35 Spring Birthday Party Ideas


The time is here for showing you awesome spring birthday party ideas! The spring season is knocking, and winter is saying say bye-bye… thankfully! Spring is the harbinger of hope and new beginnings. It’s about celebrating greenery and nature. If you are planning to throw a birthday party soon and are looking for some unique spring party ideas, browse what we found below. We’ve curated everything you’ll need for your table decorations: from floral centerpieces to DIY crafts to fairies to Mad Hatter to cute party favors!

Spring Birthday Party Ideas with Watercolor

Always remember that spring is a season of different colors, so your birthday party tables should be decorated using a colorful palette. Here are some awesome spring party decorations using watercolors in different ways and styles. A watercolor theme works best for a spring birthday table as it allows you to play with many bright shades and to craft unique decorations on your own. You can paint the tablecloths for your party in a variety of pink, blue, yellow, or orange watercolors. Spreading a watercolor tablecloth will make your table look cheerful from the start. You can also use watercolors on painted cups and saucers for party table centerpieces, colored napkins, and painted vases.

Mermaid Watercolor Décor

Pretty spring mermaid watercolour table decor

Image Credit: karaspartyideas

Watercolour themed cups displayed on spring birthday table

Watercolor and Floral Table Décor

Image Credit: blogspot

Cute spring birthday accessories decorated with watercolour designs

Watercolor Tableware and Gift Bags

Image Credit: twimg

DIY watercolour tablecloth for a spring birthday table

Watercolor Tablecloth, Décor, and Desserts

Image Credit: lifeslittlecelebrations

This DIY watercolour tablecloth fits perfect on a spring inspired birthday table

Watercolor Tablecloth and Cake

Image Credit: littleinspiration

Spring Flower Table Decorations

The spring is rich in themes for birthday parties. Choose from tea parties, vintage garden parties, Mad Hatter parties, or a simple pink and pastel color theme. Whatever theme you choose, you can find coordinating flowers to add to your party’s mood. Use fresh blooms of roses, sunflowers, or peonies and arrange them in lovely white or watercolor vases. You can use floral bouquets as main centerpieces as well. Since spring is a celebration of life, flowers fit the décor perfectly. Try one of these gorgeous birthday party ideas with flowers and see how much your guest of honor loves it!

Colourful floral display on a first birthday spring table

Colorful Floral Table Display

Image Credit: hwtm

A bright yellow floral display on a spring themed birthday table

Coordinating Floral, Candle, and Tableware Setting

Image Credit: blogspot

Pastel spring birthday table with flower decor

Pastel Dessert Table with Flower Décor

Image Credit: singaporemotherhood

Yellow floral decor adds a cheerful touch to this spring birthday table

Impressive Flower and Butterfly Dessert Table with Coordinating Tablecloth

Image Credit: popsugar-assets

Pink floral decor in a white vase

Complete Tablescape in Pink

Image Credit: pinkthetown

A very colourful spring birthday table decked up with bright flowers

Colorful but Subtle Spring Flower Centerpiece

Image Credit: beijosevents

Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party Ideas

The Disney Princesses are always popular with little girls, and for a spring birthday, Sleeping Beauty is the most fitting story environment. Use the classic fairy tale, Disney’s classic animated movie, or the new Maleficent live-action film for inspiration. Add Princess Aurora dolls or images, forest animal plushies or wall art, and plenty of flowers and greenery to create an unmistakable Sleeping Beauty theme.

Pink and blue sleeping beauty birthday party table

Pink and Blue Sleeping Beauty Birthday Table

Image Credit: jenite

Pink themed sleeping beauty spring birthday table

Floral and Paper Craft Sleeping Beauty Dessert Table

Image Credit: fashionztrend

Vintage sleeping beauty spring birthday cake table

Vintage Sleeping Beauty Princess Dessert Table

Image Credit: mintedandvintage

A sweet sleeping beauty themed spring birthday table

DIY Snack Table with Printed Labels and Sleeping Beauty Doll

Image Credit: blogspot

Fairy Themed Birthday Party Ideas

The spring party decorations below are sure to please your guests! These fairy inspired spring birthday table decor ideas are perfect for whimsical little girls. You can tailor your party to classic fairytales or emphasize a notable character like Tinkerbell. When you decide to adorn your tables with this theme, think of accessories that will exude nothing but cuteness from all angles. You can have Tinkerbell dolls or party favors for young guests or get a customized cake with floating fairy toppers. Add lots of sprinkles on the table along with flowers and greens for sparkling nature ambiance. You can also include miniature tree or floral centerpieces flanked by glittery fairies or pixies.

Magical Tinkerbell themed spring birthday table

Tinkerbell and Fairy Outdoor Dessert Table

Image Credit: hwtm

Enchanted fairy birthday party table for spring

Enchanting Fairy Fare

Image Credit: blogspot

Tinkerbell cupcake stand centerpiece decks up this spring birthday table

Tinkerbell Cupcake Stand and Natural Fairy Décor

Image Credit: blogspot

Gorgeous spring fairy themed birthday table

Tinkerbell and Fairy-themed Dessert Table

Image Credit: catchmyparty

Adorable Garden Themed Birthday Parties

Spring party themes, such as a garden inspired decor adds a lovely touch to any birthday celebration. Take advantage of the temperate weather and blooming flowers with this outdoors option. Adorn your tables with fresh blooms and crazy pinwheels, an idea that is very popular with spring parties. The best part about hosting a garden party is the minimal number of accessories you need to buy as your flower garden already takes care of the major necessities. With so much greenery and color around you, why would you need extra elements to take away the charm? Browse the ideas below to help inspire your ideas!

Garden birthday table adorned with colourful embellishments

Outdoor Dessert Table with Colorful Embellishments

Image Credit: starwarsodyssey

Spring garden birthday party table decked with yellow and pink accents

Pink and Yellow Garden Party

Image Credit: partychick

Spring garden ladybug themed birthday table

Ladybug Garden Party

Image Credit: catchmyparty

Flowers and umbrella decor on a spring garden birthday table

Outdoor Floral and Umbrella Desserts

Image Credit: studiolabdecor

Adorable spring garden birthday party table decor

Garden Party Dessert Table with Greens and Gardening Rabbits

Image Credit: projectnursery

Pastel garden spring birthday table decoration

Pastel Garden Birthday Table

Image Credit: pinimg

Alice in Wonderland Spring Birthday Ideas

Are you planning to host a little ‘mad and crazy’ birthday party? An Alice in Wonderland theme is perfect for adding whimsical fun to an outdoor birthday party. Here are some cute and over the top birthday party ideas where you can have any and everything associated with the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, and all the strange creatures from the classic tale. For a lifelike feel of Alice and her friends, make the atmosphere on the table a little wild by placing flowers and greens in gigantic cups and saucers. Place figurines of the rabbit and the rest of the characters all over the table. The sweets table can add to the fun with a cake on an oversized stand.

Colourful Alice in Wonderland spring birthday table

Colorful Alice in Wonderland Outdoor Tablescape

Image Credit: catchmyparty

A cute Mad Hatter tea party birthday table for spring

A Cute Mad Hatter Outdoor Dessert Table with Standing Decorations

Image Credit: catchmyparty

The spring birthday tables are decked up with Mad Hatter themed accessories

Wild Tea Party Settings

Image Credit: texasdinnercruise

Cool Spring Party Favors for Birthdays

Emphasize the spring season in your choice of party favors with floral favors in the form of tiny pots, artificial floral bouquets, candy-filled boxes colored in pastels, butterfly cupcake toppers, colorful Origami decorations, or hand-decorated teacups.

70th spring butterfly themed birthday favors

Decorated Stationary Gift Boxes

Image Credit: pinimg

Butterfly handmade birthday favors

Butterfly Keepsakes on Hand-Decorated Gift Bags

Image Credit: marthastewart

Colourful spring wooden clips as birthday favors

Home-made Pegboard Art on Clips

Image Credit: alicdn

Butterfly craft favors for spring birthday tables

Butterfly and Floral Favors

Image Credit: designtos

Cute spring birthday gift box favors for grown up ladies

Hand-drawn Dove Gift Boxes

Image Credit: blogspot

Peg doll fairies spring birthday favors

Peg Doll Fairy Favors as Cupcake Toppers

Image Credit: blogspot

Paper origami favors for spring birthdays

Exquisite Origami Crafts

Image Credit: alicdn

Spring is the perfect time to host an outdoor birthday party. It’s neither too cold nor too hot. It’s a season when you can use a variety of accessories and colors to dress your party up. From cute pastels to an enchanted forest or character theme, there are a plethora of ideas to pick from. We hope you’ve gained some inspiration from our collection of spring birthday party ideas to make your special day a memorable event.

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