33 Pretty Birthday Cake Ideas For Girls


Looking for birthday cake ideas for girls? When you’re deciding on a cake design for your little girl, it’s always best to choose something that they’re interested in. When you make the centerpiece of their party about their interests, they’ll know how much you care about them. Since we can’t list everything that a daughter could like, we’ve done our best to select some of the most common themes and hope that these images will inspire you to create or order your own designs.

Enchanting Fairy Birthday Cakes

If you have a daughter who is pre-teen or younger, she might appreciate a fairy birthday cake. Little girls are often fascinated by fairy tales and if yours is, make her birthday magical with a beautiful cake and décor. You can create or order a cake decorated as a scene straight out of a fairytale. Include clouds, a unicorn, fairy wands, popular characters, or any other story element your daughter is drawn to.

Fairy and Mushroom Cake

Lovely pink themed fairy on mushroom cake for girls birthday party

Image Credit: dorsetcake

Beautiful fairy birthday cake for girls

Extravagant Fair House Cake

Image Credit:  adkinsforsenate

Princess Fairy Birthday Cake

Princess Fairy Birthday Cake

Image Credit: adkinsforsenate

Flower Fairy Birthday Cake

Flower Fairy Birthday Cake

Image Credit: prayface

Fairy Birthday Cake

Magical Fairy Birthday Cake

Image Credit: adkinsforsenate

Chocolate Fairy House Cake

Chocolate Woodland Fairy Treehouse Cake

Image Credit: partykitchen

Growing Up Girls

Adolescent and teen girls are a little more difficult to select cakes for. But with a little creativity, you can still capture your girl’s spirit in pastry form. Try out the ideas these decorators had for young ladies.

Awesome makeup kit birthday cake for teenage girls

Makeup and Favorite Brand Decorations

Image Credit: bellenza

Shopping theme birthday cake


Image Credit:  rescake

Zebra Print Birthday Cakes For Teenage Girls


Image Credit: ewoodys

Teenage Girls Birthday Cakes Ideas

Artistic Style

Image Credit: cakedecorpins

Beautiful Birthday Cake For Teenage Girl

Personal Items

Image Credit: cakecentral

Makeup Themed Teenage Girl Birthday Cake Ideas

Gift Accessories

Image Credit: toocraft

Elegant Princess Birthday Cakes

Get the princess of your life a royal princess birthday cake she will adore to bits. A princess birthday cake or a Disney Princesses theme are easy wins. Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Belle, Aurora, or even a Barbie Princess are ready inspirations. Such an ethereal birthday cake will obviously stand out as the centerpiece of the birthday party. Here are some ideas.

Pink Disney Princess birthday cake for girls

Disney Princess Ensemble

Image Credit:  ewoodys

Sumptuous Rapunzel birthday cake in purple theme

Creative Rapunzel Doll and Cake Gown

Image Credit: ewoodys

Elegant Disney Princess themed birthday cake for girls

Elegant Disney Princess Scene

Image Credit: blogspot

Disney Princess Birthday Cake Ideas

Labeled Cupcakes in Themed Wrappers around a Centerpiece Stand

Image Credit: cakedecorpins

Amazing Princess Birthday Cake

Cake and Ice Cream with Themed Toppers

Image Credit: spindlesdesigns

Gorgeous Floral Cakes

For the more mature girly girl, decorate in her favorite floral varieties. They’ll look wonderful, and you can design them in a multitude of ways. Decorate them with one simple flower or cover the cake in a bouquet of design. Make flat flower petals or layered blooms!

Round luscious red rose cake for birthday party

Red Rose Birthday Cake

Image Credit:  5nten

Colorful floral cake design for birthday

Colorful Layered Floral Design

Image Credit:  adkinsforsenate

Enchanting flower cake for birthday

Classy, Detailed Floral Design

Image Credit: sweetsomethingsdesserts

Floral Cake Design Decorated With Butterflies

Flowers and Butterflies

Image Credit: linkcrafter

Beautiful Floral Birthday Cake

Red and Pink Flowers with Sparkling Candy Embellishments

Image Credit: flickr

Bright Buttercream Flowers Birthday Cake

Styled Floral Display

Image Credit: flickr

Colorful Rainbow Cakes

Rainbow cakes can be brilliant works of art that perfectly complement the colorful birthday party theme of any girl. If your girl loves colors, then she is sure to adore a multicolored rainbow cake. Layer the icing according to the colors of the rainbow or add a rainbow to the top.

Multicolored rainbow themed birthday cake

Sky and Rainbow Cake with Candy Embellishments

Image Credit: hudld

Melting candle rainbow themed birthday cake

Melting Candle Rainbow Cake

Image Credit: ytimg

Beautiful Rainbow Birthday Cake With Flowers

Beautiful Rainbow Flowers

Image Credit: theshoppingmama

Beautiful Rainbow Fondant Cake

Colorful Rainbow Fondant Cake

Image Credit: eatrunwritelove

Rainbow Leopard Cake

Stunning Rainbow Leopard Cake

Image Credit: ytimg

Frozen “Frozen” Birthday Cakes

Disney’s Frozen is the favorite in recent years. If you are throwing a Frozen themed birthday party, don’t just decorate it in cool blue with the featured characters; freeze it! An ice cream cake or a chilled dough cake is sure to satiate both your visual and taste cravings.

Simple and elegant Frozen birthday cake

Frozen Photo Cake

Image Credit:  o4theluvofbakin

Charming Disneys Frozen themed birthday cake for girls

Frozen Fondant Cake with Figurines

Image Credit: ytimg

Yummy Frozen Birthday Cake

Sculpted Ice Cream Cake

Image Credit: prettyprudent

Cinderella Princess Frozen Birthday Cake

Cinderella Frozen Birthday Cake

Image Credit: ytimg

Three Tier Frozen Birthday Cake

Impressive Three Tier Scene Cake

Image Credit: cakes

We hope these birthday cake ideas for girls have given you some inspiration for themes and decorating styles. Adapt one of these visually creative cakes for a beautiful and classy design that can’t help but be a hit at your little or big girl’s upcoming birthday.

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