37 Rustic Coffee Tables That You Will Love


Coffee tables are an important feature of any living room, and there are hundreds of options readily available to you. But you need one that fits your unique décor. Today, we will focus on rustic coffee tables for rustic styled homes. A rustic coffee table looks attractively masculine. Some common features of this style table include ruggedness, the use of reclaimed logs, sticks, or driftwood, and often an unpolished appearance at edges and holders. From contemporary styled rustic coffee table ideas to coffee tables with storage and trunks to wheeled tables, we have covered a wide selection of coffee tables to help you decide which style you prefer!

Modern Rustic Coffee Tables

Rustic coffee tables with contemporary or modern tones fit homes decorated with other modern elements. These coffee tables are more in line with modern tastes that reflect chicness and so are not quite ‘over the top’ rugged. You can select any design, and they are available in square, rectangle, or roundel shapes as well as in light or dark wood.

Browse through these pictures of modern rustic styled coffee tables and see how beautifully their respective designers have crafted each one of these pieces. For example, the first coffee table looks chic with a lighter toned thick wooden top while its legs are darker with a contemporary design. The second coffee table with rustic wooden planks and metal base looks very trendy too. The other two coffee tables with rugged edges and reclaimed wooden block are popular choices for modern style coffee tables in rustic tones.

Rectangular Table with Tiled Accents

Modern rustic coffee table in rectangle

Image Credit:nationalfurnituresupply

Handmade rustic modern coffee table

Wood Plank and Metal Frame

Image Credit:custommade

Stylish rustic coffee table

Smooth but Unfinished Edges and Frame

Image Credit:pinimg

Reclaimed block rustic coffee table

Reclaimed Low Block Table

Image Credit:losmanolo

Trunk Coffee Tables

Rustic trunk coffee table ideas are very popular worldwide because they not only look great but also offer functionality. These trendy and stylish tables offer a solution for removing clutter by providing an extra storage option. Below, we have showcased an awesome collection of trunk coffee tables in rustic tones you’re sure to love. These coffee tables are made out of old trunks or chests and come with storage in the form of under the shelf storage and drawers. You can use them hide away kid’s toys, linen, pillows, or your current reading and craft materials.

You can opt for a light shaded trunk table or a darker variant for a classier appeal. For a more rustic feel, buy a trunk coffee table made out of unpolished wooden planks or an industrial themed table. All trunk coffee tables have storage options and are quite easy to build if you are going DIY.

This rustic trunk coffee table looks classy

Vintage Trunk Coffee Table

Image Credit:jyrkifagerstrom

Industrial themed rustic coffee table with trunk

Reclaimed Shipping Container

Image Credit:pinimg

Natural tree trunk rustic coffee table

Natural Unfinished Wood with Reclaimed Accent Panels

Image Credit: wzchutian

Rustic trunk styled coffee table adds a stylish touch to this living room

Distressed Wood Trunk

Image Credit:sndimg

The trunk coffee table gels perfectly with this rustic decor

Vintage Style Masculine Storage Table

Image Credit: abelhomedesign

Light coloured rustic trunk coffee table

Unfinished Wood Trunk with Accent Hardware

Image Credit:decofurnish

Rustic trunk coffee table with glass top

Worn Trunk Table with Added Glass Top

Image Credit:ruchidesigns

Stylish Coffee Table Sets

Instead of simply investing in a coffee table piece, you might want to buy or craft an entire table set to match one another and coordinate with the rest of your décor.

Coffee table sets usually come in three pieces, each having a particular use in the home. This includes the coffee table, end tables, and an entertainment stand.

Pottery Barn, a high-end furniture store, sells stylish rustic table sets that you might enjoy. The tables are of high quality and come in a variety of light and dark shades, or a combo of both. Here, the first image is that of a Pottery Barn coffee table set that would fit well in small spaces. The coffee table is sleek and comes with variously sized end tables and a small TV stand. You can also find metallic coffee table sets with glass tops.

Pottery barn rustic coffee table set

Pottery Barn Rustic Coffee Table Set with Drawers

Image Credit: atxglass

Elegant rustic coffee table set

Refinished Table, Cabinets, and TV Stand

Image Credit:zandart

Coaster Avondale rustic coffee table set

Black Metal and Glass Top Table Set with Wood Display Shelves

Image Credit:furnituredealer

Rustic White Coffee Tables

Rustic coffee tables need not always be brown or dark toned. Try white or semi-white shades for a unique rustic appearance. White provides the additional benefit of making your room seem larger than it is.

Here, the white tables are stylish and perfectly in tune with the rest of the décor. The white coffee table with an X on the side looks modern but fits well in a rustic ambiance. The roundel rustic coffee table in the second image also looks rustic but elegant with a designer base. You can utilize old windows and door frames to carve your rustic styled coffee tables as the last image shows.

A white rustic coffee table

White Rustic

Image Credit:jyrkifagerstrom

White rustic coffee table with rustic tones

Cream Modern Rustic

Image Credit:sselidbebeograd

White rustic coffee table with curvey legs and glass top

Distressed White Vintage Table with Glass Top

Image Credit:ppinet

A smart looking white coffee table with rustic accents

Reclaimed Plank and Window Table

Image Credit: esquirol

Wheeled Tables

Wheeled coffee tables are perfect for homes with limited space where you frequently need to move furniture. Use it where you want it and then get it out of the way!

A rustic style coffee table with wheels is not your usual type of coffee table. It is a versatile tool that you can use for various purposes. When you’re not using it as a coffee table, it can be moved to a different setting or room and used as a television table, a corner table, or a surface to lay out the mail or your clothes. View these wheeled coffee tables and think about how you could use them!

Norland rustic coffee table with wheels

Norland Coffee Table Set

Image Credit:googleusercontent

Light wooden rustic coffee table with wheels

Small Wooden Two-shelf Table

Image Credit:grounddancer

Rustic industrial cart coffee table with wheels

Industrial Cart Table

Image Credit:iconhomedesign

Sleek rustic coffee table with wheels

Stylish Wagon Cart Table

Image Credit:robertoboat

Rustic coffee table with wheels made of wooden pallets

Moveable Pallet Table

Image Credit: bookofloob

Reclaimed wood rustic coffee table with wheels

Wheeled Tree Trunk Tables

Image Credit:architizer-prod

Round Coffee Tables

Rustic coffee tables come in plenty of shapes and designs. One shape that is most suited for smaller places is roundel. These tables are available in different textures. If you want a round coffee table in tune with a farmhouse themed interior, buy or make one fashioned out of unpolished wooden planks or barrels. The first picture below is that of a pallet rustic coffee table in roundel shape. It looks stylish with a low base.

You can also cut a barrel down to size and affix an unfinished wooden top to it. Or place a polished surface on top of an unfinished base for a contrasting appeal.

Round rustic coffee table made with pallets

Round Pallet Coffee Table

Image Credit: mostkshf

Round rustic coffee table with uneven legs

Stylishly Imperfect Table Top and Base

Image Credit: thegoodsontap

Round rustic barrel coffee table

Tree Trunk “Barrel” Style Coffee Table

Image Credit:warehousedirectusa

Storage Coffee Tables

Make your coffee tables not only attractive but functional with hidden drawers or shelves! These rustic storage tables will help you remove clutter or provide easy access to frequently used items.

Rustic coffee table with hidden storage

Rustic Coffee Table with Hidden Storage

Image Credit:casualhomefurnishings

Rustic chest coffee table with storage

“Worn” Trunk Table

Image Credit:jyrkifagerstrom

Rustic coffee table with multiple drawers for storage

Unfinished Trunk Table with Multiple Drawers

Image Credit:hootjudkins

Rectangular rustic coffee table with storage

Shallow Trunk Table

Image Credit:cothia

Stylish rustic coffee table with under storage and drawers

Storage Table with Raised Shelf and Drawers

Image Credit: highfxmedia

Rustic hardwood coffee table with storage

Rustic Hardwood Coffee Table with Storage

Image Credit:cothia

DIY Coffee Tables

You’ve probably gathered some inspiration for your ideal table from the examples above, and their owners built many of them. Additionally, here are some specific examples of DIY rustic coffee tables.

DIY rustic coffee table in light and dark tones

DIY Polished Coffee Table

Image Credit:imgur

Elegant DIY rustic coffee table

Elegant DIY Design

Image Credit: thegoodsontap

DIY rustic coffee table looks simple

Sturdy and Stylish

Image Credit:robertoboat

Shabby chic DIY rustic coffee table

Simple and Attractive

Image Credit:xboxhut

Don’t settle for placing ordinary tables in the middle of your living room! Show your taste and talent with one of these unique coffee table designs. Purchase one and refinish it if you like, or gather some used wood and see what you can come up with on your own. You’ll love seeing your new table displayed prominently.

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