35 Creative Bedside Table Decor Ideas


Looking for innovative ideas to stylize your bedside tables? These creative bedside table décor ideas will awaken you to the possible rustic, glam, and modern chic tables and décor that you can have. From DIY to designer furniture and accessories, these examples will inspire you to give your bedside table a completely new look.

Crate Tables

Put your old crates to use and create unique nightstands and décor for your bedroom. Old apple or wine crate ideas are hot trends. If you want to go minimal, use old unfinished crates. Or paint them and add your own stenciled or hand-drawn designs.

Creative DIY bedside table made out of old wine box

Creative DIY Nightstand from Unfinished Wine Crate and Patterned Paper

Image Credit: pillarboxblue

Unique bedside crate table decor

Easy Upside Down Crate

Image Credit: decoist

A bedside table made out of an old wire crate

Used Wire Animal Crate with Added Glass Top

Image Credit: blogspot

Ladder Tables

Don’t feel safe using your old wooden ladder? Repurpose it into a decoration! Lean it against the wall encompassing your nightstand. Or fold it out and place wood or glass shelves across the rungs. Hang pictures and artwork from the sides for an incredibly charming décor. Paint it to add an accent color to your room.

Rustic ladder bedside table decked up with a picture frame and light bulb 1

Ladder with Added Box Drawer across Rungs

Image Credit: etsystatic

This ladder acts as a bedside table and is decorated with books and lamp

Ladder-shaped Shelving

Image Credit: pinimg

Glam Table Décor

The sight and scent of fresh flowers are perfect for helping you awaken to a new day. Plant them in pots in front of a window to keep them growing all year long. Add a romantic ambiance by coupling your floral arrangement with votive candles.

Fresh floral decor on a bedside table

Bright Accent Flower with Décor Matching Vase

Image Credit: iqinterior

Pink rose decor on a bedside table for a feminine look

Paper Craft Flowers in Vase

Image Credit: realsimple

Roses in a silver vase lend this table elegance

Pink Roses on Lady’s Nightstand

Image Credit: photobucket

Gorgeous white and light purple floral decor

Floral Arrangement and Complementary Lamp

Image Credit: dentalroseville

Lamp Décor

A bedside table lamp offers the right amount of ambient lighting for reading or cuddling in bed and can be very stylized to become a highlight of your room’s décor. Let it be a colorful accent or a decorative piece that exemplifies your room’s theme.

The colourful bedding looks sylish with a unique table lamp placed on a white side table

Rope Lamp for Nautical Décor

Image Credit: dylangallery

Nothing decks up a bedside table like a crystal table lamp

Crystalline Candelabra Lamp

Image Credit: hardware-online-stores

DIY Bedside Table Decorations

Want a stylish surface for your bedtime needs? How about a decorative log? Or a stylish suitcase? Decorate a vintage chair or worn wooden ladder with string lights. Here’s another example of an old ladder with simple board shelves.

DIY wooden ladder decked up with rustic accessories

Reclaimed Wood Ladder with Board Shelves for a Vintage Rustic Appeal

Image Credit: countryliving

Artwork Décor

When you want to make a unique style statement without being too loud about it, simply place a painting or a vintage photo in an old picture frame leaning against the wall on your bedside table. Leaning artwork is an informal decorating style that showcases your tastes. Display abstract art for color and shapes, a painting of a favorite location, or a representation of something meaningful to you. If you have your own artwork or photo, even better! Add to the effect with antique editions of your favorite books or magazines fanned out showcasing your interests.

Cool accented bedside table decked up with a leaning picture frame and lamp

Bedside Table with Artwork, Books, Decorative Lamp, and Floral Arrangement

Image Credit: irastar

Stylish Clock Décor

We all need to wake up some time, so why not turn your alarm clocks into part of the décor? Try a vintage wind-up clock or a chic modern computerized timepiece. Alarm clocks are available in a wide variety of colors and melodies to add fun to your wake-up time rather than annoyance.

Vintage bedside table embellished with a decorative alarm clock

Vintage Nightstand and Alarm Clock

Image Credit: manthoor

Mirrored bedside table decorated with a decorative clock

Mirrored Bedside Table with Crystalline Alarm Clock

Image Credit: foundedproject

A wooden bedside table decorated with a clock and decorative lamp

Elegant Bedside Table Décor with Tasteful Alarm Clock

Image Credit: lonny

A blue alarm clock lends a serene touch to this glass bedside table

Complementary Blue Alarm Clock Matching Bed Décor

Image Credit: pixabay

Bedside Table Ideas with Figurines and Statues

Do you enjoy decorating your dining tables, console tables, or curio cabinets with little figurines and statues? Bring a couple of pieces into the bedroom to add cheer to your bedtime and waking moments. From sexy mermaids to Precious Moments sleeping cherubs, a small statuette can enhance the mood of your entire room. If you are a faith-filled person, display a statue of Mary or Christ and say a short prayer before bed. If you want to remind yourself to de-stress, try a mold of Buddha.

Asian themed bedside table decor with Buddha statue

Buddha Statue in Asian-inspired Bedroom

Image Credit: pin-insta-decor

Cute bedside table decor with white animal statues and candle

Lamb Figurines as Spiritual Reminder

Image Credit: sophiecolecandles

A red figurine of a woman at the base of the lamp looks stunning

Alluring Japanese Geisha Figurine

Image Credit: vox

Jewelry Table Décor

Jewelry is as much of an adornment on the table as it is on you. Keeping a porcelain dish with pearls or a pearl necklace draped around a lamp on your bedside table add class and femininity to your room. Couple one or two pieces with flowers, votive candles, or colored glass stones in a tall vase.

Gorgeous bedside table gussied up with flowers and jewelry filled dish

Bedside Table with Classy Jewelry, Floral Arrangement, and Lamp

Image Credit: cococozy

Gorgeous jewelry display on a bedside table

Jewelry Pieces and Reading Material

Image Credit: classyglamliving

Candle Décor

Candles deserve mention. By themselves or paired with any other accessory, candles make a simple or ornate display. Go vintage with a single tall candle in an antique holder, rustic with a squat candle in a metal holder, or romantic with votive candles or tea lights. In any style, candles will provide a warm, welcoming feeling to your bedroom.

Ornamental candle in a votive displayed on the bedside table

Ornamental Candles on Rustic Roundel Nightstand

Image Credit: beeyoutifullife

An assorted display of candle vase clock and lamp looks elegant

Wide Candle on Metal Tray with Cute Alarm Clock, Floral Display, and Decorative Lamp

Image Credit: blogspot

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom! Design your décor to help you wind down at bedtime and wake up in the morning. Let your bedroom display the most intimate side of your personality with romantic statues, artwork, and jewelry. Or show your style with rustic crates and reclaimed ladders or decorative lamps and reading material. Anyone can adapt these bedside table décor ideas to their style, so enjoy making your nightstand over the way you want it to be!

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