37 Cute Mason Jar Baby Shower Ideas


Complement the perfect madcap baby shower with the use of a Mason jar theme. Think outside the box with this unusual décor element. Below are some of the most creative baby shower ideas utilizing Mason jars that we could find.

Endearing Baby Shower Favors

There is absolutely no dearth of brilliant ideas when it comes to Mason jar baby shower favors. You can be the most thoughtful host by gifting wonderful party favors to your guests in the most unusual way. Set your jars out on a table and see how pleased your guests are when they see them full of jams, jellies, cookies, soaps, candles, or anything else you can think of. You can spruce up the appearance of your party favors by decorating the jars in an extra special, personalized manner. Wrap them with colorful paper or tie a ribbon across them. Personalize your favors by hanging a name tag for each guest at the neck of the jar. For more inspiration, view these creative ideas!

Soup Mix and Recipe Thank You Gift

Creative mason jars baby shower favor idea

Image Credit: creatividualworkshops

Crafty mason jar baby shower party favors

Decorated Candy-filled Favor

Image Credit: blogspot

Pink Gray Baby Shower Party Favors

Creative Milk Bottle-themed Dessert Mix

Image Credit: catchmyparty-cdn

Candies For Baby Shower In Mason Jars

Decorated Candy Jar

Image Credit: pinimg

Baby Shower Pink Mason Jars with Marshmallow Pops

Clever Dessert Holder

Image Credit: candlesandfavors

Gourmet Cookie Mixes For Baby Shower Party Favor

Cookie Mix with Themed Topper

Image Credit: etsystatic

Mason Jar Party Favors For Baby Shower

Dessert Mix

Image Credit: blogspot

Adorable Centerpieces

Mason jars are widely used but still unique decorating elements. And with the many ways you can paint or decorate them, they are sure to grab the attention of your guests. You can use them as undecorated vases for a simple but stylish centerpiece, or you can create breathtaking centerpieces with the right kind of paints and sealers. Fill them with lights or candles and embellish them with beads, paper crafts, ribbons, or any other adornments you choose.

Pretty pink painted mason jar centerpiece for baby shower

Pretty in Pink Floral Centerpiece

Image Credit: etsystatic

Decorative mason jar baby shower centerpiece with balloon and string detailing

Decorative “Baby Delivery” Centerpiece

Image Credit: blogspot

Mason Jar Centerpieces For Baby Shower With Flowers and Cards

Coordinating Mason Jar Floral and Tag Centerpiece

Image Credit: babyshowerly

Baby Shower Centerpiece Painted Mason Jar

Milk-themed Painted Centerpiece and Tableware Holders

Image Credit: etsystatic

Mason Jar Vases For Baby Shower

Painted and Adorned Flower Vases

Image Credit: Masonjarcraftsblog

Pink Flower Mason Jar Centerpieces

Simply Wrapped Jars for Flower Arrangements

Image Credit: partythemes101

Creative Mason Jar Table Decorations

If you have a creative or crafty mind, you can rustle up an endless array of table decorations for your baby shower event. You can play with different sized Mason jars and fill them up with flowers or candles and decorate them to exhibit your party’s theme. Mason jars can also serve as decorative holders for your cutlery and napkins. This curious kind of a table setup can be an atypical way to amaze your guests. Here are some of the most extraordinary Mason jar baby shower ideas for table decorations.

Beautiful mason jar with shimmery ribbon and lace embellishments for table decoration

Ribbon and Lace Adorned Mason Jar

Image Credit: etsystatic

Mermaid theme mason jar table decoration for baby shower

Painted Mermaid and Others

Image Credit: etsystatic

Animal Themed Decor For Baby Shower In Mason Jars

Animal Cutouts, Bows, and Paper Shreds

Image Credit: etsystatic

Chalkboard Table Numbers For Table Decor

Chalkboard Table Numbers and Tasteful Floral Arrangements

Image Credit: weddingware

Mason Jar Table Decorations With Burlap

Jar Vases with Burlap, Lace, and Bows

Image Credit: ipunya

Pink Grey and Glitter Baby Shower Table Decor

Coordinating Glitter and Floral Varieties

Image Credit: projectnursery

Whimsical Buffet Table Ideas

Serve food in the most bizarre yet elegant fashion for your baby shower! Make use of Mason jars to serve your delicious food fares. You can use jars of different sizes for the different foods on your buffet table. Use them as containers for your beverages. Present soothing lemonades and iced tea in these humble Mason jars to add an aura of quaint simplicity to the buffet table. Fill your delicious desserts in jars and watch your guests race to the bottom. You can also use them to serve your main course and sides, such as noodles, pasta, fruit salads, cooked vegetables and meat dishes. Tie a spoon or a fork at the neck of each jar so that they are all-in-one portable portions.

Salads served in mason jars for baby shower buffet

Mason Jar Salads

Image Credit: businessinsider

Delicious dessert serving ideas using mason jars

Delicious Desserts

Image Credit: flatbrokebride

Candies and Pretzels In Mason Jars For Buffet Table

Candies and Snacks

Image Credit: hgtvhome

Candies In Mason Jars For Buffet Tables

Candy Jars

Image Credit: clv.h-cdn

Candy Sweet Mason Jar Decorations

Confectioner Candy

Image Credit: ytimg

Strawberry Shortcake Jars For Buffet Table

Strawberry Shortcake Jars

Image Credit: popsugar

Beautiful Flower Decorations

Flower arrangements can be presented in the fanciest and quirkiest ways depending on your use of containers. For fun, try skipping conventional vases and opting for Mason jars instead. All kinds of colorful blossoms will look marvelous in a Mason jar. You can use one or more different sized jars and mixed flower varieties for a unique ensemble. Even a single rose or tulip will look divine in a petite Mason jar. You can use anything from chrysanthemums to wildflowers and lotuses to lilies. These simple vases will contrast wonderfully with your colorful flowers.

Color splash flower bouquet in mason jars

Unified Floral Arrangements in Decorated Mason Jars

Image Credit: mstapioca

Yellow and white theme flower arrangement in naked mason jars

Yellow and White Varieties in Naked Jars

Image Credit: laurenwsmith

Colorful flowers presented in mason jars adorned with lace and colored strings

Mixed Varieties in Lace Wrapped Jars

Image Credit: wedwebtalks

Glittery Mason Jars Filled With Flowers

Inside Glitter with Flowers Blooming from Top

Image Credit: etsystatic

Beautiful Flowers In Mason Jars For Baby Shower

Flower Arrangements in Lightly Decorated Jars

Image Credit: bigcommerce

Mason Jar Flower Decorations With Pink Owl

Burlap and Ribbon Adorned Jar with Embellished Floral Bouquet

Image Credit: cool-party-favors

Shimmering Light and Candle Decorations

Add a fun, unique ambiance to your party with lighted Mason jars. You can fill naked Mason jars with rice lights and place them on each table or in a row on your buffet table for a radiant atmosphere. Or you can place candles of different shapes and sizes inside the jars for a tasteful appeal. Here are some sensational baby shower ideas you can use!

Mason jar lanterns for baby shower

Colored Mason Jar Lanterns

Image Credit: decorating-hq

Glowing candles decorated in laced mason jars for baby shower 1

Glowing Candles in Lace-wrapped Jars

Image Credit: tumblr

Candles inside mason jar with detailed lace embellishment for a Bohemian look

Candles and Lace Patterns

Image Credit: etsystatic

Gold Glitter Sparkle Mason Jar Battery Operated Fairy String Lights

Battery-powered Lights in Painted Jars

Image Credit: etsystatic

Creative Mason Jar Decorations With Lights

Frosted Glass Designs with Candles

Image Credit: akrondmc

Amazing Light Decorations In Mason Jars

String Lights Nestled in Jars

Image Credit: snydle

For your baby shower, show your guest of honor how much you care by using a creative Mason jar idea for party favors, table decorations, centerpieces, or serving ware. No matter which idea you adapt for your party, your guests are sure to appreciate your capricious thinking. Try out these lovely Mason jar baby shower ideas and have a one-of-kind party!

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