33 Gorgeous Mermaid Baby Shower Ideas


Here are the top mermaid baby shower décor ideas sure to be loved by all ‘soon to be mommies’ of cute little angels! If you are a woman about to deliver a sweet little girl, then a mermaid theme is one of the best themes you can choose! This theme not only looks great, but can bring a ton of fun to a baby shower. Here are some 33 inspiring ideas we have collected for baby shower foods, party favors, centerpieces, and invitations.

Mermaid Baby Shower Table Decorations

These creative ideas are splashed with both modern and vintage accents. Modern decorations add fun and excitement to the party while vintage decorations bring more elegance and class to the table. For a dessert table, use a different pastel color palette that includes peach, pink, blue, and tea, combining these with ocean inspired centerpieces and décor. If you are looking for a bit more inspiration, browse the rest of our articles about Baby Shower Decorations.

Elegant Sea-themed Cookies

Vintage themed mermaid baby shower dessert table decor

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Vintage mermaid themed baby shower table decor with floral accents

Ocean-themed Baby Shower Table Décor with Floral Arrangements

Image Credit: avant-gardens-weddings

Gorgeous vintage mermaid baby shower table decoration with mermaid themed cake

Gorgeously Decorated Cake with Accompanying Presentation

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Cute vintage mermaid baby shower table decor with cupcakes

Simply Impressive Cupcakes and Stand

Image Credit: babyshowerdecorations

Add Flavor with Seashell Cookies and Cakes

Ocean or mermaid-themed tables can be dressed up with plenty of custom-made cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Order or decorate a cake that has pastel colors splashed with mermaid, sea horse, or shell toppers as decorations.

Mermaid baby shower themed cake decor with seashells and sleeping baby

Mermaid-themed baby shower cake with Seashells and Sleeping Baby

Image Credit: cakedecorpins

Sweet mermaid baby shower decor with seashell cookies

Artistically-decorated Seashell Cookies

Image Credit: wordpress

Cute Little Mermaid themed baby shower cake in blue and white accents

Small Mermaid Cake with Blue and White Accents

Image Credit: invitationcard99

Gorgeous Little Mermaid and sea creatures themed baby shower cupcake decor

The Little Mermaid Cupcakes

Image Credit: pinimg

Mermaid cupcakes on baby shower table

The Little Mermaid Cupcake Labels

Image Credit: blogspot

Mermaid baby shower ideas with cookies and edibles replicating under sea life

Mermaid-themed Snacks and Treats

Image Credit: blogspot

Pastel themed mermaid baby shower desserts table decor

Pastel Cake Pops with Seashell Decorations

Image Credit: designpursuit

Excellent DIY Mermaid Baby Shower Ideas

Below are a few of our favorite DIY ideas where the hosts have experimented with various accessories centered around mermaids and the ocean. Bring your creativity out in full bloom by crafting diaper centerpieces decorated with seashells, mermaid figurines, and starfish, or create your own blue backdrop adorned with paper crafts and handmade seashells. For inspiration on themed cakes, take a look at our page dedicated to baby shower cakes for girls.

Beautiful mermaid baby shower ideas with DIY diaper cake decor

Extravagant DIY Diaper Cake Décor

Image Credit: designpursuit

DIY mermaid baby shower table decorations

Complete Table Decorations

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Stunning DIY mermaid baby shower

Hand-crafted Mermaid Baby Shower

Image Credit: livinthemommylife

Exquisite DIY mermaid baby shower table decor

Exquisite DIY Baby Shower Table Décor

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Cute DIY mermaid baby shower diaper cake centerpiece

Cute DIY Mermaid-themed Diaper Cake Centerpiece

Image Credit: etsystatic

Golden DIY mermaid cupcake toppers for baby shower

Golden Mermaid Cupcake Toppers

Image Credit: weddbook

Mermaid Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

Party favors can play a key role in adding style to your tables. Favors can be used both as decorative pieces and as gifts given to guests as a token of love. You can anything from salt scrubs, aromatic oil bottles wrapped with sea-life creature cutouts, or mermaid-embossed soaps.

Mermaid embossed Ikea wine glass baby shower favors

Mermaid-embossed Ikea Wine Glass

Image Credit: squarespace

Astonishing mermaid baby shower favors and treats

Hand-made Baby Shower Favor and Treats

Image Credit: shapecolorfont

Mermaid glycerine soap magic wands as baby shower favors

Mermaid-themed Magic Wand Soaps

Image Credit: etsystatic

Cute mermaid baby shower cupcake favors

Mermaid Cupcake Toppers

Image Credit: alicdn

Cute mermaid baby shower party favors

Bubble Party Favors

Image Credit: blogspot

Salt scrub mermaid baby shower favors

Sea-salt Scrubs

Image Credit: shelinteriordesign

Mermaid baby shower pinata bags as party favors

Hand-made Jewelry or Bags

Image Credit: wordpress

Cute mermaid baby shower wooden figure favors

Hand-crafted Figurines

Image Credit: paintcutpaste

Mermaid Baby Shower Ideas for Twins

If you are planning to host a baby shower for a mommy to be with twins on the way, try these symmetrical presentations. Also, consider using more neutral colors like blue and green instead of pastels.

Twins mermaid baby shower table decorations

Twins Mermaid-themed Table Decoration

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Beautiful mermaid baby shower table decor with floral accents

Beautiful, Symmetric Mermaid Baby Shower Décor

Image Credit: rostovtor

Mermaid-themed Invitations

Once you have decided on the style of your mermaid-themed baby shower, you can set the stage for the party with corresponding invitations. Use the same style of art that you will use in your party decorations and choose a font with curves rather than straight lines to emulate the flow of the sea.

Sweet mermaid baby shower invitation for a baby girl

Beautiful, Flowing Invitation Layout

Image Credit: etsystatic

Little mermaid baby shower invitation ideas

Simple Labels to Adapt for Invitations

Image Credit: shapecolorfont

Starfish mermaid baby shower invite

Starfish Favor Invitation

Image Credit: pinimg

Gorgeous mermaid baby shower invitation

Announcement Flyer Invitation

Image Credit: powertoolsandpolkadots

Alluring mermaid baby shower invite

Artistic Mermaid Baby Shower Invitiation

Image Credit: lemonleafprints

Pastel mermaid baby shower invitation

Pastel Flyer Invitation

Image Credit: etsystatic

The mermaid themed baby shower party ideas provided above are sure to help families and friends of ‘soon to be’ mommies throw bright and gorgeous baby showers. Use your imagination to adapt these ideas for your own use. Be sure to use lots of under-sea creatures like oysters, sea horses, and mermaids as décor accessories for your cakes, cupcakes, centerpieces, and party favors. Your guests will simply adore these themes and your guest of honor will be impressed at both your efforts and artistry!

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