37 Inspiring Breakfast Table Ideas


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It energizes you for the rest of your day. Now set the mood for your day with these breakfast table ideas. Whether you prefer a formal or informal setting for dining, use colorful or more natural tones in your décor, have an open or small area available, these examples will inspire you to create appealing works of art out of your breakfast area. Your morning mealtime will be a statement of style to start your day

Creative Floral Décor

Placing floral arrangements on your table not only adds color but fresh vibrancy to lift your spirits and invigorate you for the day’s activities.

Pink roses deck up this pretty breakfast table

Pink Roses and Sunlight to Brighten the Breakfast Table

Image Credit: luxuryflatsinlondon

Colourful breakfast table embellished with gorgeous flowers

Colorful Floral Centerpieces and Décor

Image Credit: pinimg

A wooden breakfast table setting with white lilies

White Lilies and Wide Window

Image Credit: everycraving

Beautiful red floral centerpiece adds a charming touch to this breakfast table

Floral Centerpiece and Potted Plants

Image Credit: thomdean

Pink floral decor on a small breakfast table

Growing Greens and Fresh Flowers in Window Nook

Image Credit: home-designing

Soothing Candle Centerpieces

Lit or unlit candles provide a soothing ambiance as they gently help you wake up in the morning. Scented candles that won’t clash with your breakfast aromas awaken your senses for the day ahead.

White pillar candle decor in black lanterns looks amazing

Beautiful Candle Arrangement with Potted Grass

Image Credit: alocazia

Huge candle jar decor looks ravishing

Tall Candle Vases, Ornate Candelabra Chandelier, and Greens for an Inviting Breakfast Table

Image Credit: creairtive

White lanterns lit up with candles add a shimmering touch to this breakfast table

Votive Candles and Glowing Lanterns for a Morning Breakfast

Image Credit: pauletteshomes

Gorgeous votives with candles add a dazzling touch to this breakfast table

Opulent Table Settings for an Energizing Breakfast

Image Credit: freshome

China Table Settings

Vintage or modern china adds both charm and class to your breakfast table. Help your family recognize the importance of the meal with formal table settings and prepared dishes.

A layered colour table setting in green and white accents

Modern China for a Colorful Table Setting

Image Credit: freshome

This white layered up China adds to the elegance

Formal Breakfast Table Setting

Image Credit: loversiq

Stacked up China plates add neatness to this breakfast table

Printed China for a Holiday Family Breakfast

Image Credit: blogspot

Simple and Sweet Breakfast Table Ideas

These breakfast table decor ideas are less formal but no less stylish. With bright and warm colors, they invite you to a fresh day of possibilities. Add fresh fruit and flowers to complete the effect.

Simple breakfast tablescape with minimal decor

Bright Blue Table with Yellow and Brown Décor, Sunshine, and Fresh Fruit

Image Credit: dmdmagazine

An elegant breakfast table decked up with basics and yellow flowers

Appetizing Breakfast Spread with Fresh Flowers

Image Credit: staticflickr

This black and white themed breakfast table looks simple yet classy

Black and White Décor with Red Accents and Floral Centerpiece

Image Credit: blogspot

A simple Easter breakfast table setting

Welcoming Spring Breakfast Table

Image Credit: blogspot

Simple Christmas breakfast tablescape

Bright Christmas Breakfast Table

Image Credit: craftberrybush

White China adds style to this simple breakfast table

White China and Floral Embellishments

Image Credit: loversiq

A simple breakfast nook decked up with red flowers in a white vase

Colored Tablecloth with Bright Floral Centerpiece

Image Credit: fleursdelune

Elegant and simple breakfast table setting with blue printed Chinaware

Vintage China and Complementary Linens

Image Credit: betweennapsontheporch

A rustic and simple breakfast table

Arranged Rustic Table Setting

Image Credit: tumblr

Small Breakfast Table Decorating

These small table decor ideas help you make the most of tight breakfast areas. They’re trendy and minimalistic.

A small kitchen breakfast table decorated with flowers

Attractive Table and Chairs with Floral Centerpiece

Image Credit: simplehomez

A small custom made breakfast table

Smart Wall Table and Benches with Twin Candles

Image Credit: wedonyc

The small breakfast table looks stylish with flowers

Colorful Corner Nook with Fresh Flowers

Image Credit: sndimg

Fruit Centerpieces

Like flowers, fruit adds vibrancy and freshness to your table. It’s edible too! Decorative wooden bowls or rattan baskets filled with fresh fruits are perfect for cozy or informal homes. For a more elegant display, arrange fruit on a stand or in a bronze tray.

Appealing breakfast table decor with yellow flowers and fruit basket

Wicker Basket of Fresh Fruit with Floral Centerpieces

Image Credit: longfabu

Dark breakfast table decor with a black fruit bowl

Char Black Table and Chairs with Matching Bowl Filled with Bright Fruit

Image Credit: emaudesign

A white fruit bowl looks elegant

Decorative Bowl of Appetizing Fresh Fruit

Image Credit: sndimg

Stylish Event Breakfast Tables

For a formal morning event, don’t simply copy evening décor; use bright colors reminiscent of the early sunshine. Include pinks and yellows, purples and blues.

Gorgeous wedding breakfast table decor with flowers and ornamental candle holder

Formal Breakfast Table with Bright Colors and Flowers

Image Credit: furnitureteams

Glam floral and candle centerpiece on a wedding breakfast table

Red and White Décor with Pink and Yellow Accents for a Morning Event

Image Credit: craigynoscastleweddings

Blue red and orange decor on wedding breakfast table

Blue, Red, and White Formal Breakfast Table

Image Credit: surreylaneweddingphotography

Stunning lantern centerpiece on wedding breakfast table

Transparent Pink Décor for a Ladies’ Morning Event

Image Credit: amazonaws

Charming Breakfast Table Décor

Your breakfast table decorating doesn’t need to be expensive, and in many cases, simpler is better. A patterned table runner with a lone flower in a vase could be all you need. Colored placemats with a small votive candle is another easy idea. For extra pizzazz, add a bowl of acorns or a small leafy branch across the table.

A driftwood adds a punch of style to this breakfast table

Place Setting Table Runners with Driftwood, Gourdes, and Leafy Shoots

Image Credit: enkordis

A refreshing decor of flowers and white vase looks pleasing

Floral Centerpiece, Fresh Fruit, and Croissant Stand

Image Credit: candresses

Red and stripes look trendy on this breakfast table

Floral Décor in Chandelier Candelabra and Centerpiece

Image Credit: loversiq

Creative Breakfast Table Centerpiece Ideas

A breakfast table centerpiece can include so many things from candles to flowers to fruit bowls to books to picture frames to gourdes! It depends what you enjoy seeing at the table. These last centerpiece ideas are a little more creative, such as pumpkin centerpieces topped with succulents and flowers and pines.

Stylish floral centerpiece

Floral Centerpiece Filled with Golfballs

Image Credit: verawedding

A pumpkin centerpiece can add a festive cheer to any breakfast table

Fall Centerpiece with Greens, Gourdes, and Pinecones

Image Credit: sndimg

A pine and floral breakfast table centerpiece

Floral and Pinecone Centerpiece on Breakfast Table

Image Credit: athomewithzan

How would you like to decorate your breakfast table? Flowers, candles, fresh fruit, china, chandeliers, driftwood? Be as simple or as intricate as you like as you personalize these breakfast table ideas for your home!.

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