41 Exquisite Baby Shower Favor Ideas


Hosting a baby shower soon? Don’t forget to thank the guests for their attendance with a little remembrance of the occasion. These 41 exquisite baby shower favor ideas should help give you some ideas. Party favors are best when they are personalized and follow the same theme as the baby shower.

A baby shower is a show of support for the soon-to-be mother, where her family and friends help her prepare for her expected one with gifts. The host of the party doesn’t need to reciprocate the value of the gifts back to the guests, so party favors should not be overly expensive. With some imagination and creativity, you can craft or assemble unique and stunning baby shower favors with very little money spent on supplies. See the examples below and think about how you can adapt these ideas to your party and theme.

Cute Baby Shower Favor Ideas with Candles

Candles are decorative and useful. If you enjoy molding your own candles, there’s no limit to what you can design for your shower! Or buy inexpensive candles and wrap them in lace or tulle and handwrite or print a tag to attach to each one. Personalize the tag with the guest’s name and the name of the mother and/or baby. You can also decorate votive holders using gemstones or confetti and gift candles in complete packages.

Your baby shower candle favors can also vary depending on the gender of the soon-to-be-born baby. If there’s going to be a new girl, decorate the candles with pink or yellow footprints and wrap it in silver tulle and ribbon. If there’s going to be a boy, choose blue or gray. Nautical themed candles too can work well for either girl or boy baby showers.

Beautiful Blue and White Candle Favor with Transparent Printed Sticker, Tulle, Ribbon, and Pacifier

Beautiful blue and white baby shower candle favor with baby footprints

Image Credit: babyideas

Nautical themed candle baby shower favors

Nautical-themed Mason Jar Candle with Personalized Label

Image Credit: etsystatic

Decorative horse shaped candle favors for baby showers

Adorable Rocking Horse Candle Favors

Image Credit: alicdn

White candle in a votive baby shower favor

Simple Candle and Votive with Personalized Label

Image Credit: notonthehighstreet

Tea light candle baby shower favors

Tea Lights in Tulle and Ribbon with Personalized Message Tag

Image Credit: pinimg

Thoughtful Bath and Pedicure Favors

Here’s a unique and thoughtful idea that can range in price depending on how much you want to lavish your gifts. Since the baby shower is a time to pamper the mother, why not return the favor by sending your lady guests home with their own pampering kit? You can include lotions, soaps, nail polishes, masques, cotton balls, files, and more. Purchase travel sizes or make your own molded soaps for less expensive gifts.

Place your items in a decorative gift bag or Mason jar. Decorate the jar with twine or ribbon. If you want something more classy, use wine glasses or goblets. Personalize the gifts with different lotions or polishes if you know the guests well or if you want to invite them to trade for their favorite scents and colors.

Sweet pedicure in a jar baby shower favors

Bath Party Favor

Image Credit: carpny

Pedicure in a jar baby shower favors

Mani/Pedi in a Jar

Image Credit: awalkinhell

Gorgeous pedicure in wine glass baby shower favors

Hand-decorated Wine Glass Manicure Favors

Image Credit: doorkanpic

Adorable Owl Candy Box Favors

“Look Whooooooo’s Having a Baby” owl themes are popular for baby showers when the parents have chosen to leave the gender of the child a surprise. You can decorate owls with a mixture of pink and blue feathers or use completely gender neutral colors. If you are using the owl theme, then think owl candy favors.

With a few craft supplies, you can decorate almost anything to look like an owl: plastic balls, paper bags, Mason jars, tea tins, coffee cans, garden pails… Fill them with candy color coordinated to your party and personalize them with a printed or hand-drawn owl card.

Cute pink owl candy balls baby shower favors

Hand-decorated Owl Candy Ornaments

Image Credit: amazonaws

Owl baby shower favor bags filled with candies

Homemade Owl Gift Bags

Image Credit: babyshowerideas4u

Pink owl themed baby shower candy favors

Candy Bag with Personalized Owl Label

Image Credit: hotref

Adorable owl themed candy baby shower favor box

Owl Favor Box with Owl Cutout Handle

Image Credit: alicdn

Pink owl baby shower candy tube favors

Candy Tubes with Printed Owl Label

Image Credit: hotref

Owl themed candy jar baby shower favors

Candy Jar with Personalized Label

Image Credit: hotref

More Candy Favor Ideas

Besides owls, you can fill baby bottles with candy, origami booties, candy boxes shaped like carriages, Nautical-themed paper boxes with anchors and sailboats, or felt baby blanket candy pouches.

Baby bottle candy box baby shower favors

Baby Bottle Candy Favors

Image Credit: winddeal

Stroller shaped baby shower candy box favors

Stroller Candy Box

Image Credit: slatic

Pink baby carriage favor boxes for baby shower

Baby Rattle Box

Image Credit: perfect-babyshower

Sweet pink baby shower candy box favors

Cardboard Purse Candy Box with Personalized Label

Image Credit: etsystatic

Nautical themed baby shower candy box favors in navy blue

Nautical Candy Box with Foam Anchor and String

Image Credit: etsystatic

Cookie Favors

Cookies! Everyone loves the crunchy sweetness of a cookie, and they will be a special hit if they’re decorated or presented according to your party’s theme. Bake and decorate them yourself and then tie them up in plastic bags for an easy party favor that your guests are sure to enjoy. And with cookie favors, you can serve snacks at the shower instead of cake and let your favors be the dessert.

Cute cookie box favors filled with cookies

Tea Party Cookie Favor Box

Image Credit: marthastewart

Easy cookie pack baby shower favors 1

Homemade Cookies in Plastic with Hand-decorated Tag

Image Credit: babycross

Gorgeous cookie envelope baby shower favor

Personalized Cookie Envelope

Image Credit: marthastewart

Baby shower cookie favors for a girl baby shower

Decorated Cupcake Cookie with Printed Tag and Embellishments

Image Credit: awalkinhell

Baby romper cookie favors for baby shower

Decorated Baby Romper Cookies

Image Credit: babyshowersideas

Adorable baby shaped cookies as favors

Iced Baby Face Cookies and Tag

Image Credit: pennyandrio

Pink baby footprint cookie favors for baby shower

Baby Footprint Cookies

Image Credit: blogspot

Light pink cookie favors for a girl baby shower

Onesie and Cross Cookies

Image Credit: doodledog

Baby Rattle Marshmallow and Cake Pops

This cute and unique idea has a lot of potential. You can show your artistry by decorating baby rattle cake pops and marshmallow pops in a variety of patterns and materials. Try using flavored marshmallows (pineapple or citrus flavors) for an extra special treat. Go simple with candy-dipped marshmallows or create elaborate icing and embellishment designs on your cake and mallow pops.

With not many people using this idea yet, this could be the perfect baby shower favor for your party.

Marshmallow rattle favors for baby shower

Candy-dipped Marshmallow Pop

Image Credit: awalkinhell

Cute pink marshmallow rattle favor for baby shower

Iced and Candied Marshmallow Pop

Image Credit: blogspot

Pink and blue marshmallow rattle favors for baby shower

Candy-decorated Fondant Cake Pop

Image Credit: blogspot

Yellow marshmallow rattle favors for a baby shower

Flavored Marshmallow Pop with Sprinkles

Image Credit: fiskars

Unique DIY Baby Shower Favors

Show your creativity by turning small, normal gift items into decorative party favors. The examples here show lip balm decorated as balloons with a clever slogan and nail polish in the guise of a ballerina. For your favors, try to think of normal items whose shapes you can use as the basis for a decoration.

Or take the time to learn how to make bath salts in rainbow shades at home following a simple recipe. If you already craft homemade jewelry, lotions, or soaps, give a free item to each of your guests.

DIY Eos lip balm baby shower favors

DIY Eos Lip Balm Favor

Image Credit: diys

Pink tutu nail polish baby shower favors

Pink Tutu Nail Polish Favor

Image Credit: rebecaking

Homemade rainbow bath salt baby shower favor

Homemade Rainbow Bath Salt Favor

Image Credit: skim

Charming Honey Pot or Jam Favors

Do you keep bees or make homemade jams and apple butter? Do you know someone who does? Giving away samples can make great party favors when you tag or decorate the jars for your theme.

If you’re having a garden party bee-themed baby shower, fresh honey is an obvious choice. If you want to use jam, decorate the jar in your theme colors and make a tag saying, “Thanks for sticking by me!”

Gorgeous honey pot baby shower favors

Honey Jar with Personalized Tage

Image Credit: emweddingfavors

Cute honey pot baby shower favors

Honey Jar with Personalized Labels

Image Credit: theultimatebabyshower

Soap Favors

Decorative soaps are always a hit, especially if you make them yourself. Mold the bars into themed shapes or package them in decorated boxes or plastic wraps. If you make liquid soap instead of cakes, order decorative hand pumps for your concoction and tie a personalized tag around the spout or bottle.

Baby boy monkey soap baby shower favors

Bar Soap with Label in Plastic Tie

Image Credit: soapaucity

Cute baby shower soap favors

Colored Soaps with Personalized Labels

Image Credit: shopify

Jungle Safari Party Favors

Are you having a baby animal or Jungle Safari theme baby shower? If so, you can play with a lot of animal prints, colors, and fabrics when crafting favors. From “Born to be Wild” themed candy boxes to monkey printed candy tubes and tea bags to animal print fleece and sewing projects, you have a jungle of ideas to choose from. Wrap tins in animal print paper and fill them with popcorn, candy, tea, or cookies. Design an animal with the baby’s name printed on its shirt and order small stationary pads for the mother and guests.

Born to be wild jungler safari themed baby shower box favors

Born to be Wild Gift Boxes

Image Credit: australianfavors

Jungle safari themed tea bags as baby shower favors

Tea and Candy Pouches

Image Credit: australianfavors

Boy baby shower favors themed on Jungle Safari

Decorative Bows to Hang at Home

Image Credit: etsystatic

So which of these baby shower favor ideas was your favorite? Baby rattle candy pops? Mason Jar candles? Manicure wine glasses? Baby bottle candy favors? Look back through and narrow down which one will best the theme of your party!

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