35 Lego Theme Party Table Decoration Ideas


The 35 Lego theme party table decoration ideas showcased in today’s post will prove to be a blessing for families with young builders. Any enthusiast for Lego construction will love having their birthday tables decked with colorful Lego creations.

To make the most of a Lego theme party, you need to make it a surprise to the guest of honor. You can borrow their creations to decorate the room, or you can construct new models made from their materials or the kits that you intend to give them as gifts after the party.

These Lego party table decorations are mind blowing and are sure to help your child have a blast of a time on his or her birthday. From fun theme party ideas to creative table decorations, we have gathered an awesome list of ideas that will bring hurrahs from your guests’ mouths! Here, take a look!

Ninjago Inspired Birthday Party Table Decoration Ideas

For the young and young at heart who love the Ninjago characters, these ideas are for you! The images below have one theme in common, and that is the ninjas who never stop fighting! You can use bright colors (green, white, yellow, blue, and red) for almost every accessory, such as streamers, balloons, and party favors and the cupcake or cake icing.

From Ninjago inspired lollipops to gift bags bearing the fierce eyes of the ninja, you can try out various innovative ways to decorate your child’s birthday table.

Image Credit: blogspot

Colourful Lego Ninjago themed birthday party table idea

Colorful Ninjago Dessert and Party Favor Table

Image Credit: kidspartyhubph

Ninjago birthday party table with Ninjago figurine on cake and decorative goodie packets

Birthday Cake with Ninjago Figurine Topper, Balloons, Gift Bags, and Themed Snacks

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Lego Ninjago birthday party table decor with cake bottles figurines and cupcakes

Ninjago Lego Creation, Photo Cake, and Printed Labels for Cupcakes and Water Bottles

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Lego Ninjago party table decor with ninjas eyes printed food packets and a red ninja cake

Ninjago Paper Craft, Balloons, Gift Boxes, and Candy

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

The Lego Movie “Emmet” Inspired Ideas

Emmet is one famous Lego ‘toy man’ who is a courageous human being ready to save the world from evil, even though he is just a normal man who finds himself in hilarious situations. Bring back memories of the hilarious Lego Movie with these Emmet inspirations.

Decorations with Emmet and other Lego features can add fun to an already enjoyable birthday party. The below ideas will make your child or enthusiast laugh with joy, and the very first decoration idea we have for you is Emmet laughing on a birthday cake. You can use Lego figurines or creations as your centerpiece along with jars filled with random Lego blocks.

Lego themed party table setting with Emmet cake and Lego figurines

Emmet Cake on a Bed of Blocks with Lego Figurines and Wall Art

Image Credit: oneartsymama

Cute Emmet and Lego blocks as birthday party table decorations

Large Emmet and Lego Block Foam Creations

Image Credit: michellelao

Lego Block and Creation Centerpieces

If you need an easy to incorporate Lego blocks into your décor, try these ideas. With such colorful blocks that are fun to play with as materials or as finished creations, you can’t go wrong with these fast table decorations. Be as creative or as innovative as you like. You decide how much time you have to create!

Amazing Lego blocks as birthday table centerpiece

Lego Block Initials and Decoration

Image Credit: babyccinokids

Colourful jar filled with Lego blocks as birthday table centerpiece

Lego Block Jar and Colorful Candies

Image Credit: blogspot

Unqiue Lego block fork holder centerpiece for birthday table decor

Lego Creation Silverware Holder with Themed Plastic Plates

Image Credit: simplygray

Lego toys and machines as birthday table centerpieces

Displayed Lego Creations of the Child’s Handiwork

Image Credit: blogspot

Lego inspired cake and cookies as party table centerpieces

Lego Color Table Décor and Themed Banner

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Giant Lego head as birthday table centerpiece

Lego Head Block Container and Themed Tableware

Image Credit: blogspot

Lego Ninjao inspired cake centerpiece idea for a birthday table

Ninjago Food Stands and Displays

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Cute Lego firestation as the centerpiece

Cute Lego Fire Station and Themed Snacks

Image Credit: blogspot

Lego Star Wars Table Decorations

With so many Lego properties, there are a plethora of excellent theme party ideas to make sure that your kid’s birthday table doesn’t look boring at all. Lego Star Wars parties offer the fun of Lego coupled with the epic story and characters of the movie and cartoon franchise. Use Jedi or Darth Vader figurines along with other Star Wars memorabilia to add to your Lego Star Wars party. Star Wars, in any style, is always in fashion.

Lego Star Wars inspired birthday party decor in orange white and black color

Lego Star Wars Inspired Table Décor

Image Credit: amyspartyideas

Star Wars themed Lego lightsabers as party table decorations

Lego Star Wars Snacks and Party Favors

Image Credit: amyatlas

Star War Lego decorations for a birthday table

Lego Star Wars Cutouts, Party Favors, and Cake Toppers

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

DIY Lego Theme Party Table Decorations

DIY is the key to having a fun birthday party that doesn’t pinch your pockets too much! Take a look at these fabulous Lego party ideas and get your creativity jumpstarted. DIY table decorations for a birthday party can be simple or, if you have enough time, you can create extravagant features. You can decorate your party table with Lego colored paper or plastic plates, or customize paper bags in Lego shapes and colors. These bags can be used for party favors and as accessories to your table decoration. You can decorate cups or glasses with Lego faces, or draw Lego creations on a paper banner.

DIY Lego themed party table with Lego face embossed paper cups

Drawn Lego Faces and Home-decorated Gift Bags with Balloons and Streamer

Image Credit: pinimg

DIY Lego themed table decor with colourful paper bags and Lego head staws

Embellished Gift Bags and Printed Labels with Colorful Tableware

Image Credit: blogspot

Birthday table decor with DIY glass jars with Lego faces

Hand-drawn Lego Faces on Drink Glasses

Image Credit: babyccinokids

Fun DIY Lego inspired birthday table decor

Lego Block Cake and Cookies with Colorful Candies and Decorated Gift Bags

Image Credit: blogspot

DIY Lego birthday table decorations using juice boxes

Construction Paper Wrapped Juice Boxes

Image Credit: blogspot

DIY Lego birthday table decorations

Lego Block Cake, Decorated Gift Bags, and Hand-drawn Plates

Image Credit: blogspot

Colorful Lego Table Decorations

Lego party tables need to be colorful. You can be creative in mixing styles and materials as long as the Lego theme is evident in your choices. You can arrange red and blue colored bowls that have Lego imprints, or you can DIY your juice boxes with Lego colored paper wraps for a quick table décor addition. The party table decoration ideas in these photos will give you many wonderful ideas to add more cheer to your Lego birthday table.

Birthday table decorations with Lego punch bowl Lego cake and Lego cups

Ensemble of Lego Inspired Decorations and Foods

Image Credit: nap-timecreations

Colourful Lego themed birthday table decor

Decorated Banner and Gift Bags, Wrapped Blocks, and Lego Treats

Image Credit: eagletitleco

Colourful Lego party table decoration using masks square plates and Lego man printed straw covers

Lego Masks, Juice Boxes, and Colorful Tableware

Image Credit: moviepilot

Colourful Lego Duplo Train as party table decoration idea

Labeled Juice Boxes, Lego Blocks in Jars, and Train Set with Candy

Image Credit: pinimg

Colourful Lego party table decor idea with Lego cupcakes cake pops and gifts

Lego Head Cake Pops, Lego Creation Cupcake Stand with Toppers, Colorful Candy, and Lego Model

Image Credit: sarahpartydecor

Colourful Lego themed birthday table with transparent boxes red tin pales and candy canes

Lego Blocks, Colored Plates, and Shaped Cake

Image Credit: wordpress

Lego characters as party table decorations

Lego Character Cutout Decorations

Image Credit: etsystatic

Colourful Lego blocks for keeping spoons

Lego Block Silverware Holder

Image Credit: vaughanmoms

Lego Police and Construction Party Decorations

Every child has something they want to be when they grow up, or they have a hero in their life. Here we present some of our favorite Lego police theme party ideas. On the tables below, you’ll see Lego blocks and busts of Lego police. Various other features can be added, like colorful cupcakes in shades. In one of the images, the table frame has been decorated with a caution banner, while, for the other table, a baker shaped a cake into a police car and used it as the table centerpiece.

Lego City Police themed birthday party table decor

Lego City Police and Robber Décor with Themed Snacks

Image Credit: karaspartyideas

Simple Lego police themed birthday party table

Lego Construction Table Theme

Image Credit: burntapple

Cute Lego police themed car cake and cupcake table decor

Lego Police Car Cake and Cupcake Toppers

Image Credit: blogspot

With these 35 imaginative Lego party ideas, you’re sure to find one that will help you to host a fabulous birthday party that your guest of honor will remember for a long time to come! Just like the building blocks, you can get as simple or as intricate in your designs as you want. And with Lego blocks or DIY materials readily at hand, you can most likely save some money on your decorations too! Enjoy creating your next party!

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