Best Coffee Tables (June 2017) – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

For those who are looking to buy coffee tables, here is a great review of the best coffee tables of 2017 that we think will be loved by all. A coffee table is an essential piece of furniture that people often use in their living rooms in front of their sofas or simply next to them. It’s a stylish table, either low or long that becomes a landing pad for things that are required on a daily basis like TV remote, magazines, car keys, foods and drinks, and decorative accessories.

There are many different kinds of coffee tables such as low, high, wooden, metallic, traditional, contemporary or vintage. For every kind of buyer, sellers offer different styles that are customized and tailor made to suit their needs. Some coffee tables come with inbuilt storage options in the form of cabinets or drawers. These tables solve the problem of clutter as these allow buyers to keep a lot many things out of sight but in an orderly fashion. Metal coffee tables in sleek designs too are popular choices as are wooden ones. One may select teak or mahogany as one likes.

Best Coffee Tables 2017

Best Coffee Tables 2017 – Comparison Chart

A living room can only look complete when you place all types of furniture pieces in their required or designated places. If you think that a coffee table is a negligible piece that requires no detailing, you are wrong as it is one of the most important items in a living area as it offers beauty as well as functionality. A cool coffee table design can lend a lasting impression on your guests.

Before planning on choosing the design of your coffee table, it’s a must that you know in detail the size, shape, cost, material and weight of the models. However, it’s quite but natural for anyone to feel a bit overwhelmed when choosing and going through the technicalities of coffee table models enlisted on various sites or at furniture showrooms. So, to ease your minds, here is the best coffee tables comparison chart with the products we have reviewed to the best of our capabilities and we hope you would be benefited from these.

Product NameMaterialShapeWeight 
Emerald Home T100-0
Chandler Cocktail Table
WoodRectangular58 Pounds Check Price
Coaster Home Furnishings
ChromeRound44.2 Pounds Check Price
Tucson Espresso Leather
Tufted Top Coffee Table
Leather TuftedSquare40 Pounds Check Price
Sauder Carson Forge
Lift Top Coffee Table
Particle WoodRectangular64 Pounds Check Price
T838-1 Merihill Collection
Coffee Table
WoodRectangular100 Pounds Check Price
Monarch Metal
Cocktail Table
MetalRectangular37 Pounds Check Price
Stelar White Lacquer
Lift Top Coffee Table
LacquerRectangular77 Pounds Check Price
Coaster Country Style
Coffee Table
Wood & MetalRectangular91 Pounds Check Price
Yaheetech 3 Tier Modern
Living Room Oval Glass
Coffee Table
GlassOval22.3 Pounds Check Price
Sauder Boone Mountain
Coffee Table
Oak WoodRectangular77.6 Pounds Check Price

Best Coffee Table Reviews 2017

A sitting room or as we call it “a living room” is a very important place in your entire home where you relax and chill with friends and family. It is the one room that is accessible to outsiders and must look welcoming at all times. Needless to say, the type of furniture plays a crucial part in determining whether your living room is at par with the set standards of style or falls below the mark. Furniture like sofas and console tables are usually seen placed in most living rooms, but there is an equally important piece that ought to be thought about when decorating your living room is concerned. Yes, it’s the quintessential coffee table! Without it, any living room is doomed. A coffee table is the heart and soul of a sitting area and offers much more than just visual feast. It’s a place that is used for eating, drinking, and keeping a whole lot of mundane things that you use daily. So, it becomes vital that you pick such pieces or designs that do justice to all these functions and also synergise well with the rest of the decor. For this year, let us showcase some of the best coffee tables that you will all fall in love with. Here we go!

1. Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table

It’s a perfect piece of furniture for a contemporary living room. The table is a visual treat for any Eco-friendly living area and is crafted out of wood grain, a stylish and timeless material that lends a bit of rustic touch to the whole piece. Buyers all across the globe vouch for using reclaimed wood in their homes and this coffee table fits the needs and tastes of everyone. To top its look, the designers have utilized wrought iron, another loved metal that lends an industrial look to the coffee table. All the accents or elements utilized in this furniture piece have imbibed the concept of reusable materials, a necessity in modern times.

What We Like about It – Its wholesome synergy between wood and metal makes it a timeless piece.

2. Coaster Home Furnishings 702588 Contemporary Coffee Table

A rather contemporary piece, this coffee table can bring oodles of style into your living area. With a glam tempered glass top, the coffee table also boasts of a curvaceous chrome base that lends it a very modern and sturdy look. To complement its chrome base, the designers have used nickel finishing over it which blends seamlessly with the black ring around the table’s edge. Coming to the table’s glass top, it is made of solid glass that has nice thickness. It rests comfortably over a black round metal ring as mentioned before. The product is a stylish piece of furniture that assures its buyers both high quality as well as durability.

What We Like about It – Great quality and durability.

3. Tucson Espresso Leather Tufted Top Coffee Table w/ Drawer

Have you always wanted to organize your sitting area in a tasteful manner? Well, this coffee table is your answer for all the clutter that you may see emerge in your sitting area from time to time. Though, there is a drawer but it isn’t too deep. However, it definitely helps in sorting magazines, books and TV remotes in a systematic manner. With bonded leather used in its upholstery, the coffee table exudes a rich look, perfect for a modern living area. On the top there are six tufts that complement the frame that’s made out of hardwood.

What We Like about It – The tufted accents and the espresso brown bonded leathery look.

4. Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table

Image Credit: sauder

Now is your chance to treat yourself with this good looking and elegant coffee table specially meant for your sitting room. We bring before you a space saving piece of furniture that can become the eye candy amongst all your furniture. With an ample storage in the form of hidden storage beneath the top, this coffee table solves all your clutter woes. The compact shape of the table makes it a perfect add on to a space crunched living area. The brown cherry finished color adds to the warmth. The open shelves help in additional storage and the wrought iron accents lend a distinct look to it.

What We Like about It – The visual look of this coffee table rocks. The storage feature allows you to use it in small apartments.

5. T838-1 Merihill Collection Coffee Table

Customers would fall head over heels with this stylish coffee table that is a classic mix of affordability and luxury. With a faux marble top as its feature, the coffee table looks elegant and boasts of an air of opulence. It comes with polyurethane finish. The hard finished bodice lends a warm finish to it as also the ottoman that comes along with it. An eclectic mix of veneers, man-made wood and wood bestow a feel of opulence to the whole furniture piece.

What We Like about It – Of course, it has to be the table’s faux marble top and a replicated plank paneling.

6. Monarch Metal Cocktail Table

Image Credit: hayneedle

The coffee table is crafted out of hollow cored fiber board of medium density and is perfect for modern living areas. With a sturdy base made of chrome, the table balances well and will never tip or turn over. A very unique design of crisscross on the sides looks quite attractive. The table top is spacious, allowing you to keep a lot many things.

What We Like about It – The simple design along with a glossy finish catches your attention.

7. Stelar White Lacquer Lift-Top Coffee Table

The geometric rectangular shape of this lacquer coffee table draws your attention instantly. The lift top is an added attractive feature and can be used in small living rooms conveniently. When you are not entertaining, the coffee table can serve the purpose of a laptop desk as well. The high gloss finished top looks very pleasing and perfectly fits any modern sitting area. The coffee table comes with hidden storage compartments that can be used for storing things. The slide shelves too are added features to attract customers. The legs of the table are made of stainless steel and are cross shaped with chrome finish.

What We Like about It – The main highlight of this table is its eclectic geometric shape along with its multi-functionality.

8. Coaster Country Style Coffee Table

This is a must to have piece in your sitting area if you love a bit of rustic accents around. In most country side farms, people make use of wooden carriages or carts and this piece truly resembles the sort with a flat top. It’s a classy piece offering a mix between wood and wrought iron that is seen used in its wheels. These wheels have a rugged look.

What We Like about It – A truly aesthetic piece, perfect for your living room. The usage of wood and wrought iron works wonders for it.

9. Yaheetech 3 Tier Modern Living Room Oval Glass Coffee Table

An oval shaped glass table that is essentially elegant and luxurious in looks is this 3 tiered coffee table. The table is crafted out of tempered glass on the top while its shelves are made of frosted glass with a wavy design. The table therefore allows you to store things at three levels. The edges are soft and child friendly with a polished top. The stands or legs offering support to it are made of steel.

What We Like about It – The coffee table’s three tiered storage makes it a desirable product.

10. Sauder Boone Mountain Coffee Table in Craftsman Oak

This amazingly designed coffee table draws inspiration from hand hewn log furniture and boasts of warm accents that will impress anyone with an Eco-friendly taste. The sturdy built of the coffee table is an attractive feature and will make for a lasting piece. In addition, the table comes equipped with two drawers with safety stops and metal runners. There is an open shelf for storage and displaying things. The edges are well chiseled and the whole table comes in oak-wood finish.

What We Like about It – This table is a classic example of log furniture. Its main USP is its warm and rustic tones.

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Why do we need a Coffee Table?

Coffee Table Buying Guide

No living room can function completely unless it’s embellished with the required type of furniture and accessories. One of the very important features is the coffee table without which you cannot entertain your guests or live a comfy life. A sitting area is the one and only place where you sit around having fun and frolic. The coffee table serves as the melting point for many things that otherwise would have rounded up some place else, thereby cluttering spaces. It is an essential piece of furniture that adds on to the beauty of your décor, plus it also helps in storing.

What are the most important features to consider before buying a Coffee Table?

The markets are flooded with endless coffee table models and designs which makes it quite difficult for us to choose the correct model. Before embarking on a journey to pick ‘your favorite’, it’s better to do some thorough research unless you want to end up complaining and pining about the great blunder you have committed. Let’s throw some light on some of the important factors that must be borne in mind before selecting a specific type of design.

1. Price: Before you start looking for different coffee table designs, do stop for a moment to think of the price that you are willing to pay for it. Pre-planning of the budget is an important consideration when purchasing a coffee table, or for that matter any furniture. This will go a long way in preventing any over expenditure and will also save you a lot of time. If you are looking for an affordable option you can check out, coffee tables under $100 from the above list of best coffee tables.

2. Storage: Many people end up buying furniture that they do not find suitable later on, and this is one major blunder. When searching for desirable coffee tables, always look whether there are any options for storing. This may not be a vital criteria for many, but surely is an essential factor. Most living rooms become the hub for socializing, and ultimately become the places of great clutter. So, to cut down on the unsightly clutter, a coffee table with storage is the best solution.

3. The prevailing decor of the living room: If you place a mismatched furniture piece that doesn’t gel well with the rest of your interior, then it’s a total disaster in the making for your home. So is the case with your coffee table. Hence, before starting on a voyage to pick your most desired coffee table, be sure that it matches perfectly with the decor.

4. Size: Another factor to consider before selecting a coffee table model is the size. If you have a large sitting area, then obviously choosing a very sleek or small design will not do much justice, and vice versa.

5. Kid friendly: Some of the designs that people often pick do not serve them well especially if the models are not kid or child friendly. Look for such pieces that have smooth or softer edges so as not to cause any injuries to toddlers or young kids. Coffee tables with glass tops are a big no no in case you have toddlers running in your house. In such scenario, pick models that are sleek or have minimum chances of causing injuries to young children.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing before buying any coffee table is to conduct a bit of research at your own end before finalizing on a particular model. The above mentioned best coffee tables of 2017 will definitely help you to increase the style and aesthetics of your living room. All these models are classic examples of beauty and functionality and are a mix between modern, rustic and traditional. That said; our winner for the best coffee table in 2017 is the Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table. On the other hand, if you are looking for the best affordable coffee table, our pick is the Yaheetech 3 Tier Oval Glass Coffee Table.