33 Antique DIY Coffee Table Ideas


No home is complete without a beautiful and trendy coffee table. There are many sizes and styles, shapes and functions. But such a prominent, frequently-used piece of furniture deserves to be a little unique. Here are our 33 favorite antique DIY coffee table ideas. Each of these coffee tables will complement your home’s luxurious, modern, or urban interior.

DIY Coffee Tables with Casters

A coffee table with casters adds a rustic and updated style to your living room space. Coffee table ideas with casters are easy on the pocket and give you a classy surface to entertain your guests. All you need are some pine boards for an opulent wooden top and your choice of casters. You can finish the coffee table by polishing and painting it or simply sand it for a traditional and rustic appeal.

Black Frame and Casters with Sanded Wood Top

Attractive Coffee Table with Casters and Marble Top

Image Credit: Furniphoto

Rustic Coffee Table with Casters

Rustic Plank Top and Wagon Casters

Image Credit: Saturdayhouse

Unique Coffee Table with Casters and a Firepit

Amazing Wheeled Tree Trunk Table with Built-in Fire Pit

Image Credit: Furnizzy

Vintage Coffee Table with Casters

Stained Board and Caster Coffee Table with Shelf

Image Credit: HGTV Home

Window Pane Coffee Tables

Old window panes are excellent tops for your tables. Give your table a unique refurbished look by incorporating other home elements. Complete the effect by having your window open into a storage compartment inside your table.

Simple Reconstructed DIY Window Coffee Table

Window Pane and Rail Legs

Image Credit: Adiamondinthestuff

White Chic Window Pane Coffee Table with Storage

Shallow Storage Table with Window Pane Top

Image Credit: Etsystatic

Rustic Window Pane Coffee Table

Rustic Window Pane Coffee Table

Image Credit: Remodelaholic

Reclaimed Window Coffee Tables in Vibrant Colors

Reclaimed Outdoor Window Tables and Display Cases

Image Credit: Etsystatic

Classy Brown Polished Windo Pane Coffee Table

Elegant Window Pane Display Table

Image Credit: Etsystatic

DIY Cushioned Coffee Tables

Enhance your home’s luxurious and lavish appeal with a cushion-top coffee table. They are easy to construct and will your apartment or house a chic and modern look. Use printed or velvet upholstery and embellish the edges of the table with silver or antique push pins to complete the vintage effect.

Beautiful Cushioned DIY Coffee Table with Metal Stand

Uniquely Shaped Cushion Top with Metal Stand

Image Credit: Furnizzy

Black and White Cushioned DIY Coffee Tables

Black and White Cushion with Black Wood Legs

Image Credit: Coathangr

Sleek and Sophisticated Cushioned DIY Coffee Table

Modern White Cushion with Slat Wood Undershelving

Image Credit: Furnizzy

Classy Cushioned Ottoman DIY Coffee Tables

Stylish Coffee Table/Ottoman

Image Credit: Coathangr

Elegant Cushioned Ottoman DIY Coffee Tables

Elegant Cushioned Ottoman DIY Coffee Tables

Image Credit: Furnizzy

White Round Upholstered DIY Coffee Table

Round Cushioned Ottoman with Optional Wood Tray Coffee Table

Image Credit: Bobreuterstl

Tree Trunk and Raw Wood Tables

Coffee tables in the form of wooden logs or reclaimed wood planks provide a look of refined ruggedness, or rustic modernity. Use the wooden logs as the surface or the legs. Craft tops with old pallets or doors.

Beauitful Wooden Log DIY Coffee Table

Polished Tree Trunk Table

Image Credit: DIYnetwork

Creative Wooden Log Spool DIY Coffee Table

Wooden Wheel and Plank Spinning Bookshelf Table

Image Credit: Etsystatic

White Painted Wooden Log DIY Coffee Table

Painted and Polished Tree Trunk Sections

Image Credit: Fumachine

Unique Tree Branch DIY Coffee Table

Split Tree Trunk with Metal Bracket Legs

Image Credit: Jimnastikhareketleri

Eye catching Wooden Log DIY Coffee Table

Large Tree Trunk Section with Attention-arresting Split

Image Credit: Jimnastikhareketleri

Suitcase Coffee Tables

If you love to travel and want an economical, trendy storage table, use a suitcase! Vintage and leather suitcases work well. Also look for large, patterned suitcases that complement your décor. The vintage or personalized style along with trouble-free construction make these tables one of the best options for beginning DIY-ers. In most cases, just drill holes in the bottom and bolt on legs, and you’re done!

Blue Classy DIY Suitcase Coffee Table

Striking Blue Suitcase Table

Image Credit: Blogspot

Chic White DIY Suitcase Coffee Table

Painted Suitcase Table

Image Credit: Mylifeinthecountryside

Vintage Leather DIY Suitcase Coffee Table

Vintage Leather with Glass Top

Image Credit: WordPress

Crate Coffee Tables

A well-constructed coffee table makes an impressive centerpiece for any room. Its presence enhances the entire setting. If sleek isn’t your style, then the tables showcased below are just the option for you. These storage coffee tables are easy to make and look great for their unique simplicity. Construct them using wine bottle crates or empty chicken crates. Make them as large or as small as you like and enjoy the ample storage they provide.

Painted Wine Crate DIY Coffee Table in White

Painted Wine Crate Table

Image Credit: Instructables

Wine Crate DIY Coffee Table with Storage

Crate Table with Added Drawers and Wood Top

Image Credit: Hertoolbelt

Wooden Wine Crate DIY Coffee Table

Large Crate Table with Outfacing Displays and Center Storage

Image Credit: Bhelas

Black Painted Chicken Crate DIY Coffee Table

Black Painted Chicken Crate Base with Polished Wood Top

Image Credit: Pinimg

Classy Chicken Crate DIY Coffee Table with Glass

Classy Wood Chicken Crate on Casters with Glass Top

Image Credit: Blogspot

Refurbished Chicken Crate DIY Coffee Table

Chicken Crate on Refurbished Legs and with Wood Plank Tray Top

Image Credit: Hometalk

Stylish Square Wine Crate DIY Coffee Table

Painted Square Crate Coffee Table

Image Credit: Lidowoodcraft

Trunk Coffee Tables

Just as suitcases make excellent storage tables, so do old trunks. Refinish it for a contemporary look or leave it as is for the vintage feel.

Contemporary Metal Suitcase DIY Coffee Table

Contemporary Metal Storage Trunk

Image Credit: Lindaberner

Rustic Trunk DIY Coffee Table

Worn Leather Trunk

Image Credit: Designdes

Vintage Turnk DIY Coffee Table

Stylish Storage Trunk Table

Image Credit: Decordesignshow

From windowpane to chicken crates to suitcases to tree trunks, we hope one of these ideas has caught your attention. And with so many options, you’re sure to have the skills and tools at hand to create your own new coffee table. So get started and then enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends and family and show off your handiwork. You’ll enjoy the trendy, antique, or classy appeal, especially knowing that you made it.

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