35 Stunning Halloween Table Runner Ideas


Increase the spook factor with these stunning 35 Halloween table runner ideas. Halloween, the festival of eerie and spook is almost here once again. It’s the time when we start filling up our bags with candies and treats. It’s also the time when we think of creative ways to decorate our houses. A simple but highly effective accessory is the table runner. Here we present our favorite runners bearing designs of cats, owls, spooky ghosts, spider webs, and skulls. Take a look!

Easy Halloween Table Runner Ideas

Here are some easy table runner ideas, perfect for Halloween. You can make all of these runners inexpensively at home. They are creative and easy on the eyes. You can use them on dining tables, buffets, coffee tables, or end tables.

Classically Themed Cartoon Style Halloween Runner

Gorgeous Halloween table runner

Image Credit: quiltchat

Easy DIY ghost table runner for Halloween

Creative, Easy DIY Ghost Table Runner

Image Credit: eyesofacouturier

Gorgeous bat Halloween table runner

Beautiful Bat and Spider Web Runner

Image Credit: halloweencostumes

Stunning DIY Halloween Runner Ideas to Try

Going DIY for your seasonal decorations can help you save a lot of money. You can craft different runners for each surface without spending retail prices, and customize all of your tables to your exact style. The runners shown below are all DIY. Try making a patchwork table runner with pumpkins or owls. Or opt for no-sew options in various bright colors.

DIY black and white striped table runner

DIY Black and White Striped Runner

Image Credit: thehappyhousie

DIY spiderweb table runner

Spider Web Table Runner

Image Credit: shelterness

Easy DIY burlap table runner

Tasteful Burlap Table Runner

Image Credit: sndimg

Halloween Burlap Runners

You can make stylish runners out of almost any material. A particularly versatile material for these types of home décor projects is burlap. Table runners in burlap add a rustic but tasteful touch to any table. Here are a few ideas for making burlap table runners this Halloween. Accent the piece with any black shape or shapes you choose.

A burlap table runner for Halloween

Burlap Table Runner Featuring Candelabra

Image Credit: ggpht

Burlap Halloween table runner with spider designs

Black Spiders Painted on Burlap

Image Credit: britcdn

Spiderweb burlap table runner

Spider Webs Sewn into Burlap

Image Credit: wpengine

Burlap table runner with spiders and bats

Stenciled Poem and Halloween Creatures

Image Credit: teachlovecraft

Jack O Lantern designs on burlap table runner

Sewn Jack-O-Lanterns and Border

Image Credit: blogspot

Spooky burlap table runner

Painted Table Runner Cutouts with Burlap Backing

Image Credit: photobucket

Ghost Table Runner Ideas

Your table runner designs can be intricate or relatively simple. One shape that is always easy to work with is the amorphous ghost. Ghosts are a natural choice for Halloween, and you don’t need to make them in any exact shape. Browse through these cute table runners using ghost designs to see if you would like to try a similar project.

Ghost table runner for Halloween

Felt Ghost Table Runner

Image Credit: pinimg

Awesome ghost table runner

Randomly Shaped Ghost Face Border

Image Credit: eyesofacouturier

Witch Hat Table Runner Designs

Witches are an integral part of Halloween lore. Make them cute or scary with your design on a table runner. Witch hats can look adorable as black silhouettes or as cutouts in a black table runner. Add witch hats to other characters, like black cats or Jack-O-Lanterns for a unique mixture of themes.

Chalkboard table runner with burlap witch hat

Chalkboard Table Runner with Embellished Burlap Witch Hat

Image Credit: amazon

Witch hats on Jack O Lanterns seen designed on this table runner

Witch Hats on Jack-O-Lanterns

Image Credit: picclick

Fun Skull and Skeleton Table Runners

Skulls and skeletons put a light touch to the Day of the Dead. Add these spooky but fun elements to your festive tables. Add smiling or dancing skeletons to your table runners to further bring out the holiday cheer.

Dancing skeletons seen on this table runner

Dancing and Smiling Skeleton Runner

Image Credit: thumbs4

Sugar skull designs on table runner

Day of the Dead Skull and Flower Table Runner

Image Credit: amazon

Halloween skeleton table runner

Spooky Skull and Spider Table Runner

Image Credit: bigcommerce

Black felt skulls and bones table runner

Skull and Bones Felt Patchwork Runner

Image Credit: factorydirectcraft

Awesome crossbones and skulls table runner

Skull and Crossbones Shaped Runner for Place Settings

Image Credit: 6-ft-under

Skull table runner

Laughing Skull Table Runner

Image Credit: blogspot

Colourful sugar skull table runner

Day of the Dead Colorful Smiling Skulls

Image Credit: etsystatic

Day of the Dead sugar skull table runner

Day of the Dead Bead Skulls

Image Credit: picclick

Dancing skeleton Halloween table runner

Day of the Dead Festive Dancing Skeletons

Image Credit: shopify

Quilted Halloween Table Runners

Quilted or patchwork table runners are perfect for a more homey style. Quilting is an art form that almost always comes out looking great! And you can be as creative as you like in choosing your squares. These runners are festive and varied. Try spider web quilts or decorate your runners with different styles of bats or black cats.

Patchwork pumpkin table runner

Patchwork Pumpkin Table Runner

Image Credit: blogspot

Reversable quilted table runner for Halloween

Reversible Large Square Quilt Runner

Image Credit: etsystatic

Handmade quilted table runner with bats and owls

Beautiful Quilt Runner in Vibrant Orange and Purple

Image Credit: shopify

Quilted table runner with spiderwebs

Halloween Quilt Runner with Spider Web Stitching

Image Credit: faithandfabricdesign

Quilted Halloween table runner with pumpkins and cats

Halloween Table Runner with Unique Scenery Selections

Image Credit: shopify

Quilted orange and black table runner

Shaped Small Square Table Runner

Image Credit: etsystatic

Gorgeous quilted Halloween table runner

Intricate Halloween Design Table Runner

Image Credit: osirixmac

Hexagonal Halloween quilted table runner

Mesmerizing Hexagonal Quilted Runner

Image Credit: etsystatic

Blue quilted Halloween pumpkin table runner

Artistic Quilted Table Runner

Image Credit: osirixmac

Quilted witch boots Halloween table runner

Cute Witch’s Boots Runner Quilt

Image Credit: sewmod

With these fantastic ideas, you might have more than one project on your agenda. Choose a different design for each surface in your dining or living room! You and your guests will love having one or more of these Halloween table runner ideas cheering up your home.

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