birthday party table decorated with Avengers Theme

Cutouts, Figurines, Wall Art, and Gift Toys

Image Credit: birthdayexpress

Blue and yellow Avengers party table decor

Superhero Party Favors

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Avengers Theme Sweets Table

Dessert and candy tables with a superhero or Avengers theme is especially important. Besides the cake or cupcakes, you can fill up candy jars with colorful candies, bake cookies with ‘POW’ or ‘Bang’ written on them, and label water bottles with paper printouts.

Fun Avengers themed kids birthday party table

Homemade Backdrop, Superhero Cupcake Labels, Cookie Decorations, Colored Candy, Drink Labels, and Printed Plates and Napkins

Image Credit: lookatwhatimade

Gorgeous Avengers birthday candy table for kids

Printed Backdrop and Banner with Home-printed Food and Drink Labels and Colored Candies

Image Credit: kidspartyhubph

Cute Avengers themed candy table with display of fun foods

Superhero Labels on Themed Foods and Drinks, Homemade Backdrop

Image Credit: wordpress

Red and blue Avengers candy layout on birthday table

Colored Candies and Figurine

Image Credit: lifewithoutpink

Gorgeous cake and candies on Avengers birthday candy table for kids

Avengers Wall Art, Figurines, Homemade Letters, and Themed Desserts

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Kids birthday sweets table decor themed on Avengers

Avengers Wall Art, Masks, Banner, Plates, Gift Figurines, and Themed Desserts

Image Credit: blogspot

Avengers cookies and candy packets seen displayed on this kids birthday sweets table

Hand-decorated Desserts with Printed Labels, Plates, Napkins, and Toys

Image Credit: wordpress

Avengers inspired Captain America cookies laid out on a birthday table

Homemade Captain America Cookies

Image Credit: hwtm

Colourfully decorated kids candy table with Avengers Theme

DIY Labels and Desserts with Balloon Backdrop

Image Credit: partybirthdayideas

Avengers Party Favors

And if you are inviting more little superheroes to your child’s birthday party, don’t forget to send them home with a little something so they don’t feel left out of the gift-giving. And decorated gift bags or boxes complete the idea!

Superhero Avengers gift box favours for kids

Superhero Favor Boxes

Image Credit: alicdn

Avengers Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers

Colourful Avengers themed cupcake party favors for kids birthday

Image Credit: wordpress

Avengers party plates and spoons laid out as favours on the birthday table

Avengers Party Blowers

Image Credit: alicdn

First birthday Avengers whistle blowout favors

Party Blower Favors

Image Credit: alicdn

Avengers cupcake wrapper favors for kids birthday party

Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers

Image Credit: alicdn

Avengers Centerpieces

For the centerpiece, try setting up an action scene with figurines or use explosive cutouts.

Honeycomb Avengers centerpieces for kids party table

Foldout Honeycomb Centerpiece

Image Credit: alicdn

Cute DIY Avengers centerpiece for party table

Printed Cutouts and Tissue Paper

Image Credit: kidsworldjumpers

Lego Avengers centerpiece for kids party

Lego Avengers Labels and Paper Confetti

Image Credit: etsystatic

Cute Avengers party table centerpiece

Costumes to Wear as Kids Eat

Image Credit: rockinboys

With these fun Avengers them kids’ party ideas, you might get into it as much as your son! Do as much hand-decorating and budget printing as you like or visit any party store for superhero shortcuts. Either way, your son is sure to know what a super mom you are for putting together such a special birthday party.

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