33 European Style Dessert Buffet Ideas


The dessert buffet ideas that presented in our amazing gallery below are inspired by the elegant and stylish culture of Europe. European desserts are known all over the world for their creamy and rich textures. With these dessert table decoration ideas, you can craft gorgeous tables laid out with mousse, eclairs, and macaroons. Mostly pastels, these ideas are most popular for weddings, baptisms, and baby showers.

Cakes and Donuts

What would a dessert table look like if it was devoid of yummy looking cakes and quick sweet treats such as creme brulee, tarts, and choux pastries? If you want to lay out stunning dessert tables featuring creamy cakes with themes like Peter Rabbit, these ideas are for you! You can spread out sumptuous looking sweets with white or pink cakes in tiers or donuts filled with tasty creams and jellies.

European-styled Desert Table with Cakes and Donuts

European styled dessert table decor with cakes and donuts

Image Credit: marthastewartweddings

European dessert table decor themed on Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit-themed Table Decor

Image Credit: wordpress

European themed dessert table with Tudor era tablescape

Tudor-era Tablescape

Image Credit: british-bride

European dessert table decor in white and pastels

White and Pastels

Image Credit: marsonikon

Stylishly Classic Themes

If you want to floor your guests with a delectable spread of sweet treats, try a few of the ideas shown below. Any European-style buffet table would seem incomplete without a layout of pastries, macaroons, Meringue cookies, and caramels. You can embellish these on your dessert table with a variety of themes. Pick color palettes in gold, pink, white, and champagne for a vintage look.

Stylishly decorated European themed dessert table

Stylishly Decorated European Dessert Table

Image Credit: wordpress

Gorgeous European dessert table decoration using tiered floral centerpiece and pink accents

Tiered Floral Centerpiece with Pink Accents

Image Credit: sqspcdn

Pastel European dessert table with floral decoration

Pastels with Floral Decoration

Image Credit: tinydelightscupcakes

Victorias Garden themed European dessert table decor

Victoria's Garden

Image Credit: partypatisserie

Vintage European themed sweets table

Vintage European Sweets Table

Image Credit: squarespace

European high tea themed dessert table

High Tea Dessert Table

Image Credit: pizzazzerie

Pink and White Inspirations

The color palette of pink and white has always been a natural choice for party decorations. Can you guess why? These two shades lend elegance that soothes the eye. Secondly, you can craft a number of decorations to easily coordinate with your pink and white theme. Most European dessert table ideas are centered around these two colors.

Stunning pink and white European dessert table

Stunning Pink and White Dessert Table

Image Credit: marsonikon

Stunning pink European tulle bridal shower dessert table

Tulle Bridal Shower Dessert Table

Image Credit: wordpress

Elegant European dessert table with pink and white cake display

Elegant Dessert Table with Pink and White Cake Display

Image Credit: marthastewartweddings

Charming European pink and white themed dessert table

Charming Pink and White Decor

Image Credit: shopify

Charming pink and white themed decor on European dessert table

Delightful Pink and White Dessert Options

Image Credit: shopify

European pink and white themed dessert table

Simply Appealing Pink and White-themed Dessert Fare

Image Credit: sweettabledesign

Chic Dessert Table Ideas Currently in Vogue

Dessert buffet ideas are creatively varied to suit every taste and budget. Most of these buffet spreads are in high demand with fashion-minded clients or guests. With a table that's gussied up with delicious croquembouches, macaroons, eclairs, and Madeleines, you are sure to get an exciting start to your birthday or wedding celebration.

European dessert buffet ideas with French croquembouche and macarons

French Croquembouche and Macaroons

Image Credit: marthastewartweddings

European dessert table filled with stuffed cupcakes on tiers

Modern European-style Dessert Table with Filled Cupcakes on Tiers

Image Credit: justabitedesserts

Pastel themed European dessert table laid out with cupcakes and cake pops

Pastel Dessert Table with Cupcakes and Cake Pops

Image Credit: imszion

Macaron and cake display on European styled dessert table

Macaroon and Cake Display

Image Credit: southernbrideandgroom

French cupcake and cake decoration on European dessert table

French Cupcake and Cake Display

Image Credit: lapatbakery

Cute pastel themed European dessert buffet

Soft Pastel Baby Shower Theme

Image Credit: imgur

Elegant Gold-Themed Table Decor

Gold is a beautiful accent color that used extensively for table decorations at weddings, baby showers, and birthdays. Shimmering expressions of elegance can lift the class of dessert tables using gold-tinted flowers, ribbons, wrappings, and tiered cake stands. You can also incorporate a golden backdrop to further emphasize your theme.

European birthday dessert table with golden tints

Gorgeous Birthday Dessert Table with Golden Tints

Image Credit: pinkcakebox

European golden accented carousel cake table decor

Gold-accented Carousel Cake Table

Image Credit: cheriekelly

Vintage European themed dessert buffet table with golden toned cupcake wrappers

Vintage European-themed Dessert Buffet Table with Gold-toned Cupcake Wrappers

Image Credit: wordpress

Pink and gold European birthday dessert table

Pink and Gold Birthday Dessert Table

Image Credit: frostedpetticoatblog

Decorative European dessert table decor using gold

Decorative Table Decor Emphasizing Gold

Image Credit: shopify

Gold and pastel decor on European dessert table

Gold and Pastels

Image Credit: sweetiefactory

Floral Accents

Flowers bring a sense of freshness and femininity to any table decoration and so are much-loved accessory when decorating for weddings, christenings, or tea parties. European themes usually call for pastels and traditional baby colors. The light-colored floral decor ideas below are inspirational.

Lush French floral themed dessert table

Lush French Floral-themed Dessert Table

Image Credit: lushflorals

European dessert table with Damask and floral accents

Damask and Floral Accents

Image Credit: theeverylastdetail

Pastel European dessert tablescape with floral decor

Pastel Tablescape with Floral Decor

Image Credit: squarespace

European wedding dessert table with flowers as decoration

Wedding Dessert Table with Flower Decoration

Image Credit: ohitsperfect

White floral decor on European dessert table

White Floral Decor

Image Credit: buckinghamsonline

A European-inspired sweets table focuses primarily on pastels and baby colors, such as pink, peach, white, and yellow. Tables decorated accordingly bear an elegant and classy look complete with a yummy spread of quick sweet treats and custom-made tier cakes. If any of these dessert buffet ideas catch your fancy, let us know in the comments!

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